Dec. 4, 2009 Hanover County and state authorities are investigating an attack by two pit bulls that seriously injured a woman in the yard of a house that doubles as a child-care facility. The dogs, a 3-year-old male named Harry and a 2-year-old female named Precious, have been confiscated by Hanover County's animal-control division, which is holding them at its shelter. Neither dog had a county-required license but both had current rabies vaccinations, authorities said.The county, which said it had been called to the house twice in the past two years for dog-bite complaints, is investigating the attack and will forward its findings to prosecutors."I can tell you it was a very serious event," said Kevin Kilgore, Hanover's chief of animal control.Harris said county officials were uncertain whether either of the two previous dog-bite complaints involved the pit bulls or whether either event resulted in any citations or charges. He said a summons would be issued for the failure to license the pit bulls. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE OF STUPID PIT NUTTERS, PUTTING ALL THOSE CHILDREN IN DANGER AND TOTAL DISREGARD FOR THE LAW, TYPICAL.

Jan. 15, 2010 FATALITIES VIRGINIA BEACH -- Two dogs were killed when neighbors' pit bulls jumped the fence and attacked, police said.The pit bulls are being held while the owners, Christina Hatchell, 40, and Jocelyn Little, 29, go through the court process, according to MPO Margie Hobbs.When police arrived on MacDonald Road Monday afternoon, one of the terriers was already dead; the other was badly injured and was taken to the vet. It died Thursday."We can't catch a break," said owner Tara Hassan. "We just got our house out of foreclosure and now this."Police believe the pit bulls broke the stockade fences at their home on Choctaw Ct. and then jumped the chain link fence surrounding the Jack Russell terriers' yard.Hatchell and Little each have been issued a summons for having a dangerous dog.Hassan says her children, ages three and five, are devastated they've losted their pets.The family is trying to get money to pay the vet bill. DON'T COUNT ON THOSE NUTTERS TO STEP UP, THEY ARE PROBABLY WANTING YOU TO PAY THEM FOR THE DEATH OF YOUR OWN DOGS. SAVES A VET BILL.

Feb. 1. 2010,0,7517355.story A Newport News police officer responding to a domestic disturbance on Sunday was attacked by a pit bull and then by the dog's owner.The officer, whose name was not released to the media, was treated for injuries that were not considered to be life-threatening.The dog's owner, 46-year-old Willie James Sims, was arrested and charged with assault of a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct while intoxicated, drunk in public, obstruction of justice, assault and battery on a family member, and having a dangerous or vicious dog.Police spokesman Harold Eley said officers responded around noon Sunday to a home in the 4600 block of Madison Avenue after receiving a call reporting a domestic disturbance between a married couple. When the woman opened the door for the officers, an adult male pit bull charged through the door and bit an officer on the left hand and forearm.The officer drew his gun and fired two shots, striking the dog. At that point, Eley said, Sims ran out of the house and began attacking the injured officer. The officer used pepper spray to stop him.Animal Control was called to take care of the injured dog. Sims is being held without bond. Eley said the police department is investigating the incident because it involved an officer discharging his weapon. THIS OFFICER NEEDS SHOOTING LESSON, HE MISSED.

March 9, 2010,0,25412.story AXTON, Va. - A 78-year-old woman is in the hospital after she was attacked by a pit bull mix near her home in Axton, Va.Henry County sheriff's deputies were called to a home on Hobson Road around 6:30 p.m. Monday after a reported dog attack. The woman, 78-year-old Mary Gravely, was found with cuts to her forearms, leg and face. She was treated at a local hospital for her injuries.Deputies said Gravely was walking near the home where the dog, a pit bull-dalmatian mix, lives when it attacked her. Investigators said the victim was familiar with the dog and the owner.The sheriff's office identified the owner as Brandon Dishman, of 2226 Hobson Road, and said he turned the dog over to deputies. The animal is currently quarantined in the Henry County Animal Shelter. CAN'T WALK DOWN THE STREET SAFELY ANY MORE BECAUSE OF PIT BULLS.

