Nov. 25, 2009 STURGIS — A dog attack on a postal worker caused the postal service to stop delivering to one neighborhood.It happened Saturday afternoon on West Congress Street in Sturgis, Michigan. Police say a 3-year- old pit bull bit the carrier while she was trying to deliver mail to the house. She told police a second pit bull came at her, but did not bite her. As Ranji Sinha reports, mail carriers say the area is too dangerous for them to deliver to. "With the show of aggression those dogs had, they did leave their own yard and attack, the attack didn't happen in their yard," said Picker, "So we just don't feel safe having a mail carrier anywhere in the neighborhood." THIS AIN'T RIGHT, PRISONERS OF PIT BULLS!!

Jan. 4, 2009 A 52-year-old Solsberry woman was hospitalized late Saturday morning after she was viciously attacked by a neighbor's pit bull dog in eastern Greene County. The attack was ongoing until Greene County Sheriff's Reserve Deputy Jeffery Payton arrived on the scene and shot and killed the dog. But the pit bull dog which was attacking the woman when the officer arrived was owned by Brandon Artis who also resides on the Mulvey property. Wade said he was first told the attacking dog was a bull mastiff mixed breed but according to veterinary records, the breed of the dog was pit bull. EVEN THEIR NUTTER/OWNER DOESN'T KNOW WHAT IT IS.

Jan. 20, 2010 INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - CPS removed a child from her family’s home Tuesday after her parents allegedly failed to report a dog attack. In fact, Lighthouse Charter School told Metro Police that the girl’s family said they kept the girl out of school for a week because she was sick.Police were called to the school Tuesday after officials there noticed bite marks, cuts and bruises on the girl’s body.Once at the school, police say they met with the girl’s grandmother who told them she was a medical professional and decided the girl’s injuries did not require medical attention.The child’s grandmother told officers that she heard screams and thought the girl was just playing with the family's pit bull. She told police she did not witness the dog attack but one of the girl’s siblings alerted her to it.The officer described the girl’s injuries in the police report saying:“I looked at the child’s injuries and observed healing deep bite marks on the child’s left leg, arms, shoulders, waist, arms and kneck (SIC). I also observed that the child limped as she walked and visible swelling on the left calf leg and well as (SIC) redness, bruising discoloration." Police called CPS and animal control to the school to conduct their own investigations. As a result, CPS removed the child from the home and animal control took the dog into their custody. PROBABLY GOT THE $4 SPECIAL FROM DOUG RAE.

Jan 26, 2010 According to police reports from the South Bend Regional Airport and St. Joseph County officers, the bizarre incident started just after 3 a.m. Sunday, when an Airport Authority officer spotted two dogs on the south side of the intersection of Lincoln Way West and Lexington Avenue.The officer was patrolling the area and stepped out of his vehicle after spotting the two pit bulls, a brown female and a black male. As the officer approached the female dog, he said the black dog ran around his car and came back to bite the officer in the leg.The Airport Authority officer, seeking backup, called St. Joseph County police and the Humane Society of St. Joseph County to remove the dog.According to Sgt. Bill Redman, St. Joseph County police spokesman, a county officer arrived to find the two dogs but was unable to get out of the vehicle as the male dog kept lunging at his driver's side door.Hoping to keep the dog calm until Humane Society workers arrived, the officer reported that he threw potato chips out the car window, which the dog ate.Redman said Humane Society workers attempted to capture the dog using a noose-pole, but the dog attacked the stick and lunged at the workers' van.The black pit bull then began running north toward the airport, Redman said, and police became fearful that it could hurt someone coming out of the terminal.Redman said an officer, after rolling down his driver's side window, then shot the pit bull, killing it.Humane Society workers were able to capture the female dog and, although neither dog had identification, the female dog reportedly had an identifying microchip imbedded in its body.South Bend Regional Airport Director John Schalliol said the Airport Authority officer received minor cuts on his leg but was able to return to work shortly after the incident. THE POLICE DON'T SCREW AROUND WITH THESE DANGEROUS DOGS.

