Dec. 16, 2009
http://www.kfor.com/news/local/kfor-news-pit-bull-attack-story,0,3394534.story OKLAHOMA CITY -- A metro woman and her dog are recovering from injuries after they were viciously attacked. According to Carrie Kruta, she was walking her German Shepherd in northeast Oklahoma City when a stray pit bull started to attack her. Thanks to her dog's bravery Carrie, only suffered a few scratches on her hand but Ginger's injuries were much more severe."She has several puncture wounds in the neck and her chest and on her leg and the vet told me that if it gets infected that it could go to the point that they are going to have to take her leg," said Kruta
Despite causing the injuries, officials with animal welfare say the suspect in this case, the pit bull, is also a victim and probably suffered a lifetime of abuse.
Investigators believe the dog was deliberately burned by acid and has several scars from dog fighting. NO CULLING ON THIS ONE.

March 24, 2010
http://www.sandspringsleader.com/articles/2010/03/24/news/doc4baa2ef5e3f34937971343.txt No one is sure what set the pit bull off, or why it chose the 2-year-old boy as a target for its rage, except for maybe the boy himself.But maybe the boy, Bradley Potts, will forget the day - March 20 - that he was mauled by an 85-pound dog, an attack that almost killed him.No one saw what led up to the attack. All they saw was the dog with its jaws around Bradley’s head - the lower jaw dug into his eye socket, the upper jaw on his forehead.It happened on Saturday morning. And it happened fast, said Bo Burton, uncle of Bradley.Bradley was visiting his maternal grandparents’ house on the 7900 block of W. 17th St. near Sand Springs. There were two pit bulls at the house, but they were kept outside, away from people, Burton said. Somehow, Bradley got the door open.The next thing he knew, Burton, who lives at the house, was woken up by his mother (Bradley’s grandmother) screaming.He ran out to see the dog with its jaws latched onto Bradley’s skull.Cheryl Potts, Bradley’s paternal grandmother, said that the pit bull had grabbed on to Bradley’s head with its powerful jaws and was not letting go.“His (Bradley’s) uncle (Burton) had come in and got a hold of the dog to try to pry him off his head,” Potts said. “And he couldn’t.”The dog had a vice-like grip on Bradley’s head. Its powerful jaws wouldn’t let go for anything. Potts said the animal’s canine teeth drove Bradley’s skull bone into his brain.“The two top teeth dug into his skull,” Potts said. “Those teeth made little circles the size of a pencil. They fractured his skull and the bone went into his brain tissue.”“All it was was a split second of somebody not paying attention to him,” Burton said. SINCE WHEN DOES A PIT NEED A REASON TO ATTACK????

April 12, 2010
http://www.4029tv.com/mostpopular/23124554/detail.html SPIRO, Okla. -- Sunday afternoon, an 8-year-old girl was attacked by a pit bull outside the owner’s home at 811 North Columbus Street in Spiro, Okla.Spiro Police Chief Darrell Barham said the girl was playing with the dog owner’s daughter. When the victim got off of her bicycle to enter the home, the dog, which was unleashed, attacked her, chewing her hand and biting off a piece of her leg.The girl was taken to a Fort Smith hospital where she had one surgery and was released. Barham said she will have to have at least one more surgery.Before police could confiscate the dog, the owners "took the dog to the river bottoms and shot it in the head," eliminating any chance to test for rabies, Barham said.The owners have not yet been cited, and the investigation is pending. Barham said he has cited the owners once before for not having a leash on the dog. He said the owners have another pit bull that will be seized if charges are filed related to Sunday's attack on the girl. DIRT NAP DELIVERED.

April 26, 2010 FATALITIES
http://www.koco.com/mostpopular/23273575/detail.html NOBLE, Okla. -- Neighbors in Noble are speaking out about pit bulls they said attacked and killed some family pets over the weekend.They said three animals were killed and others were hurt when the dogs got loose. The sheriff confirmed what happened."These animals are very aggressive. They are very vicious and they are a danger to this neighborhood," said concerned resident Sandy Cole.James Zachary said his cat was injured so bad, he had to put it down."I went out there and these two pit bulls had the head of the cat and the feet and I started yelling, 'Get out of here, get out of here,' and they took off running," he said.Neighbors said despite a city ordinance outlawing vicious dogs, police have told them nothing can be done unless the dogs hurt a person.The owner declined to comment on camera, but admitted his dogs got loose over the weekend and killed other animals. ADMITTED THEY GOT OUT AND DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN.

June 1, 2010
A woman was trapped in her vehicle for almost an hour after being attacked by four pit bull terriers Monday morning near NE 50 and Coltrane Road, authorities said.
Mary Wolf, 46, noticed some neighborhood dogs in her lawn and went to greet them when she was attacked about 8 a.m., Oklahoma County sheriff's spokesman Mark Myers said. Wolf was bitten several times on her arms and legs before she made it to safety. Almost an hour later, a neighbor noticed her in the vehicle and called 911, he said. Wolf was taken to a local hospital and received stitches for the bites, Myers said. The dogs' owner is a neighbor and has agreed to let the dogs be euthanized. WONDER IF THESE PITS FLATTENED THE TIRES AND CHEWED OFF THE BUMPER?