April 29, 2010 FATALITY WOODBRIDGE, Va. -Last Thursday was a typical one for 9-year-old Kody.
Tied to a small tree in the front yard of his Woodbridge home, the pure bred Shiba Inu laid on the grass, wagging his tail and soaking in the sunshine.He had just taken a walk with his owner's girlfriend and was being his normal friendly self. Neighboring children were milling around, acknowledging him with smiles and the occasional petting of his red-colored fur.Moments later, Kody was dead, the victim of what witnesses said was a horrific attack by neighboring pit bulls.The incident started when the pit bulls, who lived next door, bolted out of the front door and ran straight at Kody, witnesses said.Kody's owner, 19-year-old Broc Pulley, tried desperately to fend off the attack after a neighbor knocked on his door and told him what was happening.Two of his friends whacked at the pit bulls with hockey sticks, while Pulley punched one of the dogs in the face in an attempt to get them off his dog.But it was too late. The larger pit bull broke the chain holding Kody and dragged his limp body two houses down.Prince William County Animal Control officers were able to corral the pit bulls after a few minutes and euthanized them at the shelter the next day, said Prince William police spokeswoman Erika Hernandez."It was one of the most disturbing things I have seen in my life," said 22-year-old friend Damien Houck, who tried in vain to save Kody. "...You wake up one morning, the day is going great and [something like this], it's the last thing you expect." Kody's death was something that Pulley's neighbors and friends believe could have been avoided, saving three dogs' lives in the process.Neighbor Kym Porter was walking her two pit bulls the morning of March 9, shovel in hand to clean up after them.All of the sudden, the tan-colored pit bull who later would attack Kody jumped the fence and bolted straight for her dogs. As the pit bull snapped at her pets, Porter took the shovel in her hand and "walloped the dog as hard as I could." The tan pit bull left the scene, but seconds later the other pit bull in the attack on Kody jumped the fence and ran toward Porter and her dogs. She screamed for help and cowered against a nearby fence, out of breath and shaking.Luckily a few "nice doggy" comments by the terrified Porter made the pit bull back down.After the harrowing incident Porter pressed charges against dog owner Kari Baker, who resides at 15140 Arum Place. Baker was cited on April 1 for allowing a dog to run at large, a misdemeanor that carried a $75 fine.According to Porter, Baker claimed in court that it was the first time her dogs had gotten loose. But Porter said she had told her homeowners management company—Dumfries-based Cavalier— that these dogs had run unsupervised before and she tried to tell that to the judge during her hearing. However, according to Porter, the judge made her sit down and be quiet."Maybe if he [the judge] would have listened to us, maybe we wouldn't be here with three dead dogs," Porter said. "I can't even imagine what his [Pulley's] dog endured." According to Virginia statute, a dog isn't considered "dangerous" unless the animal has attacked and inflicted serious physical injury as determined by a licensed veterinarian. In Porter's criminal complaint, police Officer Justin Workman cited no injuries; therefore Baker was allowed to keep her dogs. Baker was not at home to witness Thursday's incident. However, she said she was told by a family friend who witnessed the fight that Kody had bitten one of the pit bulls, thus provoking the attack.According to Prince William County Animal Control Director Dawn Harman, it doesn't matter which dog started the fight. If a dog is properly chained on its owner's property, then the other dogs are, in effect, "trespassing." Baker is being charged with allowing a dog to run at large. Her court date is May 27.Virginia statute states that no dog shall be found to be a dangerous dog or vicious dog solely because it is a particular breed.Pulley is convinced that the reason Thursday's incident occurred had everything to do with Baker and nothing to do with the breed of the dog.A few months ago, Pulley said, the pit bulls had broken a hole through the wooden fence that separates the two backyards. The damage has been remedied by a metal plate."I have heard her yelling [at them]," Pulley said. "I know how they're treated….I have never seen them being walked." Training them properly, as well as using a little common sense, goes a long way, added Porter. If she sees a scenario that could potentially lead to trouble, she and her pit bulls avoid it.During the course of the legal process, Pulley hopes Baker's pit bull puppy will be removed from her care, as well. Baker said she's training the puppy by taking socialization classes and is actually scared that one of her neighbors might hurt her dog.She also said that after the initial incident with Porter, she chained her dogs to a pole when they were in the backyard, so they couldn't jump the fence again."They [neighbors] are making it uncomfortable," Baker said. "I thought we could get by this [incident] in a civilized manner." The loss of Kody has devastated Pulley. To make matters worse, he said he has received no apologies from Baker, who told the News & Messenger she feels terrible about the incident.Without any siblings and just a few close friends, Pulley called his dog "his best friend." At some point each day after the incident, the Snyder's of Hanover employee has broken down into tears—even once at work. And on Tuesday afternoon, Pulley did what he's being doing since he had to say his final goodbye to Kody. He walked to where his pet was dragged to and stared down at the spot with a look of sadness and disbelief."There was nothing more inhumane than to watch my dog get pulled away from me," Pulley said.The community has sympathized with Pulley's plight, though. Neighbors have sent flowers and cards. Some of the children even created their own card with a pencil sketch of the dog's face and the words "We Will Always Remember Kody, RIP," written in different colored markers.An orange balloon floats above Kody's tree with flowers and a sign saying, "Kody, Our Friend, We Will Always Love & Miss." Pulley also has a petition with 60 signatures—several of people who witnessed the incident—supporting his efforts to find closure and seek justice for what happened to his Kody."I couldn't be getting through this right now if I didn't have this support," Pulley said. ANOTHER NUTTER TERRORIZING HER NEIGHBOR WITH HER DANGEROUS PITS.

