April 15, 2010 Sparks girl suffers dog bites A 13-year-old Sparks girl was treated for several dog bites tonight after a neighbor’s child accidentally released the animal from a yard, a Washoe County animal control officer said.The 7-month-old male pit bull was running along a fence watching children play in the girl’s yard in the 2200 block of 4th Street just before 7 p.m. When the gate was opened, the dog ran toward the children, Officer Margo Larson said.“She had six puncture wounds on her right arm and shoulder but needed no stitches,” Larson said. “REMSA cleaned up the wounds, gave her a tetanus shot and took her to a hospital.”Larson said the dog was placed in quarantine at home.“When their shots are up to date, we can do that,” she said.Larson said officials would decide today whether further action is warranted. BONNEY BROWN WILL JUST ADOPT IT OUT AGAIN.

April 30, 2010 Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - A little boy is describing a vicious pit bull attack that left his grandfather hospitalized and in need of reconstructive surgery.The man was attacked as he was walking with his grandson and his two Chihuahuas. The aggressive dog reportedly came out of nowhere, not too far from his senior living community, near Bonanza and Lamb. Residents at the Desert Oasis community are now being advised to be on the lookout. The attack also happened right near Edwards Elementary.Animal control searched all over for the dog, but still no word on its whereabouts."We were walking outside, and then this big dog came out of nowhere, biting on him, crunch crunch crunch on his bones," said 5-year-old Ernest Lopez, whose grandfather was attacked.The pit bull first bit into the back end of one of his grandfather's Chihuahuas. Lopez says his grandfather was brave as he jumped into defense mode."He was big, humongous," Lopez went on to say. "He didn't even get a chance to use his cane to hit him."As the pit bull kept a steady grip, one neighbor heard the man screaming and saw the dog's aggression. He says he reached for the closest weapon in his sight."I grabbed my scooter, came over here and threw the scooter at the dog. The dog let go and ran off," said Donnell Napier, who felt compelled to help out.Napier says all it took was one powerful blow with a the metal scooter, and the dog disappeared into the distance."I put myself in his shoes. If that was me sitting over here, getting attacked by a dog, I would want somebody to help me, instead of having me scream for help and not doing nothing," added Napier.The man who was attacked remains hooked up to an IV at the hospital as he awaits reconstructive surgery. Jose Jimenez tells Action News Reporter Drew Karedes over the telephone that the dog ripped apart all of the ligaments and tendons in his right hand and also sunk its teeth into his stomach. He says he's going through a lot of pain but expects to bounce back from this.We don't know if this pit bull is a stray or belongs to somebody. It's described as about 100 pounds and is brown and white in color. NO CHILD SHOULD HAVE TO SEE SOMETHING LIKE THIS.

May 4, 2010 LAS VEGAS -- A Las Vegas woman said veterinarian bills totaled $1,000 after her dog was nearly killed by a pit bull loose in her apartment complex.Allison Palisoc and her 7-year-old Maltese, Kobe, were bitten several times during the incident Monday night at Fort Apache and Twain Avenue.“All of a sudden this huge dog came up to Kobe, sniffed him, then started attacking him like crazy,” Palisoc told FOX5. “After that I tried to pick up my dog and that's when the dog noticed I picked him up, and the big dog tried to attack me as well.”The pit bull wasn’t on a leash and didn’t have a collar. It was being cared for by a neighbor, but it's unknown whether that woman actually owned the dog.“They pretty much ran into their houses and retreated like they were not going to own up to the responsibility of their dog attacking somebody else and her dog,” said neighbor Tatiana Simmons, who came to Palisoc’s rescue.Palisoc suffered bite wounds to her face, back and legs. She spent four hours at an emergency room.After being released from the hospital, Palisoc said she received a text message from her neighbor, who apologized for the incident and offered to pay her veterinarian bills.Clark County Animal Control said the case is still under investigation and could not comment on whether the pit bull would be destroyed. COWARD NUTTERS.

May 4, 2010 Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - A survivor of a vicious pit bull attack is opening up from his hospital bed about the dog he believes is still a deadly threat.James Jimenez has spent five days at University Medical Center as he waits for doctors to perform reconstructive surgery on his right hand.Jimenez was attacked back on Thursday, near Bonanza and Lamb, as he was walking from his senior living community. He was accompanied by his two therapy Chihuahuas, his 5-year-old grandson and another grandchild when he says the dog came at them like a hungry predator."If I wouldn't have been there, my grand kids wouldn't be here right now, because he would've killed my little dogs and killed my grand kids," said James Jimenez, recovering the dog attack.The pit bull first sunk its teeth into the back end of one of the Chihuahuas before biting through Jiminez's hand and also biting his stomach."This dog is mean. When he came charging at us, he had one thing on his mind. He wanted to kill," Jimenez went on to say.Jimenez credits a witness for saving his life. 21-year-old neighbor Donnell Napier heard the screams and spotted the attack. Napier ran at the pit bull and hit it with a metal scooter. The dog ran off into the distance and hasn't been reported since.Las Vegas Animal Control says they've been back to the neighborhood every day since the attack. Still no word on the whereabouts of the pit bull, but it wasn't on a leash when it lashed out and may be a stray.Jimenez's 75 neighbors at the Desert Oasis senior apartments have been put on alert by their management. Many say they are fearful to go outside and run every day errands. One woman showed off the rape repellent she bought as a means of defense."When I go out, I'm petrified. I'm gunna spray him right in the face. I don't want to, but if it comes to the dog attacked me and my animal, yes I will," said neighbor Barbara Nelson.The injuries to Jimenez's hand are so extensive that the hospital's burn unit is helping in his recovery. Doctors still have to wait for the swelling to go down before they can perform surgery.Jimenez feels it's critical that this dog is removed from the streets for the safety of everybody in the community. OH CONTRAR, BEST FIENDS WOULD SAY IT HAS THE MAKINGS OF A PERFECT THERAPY DOG.