Nov. 19, 2009 There was a serious problem pawing at the monthly Village of Hempstead Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday. A resident was irritable about a stray pit bull that’s been terrorizing the people of Ingraham Estates. Kim Cragnolin, a resident of the neighborhood for more than 20 years, spoke to the trustees about the stray pit bull that had attacked him last week while he was walking his dog. Cragnolin is the vice president of the Ingrham Estates Civic Association, and had to fight off the dog he said weighed about 100 pounds. “I had to beat him off with a metal club that I grabbed off the street, and my dog was biting it in the leg, but it took a few hits with the club to get him to stop,” said Cragnolin. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE SAFE WALKING OUR DOGS!!!!

Dec. 5, 2009 Syracuse, NY -- A 5-year-old Syracuse girl, whose mother was at work, was attacked Friday night by a pit bull while she was watched by her uncle, Syracuse police said.
Leah Jefferson, daughter of Iona Mobley of 144 Dawes Ave., was bitten on the right arm, suffering a dozen puncture wounds on her arm and shoulder, police said. She was taken to University Hospital, where doctors told police she may need surgery to repair muscle damage. He said the girl had been around the dog before and never had problems with it, police records states. MORE LIFE ALTERING INJURIES FOR YET ANOTHER CHILD TO LIVE WITH.

Dec. 20, 2009
MILTON -- A man had to shoot a pit bull twice to keep it from attacking a woman and her dog, Saratoga County sheriff's deputies said. Just after 4 p.m. Friday, a neighbor's pit bull-boxer mix dog attacked a dog owned by Lori Polerstock of 97 Greenfield Ave. Polerstock tried to pull the two dogs apart, but the pit bull began to attack her, puncturing her left forearm and wrist, deputies said. A neighbor, Dave Cook, came to Polerstock's aid, and began repeatedly punching the dog with his fist. The dog did not relent and Cook retrieved a rifle from his truck and shot the dog, deputies said. The dog continued and Cook shot again, forcing the dog back to its residence. The pit bull belonged to Polerstock's neighbor, Adriane Rickson, of 95 Greenfield Avenue. She was cited by the Milton animal control officer for allowing a dog to run at large and for having an unlicensed dog, deputies said. Polerstock was taken by hospital to Saratoga Hospital for treatment and Cook was going to seek assistance for a possible broken right hand. Both dogs received emergency veterinary treatment and are expected to recover. TWO MORE PEOPLE SPORTING INJURIES FOR XMAS.

Jan. 6, 2010 Two narcotics cops were wounded by bullet fragments last night after a third officer shot a pit bull that attacked them in a Bronx apartment. Neither suffered life-threatening injuries.

Feb. 11, 2010 RACHAEL RAY'S PIT Peppy television host Rachael Ray has been dealing with a family crisis – her beloved dog Isaboo has been attacking dogs while out on walks and she fears he may have to be put to sleep.Isaboo is the pit bull that has appeared on her show and whom she calls her “baby,” but the dog has had five incidents of violence with other dogs. The brown and white dog becomes aggressive even when on a leash and being walked by a dog handler.The latest incident with her dog occurred in early February in New York City when Isaboo lashed out and ripped off another dog’s ear! According to an exclusive report in the National Enquirer, the dogs and their handlers were walking by each other in Greenwich Village when the attack occurred. “As the other dog walked by, Isaboo lashed out so quickly and ripped the other dog’s ear off before its handler could pull it away.”The good news is that a vet was reportedly able to save some of the dog’s ear, but the bad news is Rachael is devastated by her dog’s aggressive behavior which may escalate causing Isaboo to harm another dog, child or adult.Rachael’s husband, attorney John Cusimano, immediately contacted the owners of the dog Isaboo attacked, and offered to pay for all the medical bills and any additional costs incurred from the incident.Isaboo was in a fight with another dog three years ago, and when Rachael intervened she received a painful gash on her hand. After this latest incident a source said “Rachel calls Isaboo her baby,' but after the latest dog fight, she’s living in fear that her pet will have to be put down.”The dog’s owner refused to confirm or deny the incident to and John are considering using a muzzle on the dog and getting additional training for their pit bull. “While she loves the dog, she can’t help worrying about what would happen if Isaboo attacked a person,” said the source. GUESS THE NUTTERS WILL TAKE HER NAME OFF THEIR CELEBRITY LIST OF PIT OWNERS, HUH?????