May 12, 2010 FATALITY NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — A Newport News police officer shot and killed a pit bull after it killed another dog and acted aggressively toward police.Newport News police spokesman Lou Thurston says two officers responded to a report of vicious dogs Tuesday afternoon. They saw a pit bull attack and kill another pit bull in a yard. The dog then attacked a third pit bull in the yard and became aggressive toward the officers.One officer shot and killed the dog.The dog’s owner was cited for dog at large, no rabies shot and no dog license.Neither officer was injured.An adminstrative investigation will be conducted because the incident involved an officer firing a weapon. INVESTIGATE, HELL GIVE THAT OFFICER AN AWARD!!!!

May 24, 2010,0,6555640.story NEWPORT NEWS—Officers and detectives from the Newport News Police Department shot and killed a pit bull who they observed attacking a 12-year-old boy on Friday.
Police spokesman Lou Thurston said detectives "made the decision to protect the child and others in the area." No injuries were reported.The incident happened around 8:35 p.m. Friday in the 4400 block of Baughman Court. The officers saw the dog attempting to knock the boy down and bite him, at which point they shot the dog. The dog died at the scene.At the time of the incident, the dog was with a man who was not the dog's owner. The owner has since been located. Thurston said no charges have been filed at this point. The case remains under review, and all of the officers and detectives involved remain on regular duty. DO THE NUTTERS ENJOY SEEING THEIR FAVORITE BREED DIE LIKE THIS??

May 27, 2010 FATALITY
CHESAPEAKE -- A 75-year-old woman was injured and her chihauhau died of its injuries after being attacked by a pit pull.Ms. Jerri says she let her dog out to relieve itself when the neighbor's dog charged.She fell trying to get the 80-pound dog to release her pet. She hit her head and broke her collar bone.Animal Control picked up the dog.The owner has been charged with having a vicious dog.The dog could be euthanized if the owner is convicted. POOR OLD LADY LOSING HER COMPANION. WHAT IS THAT THE NUTTERS SAY, CHIHUAHUAS BITE MORE?