Nov. 17, 2009
But Howard County police, who investigated the shooting, said the pit bull, which was not on a leash, attacked the officer’s dogs and then his wife, and that the officer shot the dog to protect them. Obermaier said Brody was three years old and had been rescued from a shelter in Massachusetts, a year-and-half ago. AND THE ATTACK IS BEING DENIED BY THE OWNER, "IT NEVER HAPPENED, MY DOG WAS NOT UNDER CONTROL AND JUST WANTED TO "PLAY".

Nov. 29, 2009 ROCKVILLE, Md. (AP) ― Rockville police shot and killed a 120-pound Rottweiler-pit bull mix early Sunday after trying for hours to subdue the dog after it attacked its owner. Officers first tried using a Taser on the dog, named Jesus, but the dog ignored the shocks. Police say the dog's 38-year-old owner underwent surgery Saturday night for injuries including puncture wounds to his chest and thigh. Three children were in the house but weren't injured. Police were called to the home at 6:20 p.m. Saturday and spent hours trying to capture the animal. The dog apparently became agitated when its owner closed his bedroom door to keep it out. A DEADLY COMBINATION THAT A TASER WON'T STOP.

Dec. 24, 2009 FATALITIES They never stood a chance.
When he went to the fence he saw five dogs ripping though the herd.Three animals were dead, their blood staining the snow....two others were ripped apart and still alive.They were later euthanized.Infante called authorities who couldn't stop the dogs.'They were unable to go into the area where the dogs were because of the aggressive violent nature that these animals were acting in and at that point the officers fearing for their safety as well as the safety of the other animals there discharged the weapon and put these animals down.' Anne Arundel County Police Spokesman Justin Mculhey told ABC 2 News.One of the animals was pregnant...and the friendly herd now just huddles in the center of the field. ‘They seem very stressed they're very stressed the one older sheep that was the companion of the one that was pregnant she doesn’t want to eat she doesn't want to do anything they don't want to come up to us like they did they seem very upset." Campbell says. YEP, THEY NEVER STOOD A CHANCE.

March 24, 2010 A 4-year-old girl was seriously injured when her grandmother's pit bull attacked her about 8 p.m. Monday in a home in the 1200 block of Little Brook Drive, according to Frederick County Animal Control.The girl suffered severe head and facial injuries, although they are not believed to be life-threatening, said Animal Control Director Harold Domer. The girl suffered puncture wounds to the left side of her face and scrapes on her neck and chest, and her left eye was swollen shut, Domer said. The girl was initially taken to R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore and transferred to Johns Hopkins Hospital, Domer said. Surgery was performed midday Tuesday. Doctors anticipate the girl will need follow-up procedures.The 7-year-old unspayed female pit bull, named Mystic, was destroyed Tuesday morning at Animal Control, Domer said. The dog was surrendered to the center by the child's grandmother. The girl, whose name was not released, lives with her grandmother, Domer said. Mystic was roaming freely in a bedroom Monday night when the girl opened the door and went in. The child's grandmother had to take "aggressive action" and used "several methods" to remove Mystic from the girl during the unprovoked attack, Domer said. Animal Control Officer Ed Mitchell responded to the home but did not see the girl, he said. EMS officials told him about the severity of her injuries. The girl will not be interviewed, but Domer anticipates speaking with the grandmother about the attack. It is too early to say if charges will be filed, he said. Mystic had bitten the girl in the same home before, Domer said. She was bitten on the face by the dog in a provoked attack on Oct. 21, 2008. The dog was being trained and was given food as a reward, he said. The girl was handed a piece of the food and the dog bit the girl on the face while trying to get it. One other dog, a Pekinese, remains at the home. While Mystic was current on her rabies vaccination until 2012, Animal Control will test the dog to make sure it was not rabid. WHAT KIND OF GRANDMOTHER ALLOWS THE SAME DOG TO BITE HER GRANDCHILD TWICE? A PIT NUTTER GRANNY.

