Jan. 18, 2010 FATALITIES It's dogs gone wild in a Northeast Heights neighborhood as neighbors wonder why dogs at one residence haven’t been locked up in the pound after they’ve repeatedly complained the dogs are killing their pets one by one. A pit bull mix and a German Shepherd are accused of killing a miniature schnauzer on Monday night -- the next door neighbor’s. Jason Yucic says he hit one of the dogs with a shovel when he found the dogs ripping his dog apart, then followed them home right around the corner. Another neighbor says the same two dogs killed a cat in his yard. Now Jason fears for his family. "My problem is that I'm a captive of my house now. I can't let my children out of the back yard to ride their bikes, I can't allow my children to ride down the street now because I don't know when these dogs are going to come back over the fence," Yucic said. WE ALL FEEL CAPTIVES BY THESE PIT NUTTERS AND THEIR WIGGLE BUTT KILLER DOGS.

Feb. 6, 2010 A 23-year-old Santa Fe woman was attacked by a pit bull Friday at about 7:30 a.m. as she was walking toward an apartment in the 3000 block of Jemez Road, the Sheriff's Department reported. Sheriff Greg Solano said Desiree Martinez was treated at Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center for injuries to both hands, her right forearm, right calf and left thigh and released. The dog was seized and taken to the county animal shelter where it was quarantined pending an investigation. Solano said the dog ran at Martinez after it came from around the back of one of four apartments in the small complex. He said two women were able to pull the dog off Martinez, but it attacked again. An unidentified man, whom deputies suspect might be the dog's owner, was able to break off the attack, Solano said. After talking with Martinez at the hospital, deputies returned to the apartments and found the dog tied up in front of one of the buildings. There was no ID tag on the dog. Solano said deputies were investigating a report that the animal might have been bred for fighting, although there were no scratches or other fighting injuries on the dog, and the suspected owner denies this. ACCORDING TO PIT NUTTERS, THIS DOG JUST WANTED TO LICK HER TO DEATH.

March 16, 2010 An ordinary family afternoon turned to panic when Miguel Ibarra heard little Arianna’s screams and turned to see her being viciously attacked by a dog.While his other children watched in horror, he rushed over to aid his daughter, her head in the male pit bull’s mouth.The 32-year-old said he got the dog off Arianna only to be attacked himself.“He bit my finger and swallowed my finger. He was just chewing me up, biting me, until he got a hold of her stomach then he locked on her stomach and yanked her into the trampoline,” he recalled.“I was kicking him trying to get him to let go of her.”Ibarra said his 14-year-old daughter disregarded his yells to stay back and came to help, eventually making it possible to get Arianna free from the dog’s jaws.In the Friday afternoon attack at their home in the 900 block of Beta Street, Ibarra lost his finger and has numerous bite wounds to his legs.Released from a Lubbock hospital Tuesday afternoon, Arianna has 28 stitches in her legs alone and bite wounds, mostly on her lower body, from the attack.“She tells me, ‘You didn’t let me die, Daddy,'” he said, explaining the trauma and guilt of the situation is still with him.“I blame myself a lot for it. I could have helped her more ... I was scared.”Ibarra said the dog was a high-dollar male that belonged to his friend which he was keeping in his yard to breed to his female.Though he had told the children not to play in the yard alone, that day he thought it would be OK because he was there with them, feeding the dogs while the children jumped on the trampoline.Ibarra said he still doesn’t know what caused the attack. The kids were playing away from the dogs and nothing seemed to spark it.Prior to the attack, Ibarra said the male had been friendly and he had never shown any signs of aggression.“I’ve had them (pit bulls) all my life. I’ve never seen nothing like that,” he said. “I never thought that would happen to us... I don’t know what lit him up.”Clovis police Capt. Patrick Whitney said the incident is under investigation for statutes governing owning a vicious dog.The dog has been placed in a 10-day quarantine at the animal shelter for observation and will likely be euthanized if it’s determined to be a dangerous animal, he said. Wednesday is the fifth day of the quarantine.Ibarra said after what the family has experienced, the dogs (he has three of his own) are going to have to go.“My daughter (Arianna) asked me (to get rid of them) and I’m going to have to grant her wish,” he said. “I wouldn’t let a kid around a dog like that no more.”Efforts to contact the owner, Manuel Beolez, have been unsuccessful.Ibarra said he and Beolez have spoken about the incident and there are no hard feelings. He said they accept it as an unfortunate accident. NUTTERS HELPING NUTTERS AND INVESTIGATING NUTTERS, OH BOY!!

April 26, 2010 FATALITY ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Police are investigating another animal attack Monday where two pit bulls allegedly bit a miniature pinscher and its owner.Animal Control officials said two pit bulls are quarantined after a woman claimed they tried to eat her small dog and then turned on her."They started chasing us, and one of the dogs grabbed my little miniature pinscher and grabbed him out from my arm," said Loida Padilla.Loida Padilla said one of the dogs wouldn't let go.She said the bigger pit bull went to take a bigger bite out of her pet and at the same time bit her foot.Padilla will need stitches and her dog survived, although with multiple lacerations to its body."I was more scared for my dog than myself," said Padilla. "He's a little pinscher. What's he going to do against two big dogs?"The pit bulls are being held, for now, by the city, and authorities have contacted the owners.They face a number of charges including having a dangerous animal, having animals at large and not having a city license.The pit bull accused in Monday's attack is being held for 10 days. The other dog can be picked up by the owner.This is the second attack on a miniature pinscher in Albuquerque in the past three days. Sheriffs are continuing to investigate the death of a little dog on Saturday. A vet specialist said the wounds suffered by that pinscher were from an animal with a powerful jaw -- likely a pit bull.That pinscher had to be euthanized.Investigators believe a dog owned by Richard Jojola, a convicted felon on probation, may be responsible for that attack.Specialists are examining Jojola's pit bull to see if that dog's teeth match the wounds on the pinscher.Neighbors also reportedly told investigators that Jojola would often ask people in the area if they were interested in fighting their dog with his pit pull. IF THE DAMN NEIGHBORS HAD REPORTED HIM, THIS POOR DOG MIGHT STILL BE ALIVE.