March 4, 2010 INDIANAPOLIS -- A 23-year-old man was injured Thursday morning when he was attacked by two pit bulls in his yard on Indianapolis' north side.The incident happened in the 5900 block of Grandview Drive before 9 a.m., 6News' Julie Pursley reported.Indianapolis police said James Bates was taking out the trash when his next-door neighbor's pit bulls began biting him.Officers were told that the pit bulls somehow escaped from a fenced-in yard. They ripped the shoes and jacket off Bates, biting him in the face and feet.Bates' cousin -- Jada Carson, 5 – saw the attack when she looked out a window and yelled for her mother, who called 911 and attempted to scare the dogs away.An officer tried to distract the dogs, but they charged him, forcing him to shoot them, police said.One of the dogs was killed and the other was shot and ran back into his yard. Animal Care and Control took custody of that animal.James was taken to Methodist Hospital with puncture wounds from bites to his face and ears.Police said the neighbors had been cordial with each other, but that there had been previous concern about the dogs.Carson had been told to stay in the house if the dogs were outside out of fear that they might attack her.The names of the owners weren't released, but 6News was told one of them works for the Marion County Sheriff's Department. A NEIGHBORHOOD HELD CAPTIVE BY A SHERIFF NUTTER.

March 5, 2010 In a second pit bull incident on the same day, an Indianapolis Metropolitan police officer investigating a report of gunshots being fired was bitten on the Southwestside Thursday.Officer Jeffrey Viewegh was bitten on the right knee and left boot while chasing a suspect into a house on the 800 block of South Sheffield Avenue at 7:30 p.m., according to an Indianapolis Police report.Viewegh was at the rear of the house where a boy suspected of firing gunshots was believed to be. The suspect came out of the back door but turned back inside when he saw the officer.Viewegh went to the back door and, as he stood inside the doorway, a pit bull clamped onto his knee with its jaw. Viewegh kicked the dog several times to unhinge its grip but when he shook the dog loose it began biting his boot.Vieweigh was taken to Methodist Hospital with bruising, swelling and cuts on his right knee, according to the police report.It was the second Pit Bull attack on an IMPD officer Thursday. Earlier, an officer shot two Pit Bulls that had mauled a 23-year-old man on the Northwestside, then charged the officer when he arrived. NUTTERS LOVE THIS TWO FER ONE MAULINGS, THEM THAR ARE GAME DOGS!!

March 9, 2010 FATALITY .A police officer shot and wounded a pit bull that fatally mauled a neighbor's Chihuahua then lunged at the officer Monday, police said.It was the third time in less than a week that a pit bull attacked an officer. For the second time, the officer shot the dog.Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer Benjamin Owens said in a report that when he arrived on the 1700 block of East Kelly Street at 8:45 a.m. the pit bull had the Chihuahua in its mouth but the small dog was already was dead.A man was holding the pit bull back from attacking bystanders but warned that he couldn't keep it back for long, Owens said in a report. Minutes later the snarling pit bull escaped and ran toward Owens."The pit bull then stood up with the small dog in its mouth still, and then began to charge me," Owens wrote in the report.Owens fire twice at the pit bull but said he didn't kill it. Animal Care and Control officers took the dog away.Last Thursday, an officer shot two pit bulls that had mauled a 23-year-old man on the Northwestside, then charged the officer when he arrived. That same day, an IMPF officer was bitten on the leg by a pit bull on the southwestside but was able to shake the dog loose. ARE THEY KNOCKING ON YOUR DOOR YET, MIKE SPEEDY???

