Nov. 16, 2009
http://www.wsmv.com/news/21624393/detail.html The woman did not want Channel 4 to reveal her name. She is a registered nurse who said she was attacked by two pit bulls while she walked along Highway 53 Saturday. She says the dogs bit her legs and arms for several minutes. The woman said the dogs' owner managed to pull one of the animals off of her, but could not free her from the other dog. She said several cars stopped and saw the attack happen, but only one person got out to help. AND AS USUAL WHEN THE POLICE ARRIVED THE OWNER AND THE DOGS WERE GONE. ARE ALL PIT OWNERS COWARDS?

Dec. 8, 2009 USED AS WEAPON
http://www.murfreesboropost.com/bondsman-shoots-attacking-pit-bull-cms-20817 An aggravated assault charge is pending against a man who turned his pit bull dog onto a bondsman trying to serve warrants on the man’s brothers Monday on Old Woodbury Highway, a sheriff’s deputy reported.Bondsman Edward Lee Parker Jr. of Cumberland Bail Bonds said he shot the dog in self-defense, Deputy Trent Givens reported. He shot the dog through the jowl with the round passing through the dog’s bottom jaw. The owner put the dog on its chain.When Givens arrived, he called Animal Control officers to check on the dog’s welfare.Parker said when he arrived to serve the warrants, the brother cursed Parker and threatened to release the dog on him. The dog was chained in the back yard. The brother unchained the dog and antagonized the animal, encouraging it to attack Parker who warned he would shoot the dog.“At this point, the dog ran full speed towards Mr. Parker,” Givens reported. “As the dog was running toward him, he was braking and acting very aggressively.”Parker fired two rounds from his Glock handgun, striking the dog. The bondsman indicated he would obtain arrest warrants against the brother to charge him with aggravated assault. NUTTERS DON'T NEED GUNS, THEY HAVE THEIR WIGGLY BUTTS.

Dec. 21, 2009 TWO FATALITIES
http://www.wrcbtv.com/Global/story.asp?S=11713235 Hixson, TN (WRCB) -- After being attacked by two pitbull dogs, Sandra Ogle is thankful to be alive.Last Tuesday she was sitting on her couch with her two dachshunds, Misty May and CoCo Bear, when she says the downstairs tenant, Shawn Gibson, forgot to shut the kitchen door.Suddenly two pitbulls ran through that door and attacked Ogle and her two dogs. She said once she was free from one dog she ran to help her dachshunds but it was too late.She showed Eyewitness News the cuts and bite marks on her hands and scalp.She said two contractors were outside as she screamed for help.The dogs lived in a cage downstairs. Ogle says they mostly ran around the back yard.There were muddy paw prints that covered back doors.Ogle said the empty bed where the dachshunds once laid, pales in comparison to the emptiness she feels without her two favorite dogs.We did some digging and learned there is no ordinance against owning pitbulls in Hamilton County, but owners must abide by the state's leash law.Signal Mountain is one of the few cities in our area that has pit bull ordinance.Ogle said she has talked with a legal counsel about filing a law suit against Mr. Gipson.No charges are expected to be filed. WAS JUST SITTING IN HER OWN HOUSE, ARE WE SAFE ANY WHERE???

Dec. 24, 2009
http://www.herald-citizen.com/index.cfm?event=news.view&id=C0D8FD06-19B9-E2E2-67405A77F630315F COOKEVILLE -- An eight-year-old boy suffered extensive injuries on Wednesday in an attack by a pit bull which had been given to his brother as a Christmas present, police said. It happened at 7:45 p.m. Dec. 23 at a residence on Julia Drive, but police declined to disclose the identity of the victim or his family. Cookeville Police Officer Myke Green was called to the hospital emergency room after the injured child was brought there, and Animal Control Officer Danny Lindsey was sent to the Julia Drive home to investigate.Officer Green said when he arrived at the emergency room, he talked to the victim's father and also saw the child, who had blood "about his neck and chest area," the report says. "I asked the father what happened and he said his older son (a teenager) had received a pit bull mixed dog for a Christmas present from his mom, and even though the teenager does not live with the father, the father was keeping the dog at his house for the time being."The dog was being kept in the basement "so as not to have the kids around it," the father told the officer. But the younger child went to the basement and the dog attacked him, the father said. The older boy had come running to his father and told him the dog "had (the child) down," the report says. The father ran to the basement and saw that the dog had the child down on the stairs "with its mouth at the back of the child's neck," the report says. The father pulled the dog off the child and rushed the child to the emergency room. Animal Control Officer Lindsey removed the dog from the home and took it to the animal shelter, where it was to be destroyed and tested for rabies, Officer Green said. "The injuries to the child were rather extensive and pictures were taken by hospital employees," the report says. Detective Sgt. Tammy Goolsby is investigating. MAMA WAS TOLD THIS IS A "NANNY" DOG!!!