April 3, 2010 An officer with the Baltimore City Police Department was bit by a dog just before noon when police responded to a call that the same dog had bit another man.According to police spokesman Det. Donny Moses several officers arrived at the 500 block of Winston Avenue after recieving a report that a pit bull had bit a man. The dog was running loose and bit one of the officers in the thigh. Another officer shot at the dog, but did not hit it. Officers were eventually able to contain the dog until animal control arrived.Both the man who was initially bit as well as the officer recieved medical treatment and are expected to be ok according to police. WONDER IF BEST FIENDS COUNTS LOST PRODUCTIVITY IN THEIR BULLSHIT COST OF BSL.

April 7, 2010
An ambulance with two paramedics pulled into the circular gravel driveway in front of a quaint waterfront home at 223 Lees Lane at about 12:15 p.m.The emergency crew had been called to the home in the Southdown Shores community to assist a 70-year-old woman who had fallen and injured herself, said Division Chief Michael Cox, a county Fire Department spokesman.Posted on a large tree in the center of the driveway at the house is a black and orange sign that says, "Beware of dog."The two paramedics got out of the ambulance and began walking past the sign, but were stopped in their tracks by a pit bull. The dog chased the paramedics back to their vehicle, Cox said.A fire engine with two firefighters pulled up shortly thereafter, but the paramedics warned them to stay inside their vehicle.Paramedics contacted the emergency dispatcher and told her to call the woman. Cox said a dispatcher spoke to the woman, but she was too injured to control the pit bull.Police and county Animal Control officers were called to assist the firefighters, but the dog wasn't going to let them inside the house either.An officer was forced to Taser the animal after it went after police, said Justin Mulcahy, a county police spokesman. When the dog continued to go after officers, Mulcahy said, police shot the pit bull in the muzzle.Paramedics quickly went inside the home to help the dog's owner. She was taken by ambulance with minor injuries to Anne Arundel Medical Center in Parole, Cox said.The woman's son arrived at the home at about 1:45 p.m. to take the injured dog to the vet. The dog's condition is unknown, but Mulcahy said the animal survived.Two other dogs, a poodle and a presa canario, were at the home yesterday, but did not act aggressively toward police or paramedics and were not harmed, Mulcahy said.Neighbors declined to talk to The Capital yesterday. The dead end where the shooting took place was quiet at 2 p.m., with only the sound of dogs barking.This is the second time in less than a month that county police have shot a pit bull.On March 13, an officer shot and killed a pit bull while the dog was attacking him during an arrest in Severn.The officer tried to stop a motorcyclist who was riding on Pioneer Drive without a helmet or license plate, but the man sped off, police said. The officer called for backup and found the man walking in the 8200 block of Dunfield Court.The man ran inside a nearby home and police followed. As they tried to arrest the man, a 4-year-old female pit bull bit one officer on the right leg. The officer was unable to shake the dog off and eventually shot the pit bull.
CORRECTION: Due to inaccurate information provided by county police, this story incorrectly reported what dog had been wounded.Police shot a presa canario named “Tiny,” according to a family member. Their pit bull was not injured.We regret the error. MAYBE YOU REGRET IT BUT THE WORLD IS GRATEFUL.

April 9, 2010 April 9 at 6:02 a.m., officers responded to the 2900 block of Downs Drive in Bryans Road to serve a court approved search and seizure warrant relating to a narcotics investigation. As officers entered the house, they deployed a "flash bang" - a device that makes a loud sound- to distract two aggressive pit bulls that were known to be on the premise. One pit bull retreated but the other pit bull charged at the officers. An officer discharged rounds from a non-lethal weapon, striking the dog but the rounds did not take effect. The pit bull continued outside of the residence in an aggressive manner, quickly charging and circling officers who were positioned near the front of the house. Officers again discharged a non-lethal weapon but as the dog advanced, they discharged their issued firearms, fatally wounding the dog. Two other adult pit bulls were found chained on the property. A search of the house revealed a quantity of prescription drugs sufficient for a distribution charge. In addition, officers found a small amount of marijuana. The target of the investigation, Bryan Wayne Burkett, 28, was arrested and charged with possession with intent to distribute. Other arrests are pending. A 49-year-old relative who lives in the house was injured as he was being detained after resisting to comply with officers. He was treated by medical personnel who were on the scene but refused immediate transport to a hospital. The investigation is on-going. MORE DESERVED DIRT NAPS.