March 9, 2010 WLKY
NEW ALBANY, Ind. -- Two pit bulls invaded a New Albany home in the 1900 block of Culbertson Avenue Monday afternoon after attacking the resident's pet.Carol Sevedge's Irish Setter, Musafa, was in her backyard Monday evening when a pair of pit bulls, Sampson and Daniel, got into her yard and attacked Musafa."They were biting my dog. They both had a hold of his ears and they were shaking him and every thing," Sevedge said. "He's got puncture wounds in his ear drums, in his head stitches and they had to staple over the stitches to keep them together.""I could hear the commotion and I heard my neighbor, Carol," said Albert Cross, owner of the pit bulls.Cross hopped his fence to help."He tried to control them and they wouldn't stop, so he said get water. And I went into the house and the kitchen door was still open and I guess Musafa got away just a little bit and came in the house," Sevedge said.Daniel and Sampson ran into the house behind Musafa."But when they caught up to her dog inside of her house, there was no additional attack there was nothing else that occurred, so I don't want people to think that these dogs went into this house and attacked this family. They didn't," Cross said.Instead Cross, Sevedge and her live-in friend managed to get the pit bulls out of the house, but then Daniel bolted around to get inside one more time."That's when my friend had to shoot him because it's like he was going mad because he could have turned on us," Sevedge said."He had a split second to make a decision," Cross said. "I love my dogs, but I value human life more than that and that's really what it was. He had to make that decision with what was at stake at that time.""The police officer said he did everything that he was supposed to do and it upset us both that we had to kill a dog, but he almost killed ours," Sevedge said.No people were reported injured in the attack.Cross paid the $300 emergency vet hospital bill for Musafa's care after the attack.Cross said he has no hard feelings about what happened.He already had plans to give away his dogs before the attack. Someone is picking up 1-year-old Sampson on Sunday.No charges have been filed against Cross. THAT'S RIGHT, GIVE THEM A NEW NAME AND SHIP THEM TO ANOTHER AREA SO THEY CAN CONTINUE TO MAUL.

March 11, 2010 INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - An IMPD officer shot and killed a pit bull Thursday morning while coming to the aid of a woman who was being attacked by the dog.Officers were dispatched to the 1400 bock of Samoa with reports of a person in distress.24-Hour News 8 has a crew on the scene and will update this story as more information becomes available. NUTTERS ABOUND IN INDY BECAUSE OF THE COUNCIL NOT DOING WHAT THEY SHOULD, FOLLOWING MIKE SPEEDY'S LEAD OF BSL.

March 11, 2010 INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indianapolis woman claims she told officers to use a Taser on one of her dogs, not shoot and kill it, after it fought with other pit bulls early Thursday.Mary Meadors made a frantic call to 911 just before 11 a.m. to report a stray pit bull had come through her fence and was fighting with her three dogs in the 2100 block of Brookside Parkway North Drive, 6News' Rick Hightower reported."Hurry please. Oh my gosh, they're fighting," she is heard screaming during the call.Lt. Jeffrey Duhamell said that when officers arrived, they found two of the dogs fighting, but were able to pull them apart. Meadors then slipped and fell, and witnesses said she told officers to shoot the dog so it wouldn't attack her."They say they heard her say 'Shoot him,' and about that time we tried to Taser it, and it was ineffective, and that's when the officers shot and killed the dog," Duhamell said.Meadors told Hightower that she only wanted the officers to stun her dog, Simon, not kill it."He just kept shooting him until he died. I never told them to shoot him. I begged them not to shoot him," she said. "I was not in danger … That was a part of my family. They took that away from me."One of Meadors' neighbors said he could hear the dogs fighting down the street, telling 911, "They're up there screaming, yelling. It sounds like somebody is dying.""It sounded like a girl was getting attacked. It didn't even sound like a dog fighting," Mike Burghy told Hightower.Another nearby pit bull owner said he believes what happened is the dog owner's fault, not the animal's."When you pin them up in a yard they're going to lash out eventually," said Wes Wheeler, who has two dogs of his own. "They're pit bulls. They were unfortunately bred to be pit bulls, but they also can be the greatest dogs in the world."Duhamell said the incident is under investigation. THE STUPID NEIGHBOR NUTTER IS IN FOR A BIG SURPRISE WHEN HE IS NEXT IN LINE FOR A MAULING.

