Nov. 23, 2009 A Clearwater resident said he was bit by a roaming pit bull after trying to break up a dog fight this afternoon. The pit bull was involved in a fight with a mixed breed dog after getting loose in the 100 block of Carn Park Drive around 2:30 p.m., Officer Arthurs said. The man said he tried to break up the fight, and was bitten by the pit bull, Officer Arthurs said. GUESS THIS ONE DIDN'T GET CULLED.

Dec. 29, 2009 NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. -- A pit bull attacked a 5-year old girl in the backyard of a North Augusta home Monday, sending her to a local hospital.It happened on the 200 block of Ashley Circle in North Augusta while the girl was playing in the backyard with the pit bull dog, when things turned violent.The girl's 10-year-old step brother went outside and hit the dog multiple times trying to get the dog off the girl, but it didn't work.When it didn't work, he went inside and grabbed a knife before coming outside and stabbing the dog multiple times in the back, according to Sgt. Dave Myers from the Aiken County Sheriff's Office.The dog didn't come off the girl, so the boy went next door to Ricardo Hill's home to get help."The boy next door told me the kid was attacking his sister," Hill said. "So when I got over there the pit bull was on top of the baby. So my first instinct was to get him off so I got a folding chair and hit him."The dog then let go of the young girl's neck and ran out into the street bleeding, Hill said.The young girl suffered cuts to her neck and her face, but Hill said she is lucky to be alive because the dog's mouth was around her neck when he arrived.The animal survived the stabbing and was taken to Aiken County Animal Control because of the attack, according to authorities.The neighbor said the young boy played a big role in saving the little girl's life.Parents weren't at home when the attack happened and the girl reportedly doesn't reside at the North Augusta home, Hill said.Authorities said charges may be pending but they are looking into it. C'MON NUTTERS, LETS HEAR HOW THIS IS THE VICTIM'S FAULT.

Jan. 9, 2010 Spartanburg police shot and killed a pit bull Friday after the dog attacked two other dogs near Duncan Park.
Spartanburg Public Safety Animal Services responded to a vicious dog complaint at a Hudson Street residence about 12:05 p.m. The responding animal control officer observed a red pit bull with a white face known as Killer who had attacked a mixed breed named Spirit. According to the incident report, the animal control officer observed Killer attack another red pit bull as the officer tried to corral Killer. Police arrived to assist the animal control officer, and the report indicates that Killer began growling and showing its teeth as it became aggressive toward the animal control officer. Police then shot Killer with a 12-gauge shotgun. The report indicates that Spirit suffered a "broken and mangled" left leg and a large cut to its neck, and the second dog suffered cuts to its chest. WHAT AN APPROPRIATE NAME FOR A PIT

Jan 15, 2010 While at his grandmother's house in Rock Hill, a 7-year-old boy was attacked by a pit bull.
The incident happened around 5 p.m. Wednesday in the 900 block of Martin Street, according to a Rock Hill police report.Ravion Cunningham was playing with friends in a neighbor's yard when the dog got loose and attacked him and bit his face, said Barbara Cunningham, Ravion's grandma."His face is pretty tore up," Cunningham said. "His ear was hanging off."Ravion was transported to Piedmont Medical Center for his injuries. He's out of the hospital now but still in a lot of pain, Cunningham said.Police contacted the owner of the pit bull, who said she didn't know what happened and that the dog was back on his chain, the report states.The owner received a citation for violation of dog ordinance (vicious dog). The owner released the dog over to animal control."It's OK to have a dog, but you need to know where it's at at all times," Cunningham said. "I about lost my grandson." EVER NOTICED HOW NUTTERS CAN NEVER FIGURE OUT WHAT THEIR DOGS DO.