May 4, 2010 EASTON, Md - The pit bull has caused a lot of controversy in America's neighborhoods, some counties in Maryland have even banned the pet, due to the nature of its attacks.
Now an 8 year-old in Easton is recovering after a pit bull near her home turned on her. Deanna Critchlow is still healing after a pit bull in her neighborhood, 1-year-old Bear, broke free from his owner's screen door Monday morning. "Deanna says she was sitting on the bus stop on Hollyday Street and Sycamore Avenue, and that is when the pit bull came up to her. First she said it started licking her on the face, then it turned on her and attacked.
Deanna says the dog bit her on the back, armpit, and on her scalp. "I was like bouncing. If I wouldn't have rolled over on my stomach I think it would have gotten my face instead.
"What I think happened was the little girl had an umbrella and when the umbrella opened, it startled him and he just panicked," said Cortez Mills, the owner of the pit bull. Luckily, the dog's owner was nearby and was able to free the girl, from Bear's jaws. "I picked her up on my back and he was still coming. I took her umbrella and hit him a couple of times and that's when my man called his name," said Mills.
A friend of Mills who was nearby during the attack, Wilberto Morales, shouted the dogs name and that is when they say the dog snapped out of his trance. However, some are asking if pit bulls should be banned in Easton. "People are going to criticize it just because it's a pitt bull and that's not right. Just because it's a pit bull that doesn't mean that all pit bulls bite," said Morales.
"Pit bull, lab, sheppard it doesn't matter any dog can attack," said Mills.
Through it all, Deanna says she is not going to let her recent scare stop her from playing with dogs. "I still love them they're my favorite animals. Deanna had surgery and is expected to be okay.
The Humane Society says they put the pit bull to sleep Tuesday afternoon.
Council members in Easton say they have not had any complaints about pit bulls from residents.

May 8, 2010 Baltimore County Police have confirmed that they have officers on the way to an Essex neighborhood where a 9-year-old girl was bit by a pit bull just after 11 a.m. this morning.Police say they recieved a report from an woman in Essex who said her daughter, a 9-year-old girl, and her friend were walking in their neighborhood at 735 W. Kings Way when she was bit in the back of a leg by a pit bull.The mother told police that her daughter was bleeding, but was inside the house.Baltimore County Police are on their way to the home to investigate. WE CAN'T WALK OUR NEIGHBORHOODS BECAUSE OF THESE DAMN PITS.