March 17, 2010
NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) - A 6-year-old Noblesville boy was attacked by a pit bull mix dog Tuesday afternoon.The attacked happened inside the Hamilton County Humane Society shelter in the 1700 block of Pleasant Street in Noblesville. The boy was visiting there with his aunt.The shelter executive director says the boy was not properly supervised.According to the dog bite report, the attack was unprovoked. Workers at the Humane Society say the dog, named Guido, was in a visitation room that had a no access sign on the door.The dog was in seclusion because he has a back injury. The boy opened the door to the room. The dog escaped and then attacked the boy.According to the report, the boy’s aunt did not see the dog until the animal was on the boy.Paramedics took the boy to St. Vincent Hospital where he was treated for injuries to his face, hand, wrist, ankle and foot. The 6-year-old received dozens of stitches.He is back at home having been released from the hospital. The boy's mother told 24-Hour News 8 the family has hired a lawyer.Humane Society workers moved the dog into quarantine for a ten day period. IT WAS A PIT BULL UNTIL IT ATTACK NOW THE LYING NO KILL SHELTER IS TRYING TO PASS IT OFF AS A BOXER.

March 22, 2010 INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis Animal Care and Control is reviewing its shelter policies after a young volunteer was bitten during a fight between two dogs.A 15-year-old girl was on her first day of walking dogs at the facility on Friday when she was bitten by a husky-pit bull mix, 6News' Rick Hightower reported.IACC spokeswoman Teri Kendrick said the girl, who suffered a puncture wound and a scrape, stepped between two dogs as they fought "Obviously, when you're around a large number of animals, they all have teeth and it's always possible, in theory, for anyone to be bitten," she said.The girl's father, Joseph Wolpert, told Hightower that he isn't upset by the bite, but by the way in which it was handled by shelter workers."If I hadn't gone back inside with my daughter when we came to pick her up and forced them to make a report, I don't think anything would have been known about it," he said.Volunteers at the shelter are required to attend two hours of orientation and are given training handouts. Kendrick said the agency will review its volunteer policies."We shouldn't be taking anything for granted, and we are going to ensure that, in the future, all volunteers are specifically told never get between two dogs that are fighting," she said.The dog that bit the girl will be held in an investigation kennel for 10 days.Wolpert said his daughter will not return to the IACC to complete her service project. KIDS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE AROUND PITS IN A SHELTER.

April 6, 2010 FATALITY A pit bull killed another dog Monday in Elkhart, according to police. The dog was apparently chained up in a yard on Roys Avenue, but got loose, according to an Elkhart Police report. The pit bull then went to a neighbor’s yard a few houses away and attacked and killed a chihuahua. Lt. Ed Windbigler said the department has no other reports of the pit bull in question attacking before. So far, no citations have been issued. The case is being assigned to an animal control officer. If the pit bull hasn’t been registered with the city and is not up to date on shots, the owner would be in violation of Elkhart’s animal control laws. A CHAIN IS NOTHING TO A PIT.

April 9, 2010 FATALITY NEW ALBANY — A 40-year-old New Albany man was arrested at about 9:40 am. Thursday morning at New Albany Police Headquarters after he allegedly made threats to officials at the New Albany- Floyd County Animal Control office, in the 200 block of West Market Street.The events that led to the arrest of Majestis Maighale Cummings, who lives in 2300 block of Shelby Street in New Albany, began shortly after 5 p.m. Wednesday when police and animal control officers were called to Cummings’ home to investigate a report of vicious dogs.When the officers arrived at the home they observed two pit bulldogs inside a fenced yard at the residence mauling another pit bull that appeared to already be dead. Animal control officials and police officers attempted to remove the two living animals from the fenced enclosure, but were unable to do so. The decision was made to destroy the two attacking dogs. Another dog, that was unharmed in the incident, was seized and taken to the animal shelter pending further disposition. A fourth dog, found inside Cummings’ home, was left at the scene pending investigation of the animal’s vaccination status.Cummings was not at home and could not be contacted until after the two attacking animals had been destroyed. He did arrive afterwards and was given instructions as to how to follow-up on the matter.On Thursday morning, Cummings went to the shelter where he allegedly made death threats to officials there. Cummings then went to police headquarters where he was arrested after officers investigated the incident.Cummings was booked into the Floyd County Jail on the preliminary charge of Intimidation, a class D felony. AT LEAST IT IS ONE OF THEIR OWN!!