Feb. 15, 2010 — A Niagara Falls Police officer suffered multiple dog bites in an attack by a pitbull in the 2000 block of Grand Avenue on Monday morning.Another officer killed the dog with a single gunshot.Officers William Kutis and Phillip Tripi had been dispatched to 2018 Grand Ave. on a report of a possible burglary in progress. When they arrived on the scene, Kutis approached the front door of the home and began to speak with a woman who lived there.As Kutis was talking to the woman, and Tripi came up the front porch steps of the home, a 90-pound pitbull burst through the front door, raced past Kutis and jumped on Tripi, knocking him back down the stairs. On the ground, Tripi wrestled with the dog as its owner tried to stop it from attacking. In a report, filed later, Tripi wrote about what happened.“This writer managed to get into a kneeling position and held the dog in an upright position,” Tripi wrote. “Upon holding the dog up, the writer repeatedly shouted at Officer Kutis to shoot the dog. At the time of my last yell, the dog bit me in the left hand then stayed still long enough for Officer Kutis to fire and strike (the dog) in the lower neck, immediately disabling the dog.”The dog died moments later. Tripi suffered eight bite wounds to his left arm, hand and leg and his right hand. He was taken to Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital where he was treated for his wounds and later released.Officers then found out that they were not looking for a burglary suspect, but for an ex--boyfriend of a resident of the house who had refused to leave home. Several hours later, the suspect, Milton L. Daniels IV, 21, 1715 Niagara St. Apt. 3, turned himself in at police headquarters.Daniels was charged with second-degree criminal trespass.Police Superintendent John Chella said Tripi’s injuries did not appear to be serious, but there were concerns about the health of the pitbull before it was shot dead.“While the officers were looking for the suspect, the dog’s owners took it to the (Tuscarora Indian) reservation and buried it,” Chella said. “With the help of Lewiston Police and the SPCA we were able to recover the (dog’s) body and it’s now at the (Niagara County) health department for testing.”Chella said investigators want to make sure the dog was not rabid. MAYBE THE PIT ISN'T RABID, THE NUTTER OWNER ALWAYS IS.

March 18, 2010 chemung county The Chemung County Health Department is looking for two pit bulls involved in separate biting incidents this week in Elmira.
The first incident occurred on the city's Southside.
A brown pit bull running loose with no collar on Tuesday bit a student on the 800 block of Broadway after school, the department said.
A black pit bull, also not wearing a collar and running loose, bit someone about 10:30 a.m. Thursday on West Gray Street near Hoffman Street.
The county Health Department asked anyone who owns the dogs or has any information about them to call the department office at (607) 737-2019 or (607) 737-2044, after hours.
If the dogs are healthy, the bite victims can avoid rabies shots. PUNISH THE DEED AGAIN BUT NO OWNERS.

April 2, 2010 MAYVILLE - The Chautauqua County Health Department is trying to find the owner of a dog that bit a boy while he was riding his bike near Fredonia on Wednesday, March 31.
Mark Stow, Director of Environmental Health Services, reports that a 12-year-old boy was riding his bike with friends on West Main Street (Route 20) on the Canadaway Creek Bridge at approximately 3:50 P.M. when the incident took place. The boy was trying to get around a man who was walking his dog when the dog lunged at the boy and bit his calf. Following the incident, the man, who had the dog on a leash, continued walking toward downtown Fredonia.The man is described as approximately 20 years old, 5'7" - 5'8" wearing long black shorts with chains on them, black shirt, black hat, long hair and bangs down to the eyes. The dog was described as being brown and black and appeared to be a pit bull mix.Health Department officials need to find the owner to ensure that the dog is immunized against rabies. Anyone with information is asked to please call the Chautauqua County Health Department at (716) 366-8831 or the Fredonia Police Department at (716) 679-1531.The Health Department reminds pet owners that New York state law requires all dogs, cats and domesticated ferrets be vaccinated against rabies at three months of age. The initial rabies vaccination is valid for one year and subsequent booster vaccinations are valid for three years. Health Department staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help anyone who may have been exposed to pet bites or suspected rabid animals or who has questions about the disease. Rabies vaccination clinic information, as well as routine questions and requests for information, can also be obtained at , or by calling (716) 753-4481 during normal business hours. After hours, residents with urgent inquiries can call the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office at 716-753-4232. PIT NUTTERS DON'T CARE IF A CHILD HAS TO HAVE RABIES TREATMENTS, NUTTERS NEVER GET VACCINATIONS.