March 4, 2010 FATALITY LEE COUNTY, SC (WIS) - A woman caring for her neighbor's pit bull was killed on Thursday after the dog attacked her, according to Lee County deputies.Sheriff E.J. Melvin said the attack happened off Stokes Bridge Road near the town of Lucknow. Officials have so far not identified the woman.Melvin said the dog belonged to the woman's neighbor, and she and her husband were caring for the pit bull when it attacked both of them.The woman was killed in the attack. The husband has been transported to Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center in Hartsville, but Deputy Coroner Larry Logan did not know the extent of the man's injuries.Coroner Alfred Elmore says the State Law Enforcement Division is also involved in the investigation. So far it's unknown what will happen to the dog, or if its owner will face charges.Logan said he cannot release any more information until after SLED clears the scene.Pit bull attacks are not exactly uncommon in the Midlands, even when they don't result in death. In April 2009, different dogs attacked a Florence woman and a Sumter 10-year-old within a month of each other. The previous fall, a pit bull attacked a woman and her puppy, injuring her and killing her dog.But fatal attacks have also taken place in the Midlands, mainly on children. In 2007, a father was charged with involuntary manslaughter when his five pit bulls killed his 22-month-old child. Later that year, a two-year-old was attacked and killed after wandering into the fenced-in backyard. THINK THIS PLACE IS GETTING THE MESSAGE YET?

March 5, 2010 A pit bull jumped over a fence and bit a man walking down Jones Avenue, police say.
The 20-year-old Rock Hill man told police he and his girlfriend were walking their bikes down the road around 10:30 p.m. Thursday when they passed a house with several dogs in the yard. One of the dogs — a pit bull — kept running and barking at them. Then it jumped the fence and went after the man's girlfriend, the Rock Hill Police report states.The man told police the dog bit him on the right calf. He refused medical treatment. A person at the home took the dog inside. The caretaker told police the couple was "cursing at the dog," but the victim said they cussed at the dog after he was bitten.The caretaker said he was watching the dog for a friend who was not home. He was cited for violation of dog ordinance.Animal Control was called out and will quarantine the dog for 10 days. ADD CURSING TO THE LIST OF THINGS NOT TO DO AROUND PITS ALONG WITH BREATHING, SLEEPING, BURPING.

March 17, 2010
GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. -- At the Ridgeway home, two year old Roxie is like part of the family. The horse is usually the one with the appetite, but a few days ago, something else wanted a bite of her. "I came out to feed her about 8:00," says owner Dave Ridgeway. "I come down the driveway and around the curve and I see her soaking wet and two dogs following right behind her." By the time Ridgeway found his horse, it was too late. A pitbull had already attacked. "I ran in and grabbed a pistol and chased after them," he says. Roxie now has bites all over her body, covering her legs, nose, and side.Greenville County says the family did the right thing by calling animal control officers. They had 150 calls for animals bites last year alone. "She's in her own yard not bothering anybody," says Leslie Ridgeway. "These dogs come in and hurt her, and that's not fair." The Ridgeway's believe the dog belongs to neighbors. It was taken away, only to be returned a few days later. "Some people just come out and think they can let them go, and it's not the animal's fault."The family is going to put in an extra light and fencing to protect Roxie, but they wonder if that will keep the dogs away. "I got grandkids," says Dave Ridgeway. "If these dogs did this to a horse, think what they'd do to a child."Greenville County urges anyone that has a problem with a pitbull or other animal to call Animal Control. That number is (864) 467-7595. YOU DON'T HAVE TO THINK OF WHAT THEY DO TO CHILDREN, JUST PICK UP THE NEWSPAPER EVERYDAY AND READ FOR YOURSELF.

