April 6, 2010 Sioux Falls Police are looking for a dog that bit another dog on April 1Around 11 p.m. a man was walking his dog in the area of West 10th Street and South Covell Avenue when a stray pit bull-type dog attacked the man’s dog, according to a press release. The attack resulted in open wounds to the man’s dog and the man also received puncture wounds to his hand as he pulled the pit bull off his pet. The pit bull-type dog was described as dark brown with a dark collar with tags. After the bite, the stray dog left the area and no owner was with it. The dog needs to be identified to verify its vaccinations. Anyone with information should call Animal Control at 367-7000. IT'S NOT SAFE TO WALK THE STREETS ANYMORE BECAUSE OF PITS.

April 10, 2010 Fort Dodge police are seeking the public's help to find a dog that bit a city employee Thursday.
The dog, described by police as a ''pit bull mix,'' was reportedly turned loose in the area of Coalville and Otho following the incident.According to police reports, the city worker was attacked by the animal at about 4 p.m. Thursday at 1715 13th Ave. S.W.The city employee was bitten on one hand. He was treated at Trinity Regional Medical Center where doctors used several stitches to close the wound.The employee didn't work Friday but is expected to be back on the job Monday, according to Jim Vollmer, the city's human resources director.''My understanding is that the employee went to the address because the residents there expressed a concern about their water meter not working properly,'' Vollmer said.Officials didn't name the worker.The dog was reportedly chained to the house at 1715 13th Ave. S.W. When police went to that address to investigate, the dog was gone.Officers reported that the owner of the dog told them that he took the animal to the area of Otho and Coalville and let it go. The owner was not identified in a press release provided by the Police Department.A woman who answered the door at 1715 13th Ave. S.W. Friday afternoon said she did not live there. She said it was her cousin's home and she was just visiting.Police officers described the dog as a dark pit bull mix with a white face.Anyone who spots the animal is asked to call the Police Department at 573-2323. They can also contact Webster County Crime Stoppers at 573-1444 or LYING PIT NUTTERS, DO THEY KNOW THE TRUTH?

April 18, 2010 WATERLOO - A resident killed a pit bull with a knife after it attacked his own dog Saturday night.The stabbing was the second weekend incident where an attacking dog was slain, according to police reports.In the most recent incident, William Leasure said two loose pit bulls went after Buddy, his 3-year-old black lab-German shepherd mix in his own backyard in the 1000 block of West Third Street.Leasure was in the front yard when he heard the commotion at about 11:20 p.m."I thought he had a cat. I grabbed a flashlight to go look," he said.But before he got there, other family members told him two dogs were attacking Buddy, and Leasure snatched up a fillet knife instead.Leasure went to defend his dog, and one of the attackers came after him and bit at his arm, grazing it, according to the police report.He stabbed the dog three times in the side with the knife."I did what I had to do," Leasure said.The second four-legged assailant continued to go after Buddy, and Leasure clubbed him with a metal bed rail that was in the yard.Authorities later found the stabbed pit bull dead in a nearby alley, and Animal Control seized the other pit bull.Buddy was also injured."He's fine. He's got a little limp, he's got gash mark on his forehead," Leasure said.Neither of the attacking dogs had tags, and it wasn't clear who owned them. Animal Control officials are investigating the incident.Also on Saturday afternoon, a Waterloo police officer shot a pit bull that went after a couple pushing a child in a stroller in the 1800 block of Commercial Street.Animal Control workers and the officer were trying to capture the dog when it charged the officer, and the officer fired his handgun to defend himself.The dog had to be put down because of its injuries. ONCE A PIT STARTS THEY DON'T STOP UNTIL THEY DIE.

May 24, 2010 WATERLOO - A Waterloo police officer is back on the job after she was bit by a pit bull while investigating an assault over the weekend.Details of the attack weren't immediately available, but Officer Eryn Hageman received a minor bite on her arm at the dog owner's home at 928 W. Mullan Ave. shortly before 7:20 p.m. Saturday, said Capt. Tim Pillack with the Waterloo Police Department.The dog was seized by Animal Control officers, Pillack said. He said the owner, Scott Matthew Clark, didn't have documents showing the dog had its vaccinations.Clark was arrested for disorderly conduct, public intoxication, interference and first-degree harassment. He was shocked by a Taser during the arrest, Pillack said.Police were investigating an assault on Lafayette Street and Hageman went to the Mullan Avenue address for followup, Pillack said. He said shortly after she pulled up, she was bitten outside.When other officers were sent to the house, Clark stood in the front yard yelling at police for coming on to his property, according to court records. He allegedly acted like he wanted to fight and then struggled when officers tried to detain him.He allegedly told one of the officer's "You're dead" during the incident, records state.