May 9, 2010 FATALITY KEYSER – Residents of a subdivision near Wal Mart are gathering signatures for a petition pushing Mineral County animal control officials to take action against a pit bull that mauled a smaller dog to death last Sunday.
With last weekend’s attack occurring less than two weeks after a 3-year-old Rawlings boy was severely mauled and nearly killed by a rottweiler, residents of the trailer park on Trenum Drive said they are afraid to let their children play outside with a vicious animal still in the neighborhood.
“People won’t let their kids out in the yard to play anymore,” said Judy Morton, whose dog died in the attack. “Once that dog gets a taste of blood, you’d better watch out. I can’t believe they won’t do anything.”
Last Sunday Morton was walking her “Poma-Chu” Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix “Scrappy” around the yard of her trailer home, as she has done countless times in the eight years she had the dog. Turning the corner at the front of her home, she came face to face with one of her next door neighbor’s two pit bulls, its leash held by a 5-year-old girl.
In an instant, the pit bull lunged for Scrappy, breaking free from from the girl’s grip and clamping its powerful jaws around the smaller dog. The next few minutes played out in slow motion, a terrifying, surreal episode punctuated by screams, blood and horrific images Morton will never forget.
“I didn’t see (the other dog) until it was was too late,” Morton said. “I was screaming bloody murder; everybody heard me.”
Morton tried to beat off the bigger dog, which bit her hand, causing nerve damage and a chipped bone. Neighbors came out at the sound of her screaming. Her 8-year-old son watched in horror as Scrappy was thrashed about like a rag doll, still in the animal’s jaws.
“This happened in front of a lot of people, in front of little kids,” said Crystal Blanks, a resident of Trenum Drive.When the pit bull finally let go, Scrappy lay motionless, and Morton was in shock.“I had blood down both arms, down my shirt, on my legs,” she said. “My little boy, I thought he was going to go into a seizure.”In the wake of the attack, the dog warden investigated, but did not order the pit bull removed from the home. Morton said the dog was ordered to be kept in the house for 10 days because its rabies shots weren’t up to date, but no other action was taken. As Morton described the attack while sitting on her deck Thursday afternoon, the second pit bull lounged on a dog box behind the neighbor’s house.
Morton said the animal control officer chided her for not having Scrappy’s rabies shots up to date. While she initially declined to press charges, Morton soon contacted the animal control office to advise that she had changed her mind.
“He said if they charge him (the owner of the pit bull), they have to charge me too” for the rabies shots.Angry, Morton said she invited the officer to do so, but still no charges have been filed.Contacted Thursday afternoon, animal control officials said they would respond on Monday.In the meantime, neighbors are pressing for the dog to be removed from the house. A petition circulated Thursday quickly drew 30 signatures. Residents plan to present it to the Mineral County Commissioners.“People up here are afraid to walk their dogs or have their kids out,” Blanks said.Adding to the concern is the plight of Jacob VanPelt, the three-year-old who was nearly mauled to death last month near Rawlings. The boy’s intestines were ripped open in the attack, and his foot nearly severed. Residents don’t want to take a chance.“You don’t know what that animal’s going to do,” Blanks said.For Morton, those moments of terror continue to replay like a bad dream, so much worse for the fact that it was real. “I had my dog on a leash and he was on his own property,” she said, staring blankly at the spot at the base of her porch steps where the fatal attack occurred, her eyes tearing. “I tried to save him, but I couldn’t. I still can’t get it out of my head.” WE LIVE IN FEAR SO NUTTERS CAN PUT THEIR PITS ON A RAPE RACK.

May 13, 2010 FATALITY ELLICOTT CITY, Md. - An Ellicott City man and his dog were attacked by a runaway pitbull during an afternoon walk on Mother's Day.Isaiah Harrison's right arm was badly injured. His 11-pound yorkie-poo named Stewie was killed."The attack keeps coming back in my mind," Harrison told Fox 5 from his living room Thursday evening. "I couldn't do anything but holler and cry."Harrison said the pit bull came charging from across the street. The man chasing it arrived a few minutes later."He was punching the dog and it still wouldn't let go," said Harrison. "And by the time when the dog did let go, my dog was already sitting there dying."Howard County Police said the dog that attacked Harrison and killed little Stewie did not live in the neighborhood. It was staying at the home of a friend of its owner. He was taking care of the dog and said a child in his home accidentally opened the front door and the pitbull escaped.Harrison's wife Pat said she is outraged."That is just inexcusable," said Pat. "That's negligence. To me that's negligence. There's no excuse."The pitbull has been surrendered to Howard County Animal Control. Police said it is under quarantine and will likely be euthanized.Harrison is a police officer at the Federal Reserve in Washington."He's going to be okay as far as his job is concerned," said Pat. "But he loves law enforcement and he's right-hand dominant. We don't know if he'll be able to handle a gun anymore."Police are not identifying the pitbull's owner or his friend. They said the attack is still under investigation and criminal charges are possible. AND STEWIE WAS A REAL CUTIE, DIDN'T STAND A CHANCE.