March 26, 2010 COLUMBIA -- Some Columbia neighbors are up in arms after a brutal dog attack on Thursday.After numerous alleged incidents, many are hoping this animal will be taken off the streets for good and their home will again become a safe place for families to walk the streets.Brad Muller lives in the Knollwood neighborhood of Columbia. Thursday afternoon, his family was attacked while walking down the street.Muller says that he got a call from his wife saying that she and their son had been attacked by a pitbull.He says his wife, mother-in-law and eight month old son were walking down the street when the animal attacked the child's stroller.The family tried to fight it off, but the dog grabbed her and took her shoe off. They ran to try to get away.WACH FOX News tried to speak with the owners of the dog. They declined to go on camera, but they did tell us this was the only incident of an attack.But neighbors say that's not the case.One area resident says he now has to carry a stick when he wants to take a walk outside.Muller, looking for answers as to why the dog is still running the streets, contacted his county councilman Norman Jackson.After hearing what happened, Jackson knew something had to be done."I'm not sure why this activity occurred or why this dog keeps getting out, hopefully some action will be taken" Jackson says.The dog was taken by Richland Animal Care late Friday. After an investigation, officials found that the dog and its owner had been involved in a previous incident in June of last year.The owner now faces charges carrying over $2,000. ANOTHER MULTIPLE MAULER ALLOWED TO DO IT AGAIN.

May 4, 2010 A Summerville woman was treated Monday at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital after her dog was attacked by another dog that slipped its collar near The Battery, police said. Lynn Milo said in a phone interview from the hospital that she was badly shaken by the incident but would be OK physically. She had scratches all over her body. She said her dog, a King Charles Spaniel, bit her on the nose when she tried to pull the larger dog away. Milo was walking on Church Street with her dog and two friends about 1:30 p.m. when the larger dog, described as a large American bulldog, charged from across the street."It had its teeth in my dog. My dog wound up biting me. We got dragged down the street," Milo said. "It was awful."Milo, 62, said the attack happened two blocks from The Battery. She was released from the hospital later Monday but may require cosmetic surgery on her nose, her husband, Bill Milo said. The King Charles Spaniel was being treated by a veterinarian and would be OK, Lynn Milo said. Her husband said the dog required stitches. During the attack, a construction worker on Church Street tried to pry the jaws of the larger dog open "as they were all getting pulled down the street," Bill Milo said. EMS treated the dog and the woman at the scene, police said. Police charged Nikki Graybill, 27, and Richard Worley, both of South Battery, with having a vicious animal. Graybill told police that she was walking the dog, which belongs to Worley. The dog was placed in quarantine for 10 days. It was up to date on its vaccinations, police said. AMERICAN BULLDOG, JUST ANOTHER NAME FOR A PIT BULL.

May 26, 2010 FATALITIES A Conway woman was cited after police determined her dog had killed seven cats in a neighbor’s yard, according to a police report.Amber Nichole Tucker, 18, was cited for allowing her dog to kill other animal and was released on $700 bail, according to a police report.A 41-year-old man who lived a block away told police he saw the pit bull dog kill three cats and three kittens, according to the report. When the officer arrived the dog had a cat in its mouth. The cat later died.The dog was not aggressive toward police, who took it into custody, and Tucker told police she did not know the dog had gotten out of a fenced area, according to the report. 18 YEAR OLD NUTTER STARTING EARLY.

June 3, 2010 FORT MILL, S.C. -- A pit bull is in quarantine after police said it bit a 3-year-old boy.Trenton Honeycutt spent 3 1/2 hours in surgery at Carolinas Medical Center Main after he was bitten on the face and ear last Friday.Honeycutt’s mother, Teresa Myers, said they were visiting friends at a mobile home park in Fort Mill when the dog bit him.“It breaks my heart,” she said. “Just watching it happen broke my heart."Myers said Trenton was playing with the dog, which weighs about 75 pounds, when it suddenly bit his face and ear. The dog bit a chunk of skin off the boy’s face and ripped off part of his ear.A friend rushed over to help when he saw the attack.“When I seen the dog grab a hold of his face, I ran up and struck the dog on the top of the head and it let go,” James Howerton said. “And I grabbed him."The dog's owner agreed to let officers keep the animal in quarantine for 10 days.Myers, however, doesn’t think that’s enough. She said she wants the dog put down.“There's a lot of kids that live where this dog is,” she said. “If it's not [my child,] it could be another kid that this happens to.” ANOTHER ISABOO TAKING OFF AN EAR.