May 7, 2010 (WHAS11) – An elderly southern Indiana man was attacked by his neighbor's Pit Bulls south of Corydon, Ind. in Harrison County.Three adult dogs involved in the attack and a litter of Pit Bull puppies are in an animal shelter in quarantine to make sure they aren't infected with rabies. They will be held for the next 8 days.All but one adult dog has been surrendered and will likely be euthanized or sent to a Pit Bull rescue organization.But the owner wants one of the dogs back and the victim is fighting to keep that from happening.For almost all of his 86 years, Marvin Brown has been in training; which may be the only reason that this former Navy boxer is alive today. Earlier this week, Brown was in for the fight of his life against his neighbor's pit bulls.“Them darn dogs come out from there,” Brown said. “All three of them and they jumped me.”Animal Control officials say the dogs crossed a functioning invisible fence and went into the Brown's yard after one female dog carried her puppies into a shed on their property.They attacked Brown when he walked into the yard.“One had his mouth right here and i hit it on top of its head. Knocked him down, but he got back up and bit me here,” Brown said. Marvin's wife, Joyce, looked on from inside.“It was the most horrible nightmare that you can imagine,” Joyce Brown said. She called 911, but the dogs bit Marvin several times before a deputy arrived and was forced to use a taser on the main attacker. AS LONG AS THERE ARE PITS, WE AREN'T SAFE ANYWHERE, EVEN IN OUR OWN BACKYARD.

May 14, 2010 LA PORTE — Criminal charges are being sought against a La Porte man whose pit bull attacked an 83-year old neighbor.
According to La Porte Police, warrants are being sought for the arrest of Adam Gilbert on Class B misdemeanor harboring a non-immunized animal. George Cummings said Thursday he was still recovering from the attack, which resulted in 12 stitches in both wrists."I'm sore all over," said Cummings.Cummings said he was taking his garbage out to the road in the 700 block of C Street on May 6. He says a pit bull next door broke his chain and knocked Cummings to the ground."He went right for my face," said Cummings.He said the dog went after his daughter later in the day. She rushed inside the house and shut the door in the nick of time. "You don't know how it feels to be on your back and that dog is on top of you. It really scares you I'll tell you," Cummings said.Prosecutors will review the police findings and decide whether to pursue formal charges in the case. Harboring a non-immunized animal could bring an up to six month sentence.Gilbert was also cited for allowing the pet to run at-large, the animal being a public nuisance and dangerous and not having the dog properly registered, according to police.Officers say Gilbert told them he was looking at putting a muzzle on the dog and keeping him on a larger chain.Cummings said he wants the dog gone more than anything else."I have lived here for over 60-years. I don't think I should have to move out to keep away from the dog," Cummings said.

June 4, 2010 FATALITY,0,3240215.story Indianapolis - A Howard County, Indiana girl severely injured in a pit bull attack last Saturday has died. Savannah R. Gragg, 9, of Kokomo died at Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis Thursday afternoon.Gragg was transferred to Riley from Kokomo's Howard Regional Hospital by Life Line helicopter. The child suffered trauma to her neck and trachea. Investigators learned that Savannah was opening a door at the residence to the let the families pit bull dog outside when the dog jumped on her, knocking her to the floor. The animal then bit the child around the neck, and shook her violently. The child's grandmother witnessed the attack, and tried to free the child from the dog's grip. When Deputies arrived at the scene they found Savannah Gragg unconscious and unresponsive. "The child suffered a lacerated trachea which resulted in a lack of oxygen to the brain," said Sheriff Marty Talbert. Doctors determined the child was brain dead shortly after 3:30 p.m. Thursday. "The grandmother and the parents were home when the incident occurred. Samantha was not a very big girl. When she fell to the floor the dog bit her," the Sheriff added. "We had a deputy within two miles of the call. Everyone who responded that day is saddened by this tragic news. This was not the outcome we had hoped for." Savannah would have been a fourth grader at Taylor Intermediate School next fall. The Marion County Coroners Office is now assisting with the investigation. SHE LASTED 5 DAYS, IMAGINE IF THIS WERE YOUR CHILD.