April 4, 2010
A Brooklyn couple watched in horror Sunday as their pet pit bull suddenly snapped and viciously mauled their 20-month-old son.The usually docile dog suddenly turned on little Elliot Korenblyun, sinking its teeth into the helpless tot's face inside the family's apartment in Bensonhurst."I don't understand how this happened," said mom Olga Volovnik, 24, her clothes covered in blood from cradling the baby. "She suddenly attacked the baby, and then we were fighting to get her off."The boy's dad, Eugene Korenblyun, said he believes the dog was trying to defend Volovnik, who had raised her voice, and decided to attack."We can't understand how this happened," he said. "Our dog has never attacked anyone."The brutal attack left the boy with wounds that required reconstructive surgery to both sides of his face."Luckily, his eyes were saved," the dad said inside the boy's hospital room.Elliot's face was bleeding profusely when a Fire Department emergency medical technician carried him out of his apartment, wrapped in a white blanket, an FDNY source said.The boy's horrified mother followed the paramedic outside the family's 86th St. apartment building.Elliot was taken to Lutheran Medical Center following the 12:50 p.m. attack.Child 'looked terrible'A neighbor who declined to give her name said she heard Elliot's mother scream for help after the 3-year-old female pit bull pounced on her son. The neighbor said Elliot "looked terrible" and had skin "hanging off" his face."I'm in shock," said family friend Annette Iacono, 43. "That dog was so protective of the baby from the day he was born. That dog was such a good dog. She was so calm."It was unclear exactly what caused the dog to snap, but a police source said it appeared the dog attacked the boy after a family squabble caused the animal to become agitated.Iacono said Elliot's mom had recently developed an allergy to the dog and had asked her to try to find a new home for the pit bull.The pit bull was taken to Animal Care & Control of New York City.Spokesman Richard Gentles said officials will monitor the dog's behavior before deciding its fate.Lisa Waheeb, 43, who is dating Elliot's uncle, said she was stunned when a family member called her with news of the sickening attack."I was going to spend Easter with the family," she said, dumbfounded. "Elliot is a beautiful, beautiful boy. He's an angel."Police said there was a second pit bull attack in the city yesterday.A 28-year-old Queens man was bitten by his pet pooch and was in stable condition at New York Hospital Queens, police said. ANOTHER BIG DAY FOR THE NANNY DOGS.

April 4, 2010 AMSTERDAM -- A family dog is in SPCA custody tonight after biting a 7-month old boy.Police say the boy is at Albany Medical Sunday night. He was transported from St. Mary's Hospital in Amsterdam as a precaution.Police say the child's wounds are not life threatening. He suffered a bite by his left ear and a puncture wound by his eye.Police say the pit bull has been with the family for over 10 years. According to the family, there has never been any signs of aggression toward the family's three children.Investigators are still searching for vaccination records for the pet.The Department of Health has been notified. NANNY DOG STILL AT IT.