May 21, 2010 The Charles County sheriff's office says an officer pursuing an assault suspect was injured in a pit bull attack. Authorities say the officer responded to a call from a woman who said her boyfriend was beating her Thursday in Indian Head. They say Joseph Romanowski, 35, of Harford County ran from the house, and the officer went after him. But then a pit bull charged at the officer, grabbed his ankle and tried to bite him. The officer fell and shot the dog, fearing it would attack again. Other officers arrested and charged Romanowski with second-degree assault. The injured officer was treated at a hospital. The dog was taken to a clinic, where it died. Authorities say when Romanowski heard police were on their way, he unchained the pit bull, which was being trained for dog fights. WHO NEEDS A FUCKING GUN WHEN YOU HAVE A PIT BULL??

May 25, 2010 FATALITY ACCOMAC — An Accomac man’s pet cat was killed May 14 when two unleashed dogs came up onto the porch of his Courthouse Road home and attacked the animal.
“They came up and just dragged her off the porch and killed her,” said Christopher Newman. “Dogs should be on leashes; they should not be running through this town,” he said.
The 10-year-old cat, Mildred, was adopted from the SPCA and raised from kittenhood by Newman’s 90-year-old mother.“It was very difficult to tell my mother that our Mildred was dead,” Newman said, adding, “We loved this gentle little spirit. She was a friend and nearly a relative. People who know and love cats will understand this. We miss her so much.”Newman reported the incident to the Accomack County Sheriff’s Office.He had not previously seen either dog — a large black dog and a black and white dog that appeared to be a pit bull — in the neighborhood. But he said Accomac has an ongoing problem with unleashed or stray dogs running through town. “Every other month there are strange dogs in my yard,” he said.Newman’s neighbors told him the dogs that killed his cat were seen roaming through town for several hours on Friday and also on Saturday morning. They were last seen on Lilliston Avenue.“They could have killed a small child,” he said. “Obviously they are dangerous to other animals and people and need to be controlled or put down.”The incident happened around 6 p.m. Another cat Newman owns was able to escape by climbing a tree, where it remained for seven hours afterward.The killing is the latest in a string of reports in Accomack County of aggressive dogs causing injury to other animals or people — one of those also occurred in Accomac.In February 2009, a Rottweiler escaped from its pen and attacked a woman on Coley Street. The dog later was surrendered to Animal Control authorities. The victim had been walking outside holding her small dog near a neighbor’s yard where the dog was penned when the Rottweiler escaped and bit her, causing injuries that sent her to the hospital by ambulance.The same month in Onancock a leashed pet dachshund was fatally mauled on a busy sidewalk by a pit bull that escaped from a parked vehicle.In July 2009, a Chincoteague woman required 48 stitches after a pit bull chained on its owner’s property attacked her, one month after another incident on the island in which a pit bull running at-large attacked and injured the 6-year-old great-granddaughter of Accomack County Supervisor Wanda Thornton.Newman called the unknown owners of the two dogs “irresponsible people (who) should face some legal or financial consequences for the murder of our cat and the pain inflicted upon our household.” DO YOU THINK THEY'VE HAD ENOUGH, TIME FOR BSL.

June 9, 2010,0,5824750.story A 14-year-old boy is in the hospital after a city police officer shot a dog who was attacking a group of youths and the bullet then hit the teen in the leg, a police spokesman said Wednesday night.Officers on patrol in Northeast Baltimore came across a group of youths being attacked by a pit bull at Fenwick and E. 28th St. One officer shot the dog, but the bullet either ricocheted or went through the dog and hit the teenager in the leg, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said.No other youths were injured; the 2-year-old pit bull died.