April 8, 2010 FATALITY Days and dogs. The two have something in common.They're unpredictable.An unpredictable dog recently intruded into the lives of one family. It made for an unpredictable day."My aunt's husband went to take the pomeranian, Chizie, for a walk. Now, the owner, who was my grandmother, just died four days prior to this happening," said Brenda Fred.The man, Robert Rodriguez, was walking Chizie near the former home of Fred's grandmother on Second and Robin Streets in Dunkirk."He walked the dog around the corner," Fred said, "and as he was walking, a pit bull came out of a house and grabbed the dog."The much-larger pit bull attacked Chizie. The pomeranian was defenseless against the pit bull's strength. Rodriguez did what he could to try to pull the pit bull off of Chizie, attempting to save the small dog.Eventually, Rodriguez managed to rip the pit bull off of the pomeranian, but it was too late. Chizie was dead."He grabbed the pit bull's chain - there was a chain attached to the dog - and opened the door to the house and put the dog inside," Fred said. "He pounded on the door for someone to come help him, but there was nobody there. How the dog got out of the house, I don't know."We lost our grandmother, and now, we've lost her dog," she added. "My grandma has him now up in heaven, but it's just heart-breaking how it happened."The owner of the pit bull signed the animal over to the authorities, and the pit bull was euthanized, confirmed Dunkirk Police Chief David Ortolano.After an investigation, Dunkirk Police found that the dog was on a chain attached to the front porch. The pit bull attacked the pomeranian after it broke free from the chain.No charges were filed against the owner because the dog had been chained, Ortolano said."We have dangerous dog laws. We have running-at-large laws and leash laws, things of that sort," the chief said. "An owner could be charged, depending on the circumstances of each case."Ortolano explained the dangerous dog law."Depending on the severity of the case or depending on the exact circumstances of the incident, we file - what is called - a dangerous dog complaint with the city clerk, and then, the evidence is presented to Judge (Walter) Drag," Ortolano said. "He determines whether the animal is a danger to the community or not."Then, at that time, he can put any stipulations on the owner of the animal that he feels necessary for the public safety."Stipulations could include mandated muzzling, fencing, or euthanasia, among other things.In this case, involving Chizie and the pit bull, rather than going through a dangerous-dog-complaint hearing in court, the owner relinquished the animal to be euthanized, Ortolano said.It's no secret that pit bulls have a bad reputation, and incidents, such as this one, often cause people to call on their governments to ban specific dog breeds.However, the pit bull advocates, who manage, use the catch phrase, "Punish the deed, not the breed."The city of Dunkirk has no breed-specific legislation. New York is one of a number of states that currently prohibits breed-specific legislation, according to they tend to be aggressive and active, pit bulls are not the only breed to have attacked another animal, or even a person."Dogs - in general, not specific to this community but any community -you could have a pit bull, as well as a pomeranian, that could bite somebody," Ortolano said. "Obviously, the larger, weight-wise, a dog is, you would be more concerned because they can be more overpowering."But that's not to say that a 20-pound dog would not bite someone versus a 70-pound dog biting someone."The weight issue is especially of concern with children. A large dog would have no problem overpowering a small child."If people own large-breed dogs, they really have to make sure that they have control of them," Ortolano said.This pit bull attack is not the first to happen in the city. In fact, it's not even the first to happen to a dog in Brenda Fred's family.In 2002, Fred's dog - a pomeranian named Sparky - was in her backyard on Lincoln Avenue when it was attacked and killed by a pit bull, she said.Even after living through these two tragic attacks, she is not an advocate of banning pit bulls. She is, however, an advocate for responsible ownership of large dogs."Those owners that have pit bulls need to know what they're doing," Fred said. "When it happened to my dog in 2002, I was throwing a big fit. I was like, 'You know what? Muzzle your dog.' If you're going to walk your dog, put a muzzle on it. You believe that your dog doesn't have issues, but what will it do to small, helpless dog?"They need to be careful with them," she added.

May 19, 2010
Two women were hospitalized after a pair of pit bulls mauled them Tuesday morning, Lackawanna police reported.The attack began at about 9:40 a.m., when the pit bulls escaped from a kennel in an unfenced backyard on Holland Avenue, Lackawanna Police Capt. Joseph E. Leo said.It's not clear how the dogs, a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old, escaped, Leo said.The dogs' owner wasn't home but his sister was trying to corral the dogs and return them to their kennel when the younger dog attacked her, the police captain said.The sister, who is 26, suffered puncture wounds to both arms and a large bite wound to her right leg.When a 45-year-old woman who lives across the street heard the sister's screams, she went to the yard to help and was attacked by both dogs, Leo said.The neighbor suffered a large facial wound along with puncture wounds to her head and face and large bite wounds to both legs.Lackawanna firefighters were able to separate the dogs from the neighbor before their owner came home and was able to get them under control, Leo said.The women, whose names were not released, were taken to Mercy Hospital.The pit bulls are in quarantine for 10 days in the custody of the city's animal control officer and a decision on their fate will be made at that time, Leo said.
It wasn't immediately clear what charges have been filed against their owner. HOW ABOUT A CHARGE OF STUPIDITY OF A PIT NUTTER??