Dec. 24, 2009
http://www.murfreesboropost.com/pit-bull-dog-bites-two-brothers-cms-21053 Neighbors saved two brothers from being mauled by a pit bull dog Monday afternoon near the home, a sheriff’s deputy reported. Brothers David Isacc Smotherman, 12, and his brother, Zebulan, 8, of Cotton Court were playing football outside on Rabbit Road when a pit bull attacked them, Deputy Elias Hernandez reported. The pit bull bit David on his right hand, breaking the skin.“The dog then attacked 8-year-old Zebulan, knocking him to the ground,” Hernandez reported. “The dog then bit him on the left buttock and again on the right arm above the elbow.”Neighbors Julianna Oberkirsch and her son got the dog away from the children.The boys’ mother told Hernandez she planned to take her sons to the emergency room for treatment. Animal Control officers will follow up with the owner. IT'S NANNY DOG AGAIN!!!

Jan. 6, 2010
http://www.wsmv.com/news/22150560/detail.html COLUMBIA, Tenn. -- The Maury County Sheriff's Department is investigating one of its own on allegations of shooting a dog.The pit bull-Dalmatian mix Baby Girl is going to make it. Her owner, Teresa Bowman, told Channel 4's news partners at the Columbia Daily Herald that Baby Girl wandered onto her neighbor's property -- the home of Deputy Joseph Seabolt.A detective said Baby Girl was fighting with the deputy's dog, so he used a birdshot to get her away.No charges have been filed. WHAT A DUMB DOG AND DUMB OWNER.

Jan 26, 2010 FATALITY
http://www.newschannel5.com/Global/story.asp?S=11885617 CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. - Ben Fendley heard a commotion outside his Clarksville home on Saturday afternoon. When he looked outside a neighbor's Pit Bull had his Jack Russell Terrier in its mouth. Fendley rushed outside to see what he could do. "By the time I had gotten there the Pit Bull picked our small dog up in his mouth and took off towards his yard," explained Fendley. The dog made it several houses down on Idaho Springs Road. Fendley was too late to be much of a help to Corey, the Jack Russell."I reached down and grabbed him by the back of the neck, tried to get him to let go of my dog. He didn't. I eventually dragged both of the dogs to the front of the house and tried to holler to see if anyone was there," said Fendley. Fendley eventually got Corey out of the Pit Bull's mouth and started to run back toward his house. "He [the Pit Bull] began to follow us and I mean all the way to my back door, biting and nipping," said Fendley. The Pit Bull did catch Fendley's elbow, leaving shallow bite marks. The news was not as good for Corey. "He was in really, really bad shape and he actually died 10 minutes after that," said Fendley. The dog attack victim did get a phone call from the Pit Bull's owner Earl Hines. "They seemed pretty sincere and apologetic about it," said Fendley. This was not the first time Fendley has had trouble with Hines's dogs. Six years ago they attacked his family horses. The Pit Bull has to be in quarantine for ten days following the attack. Montgomery County Animal Control has not yet notified Fendley that the dog was rabies free. TYPICAL NUTTER LETS HIS DOG DO IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Feb. 15, 2010
http://www.wsmv.com/news/22570205/detail.html?taf=nash# A 4-year-old girl is recovering from injuries she sustained after she was bitten in the face by a pit bull on Feb. 10.According to the Manchester Times, Kalin Gurdak received nearly 58 stitches at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville.Police said the child was bitten at her mother's apartment. The child's mother, Brandi Gurdak, said she was in the kitchen cooking while Kalin and the dog were in the front part of the apartment.She said she heard barking and screaming and ran to her daughter to pull the dog off of Kalin.Brandi's boyfriend, Gregory Dixon, had been keeping the dog for a friend and is now facing charges of reckless endangerment and filing a false police report.After the attack, Dixon is accused of telling police that he had killed the dog, but had actually taken the animal to another location."I don't place the blame on (Dixon.) It's our fault for having the dog in there. Now, she's the one who has to suffer from it," said Brandi Gurdak.Doctors are hoping Kalin's wound won't leave a scar. They said they are prepared to do plastic surgery if necessary. HOW DO YOU TELL A PIT NUTTER IS LYING, THEIR MOUTH IS MOVING.

Feb. 16, 2010
http://www.wsmv.com/news/22586858/detail.html LOBELVILLE, Tenn. -- Zeke Cummings is concerned for his daughter, 6-year- old Trinity. The first- grade student is in Childrens Hospital in stable condition after a vicious mauling by a neighbors pit bull on monday.Trinity was discovered just a few feet from her home by her older sister. Trinity's ear was bitten off, she also had multiple puncture wounds. Trinity's father recalls seeing his little girl bloodied when she was carried into the house."We tried to look for her ear in the snow that they might sew it back on, it was gone-- the dog ate her ear," he said.Cummings 16- year- old son killed the two year old pit bull with his fathers gun. Cummings said it will take surgery to reconstruct Trinity's ear.Doctors will evaluate the girl's arm because of nerve damage. ATE HER EAR!!!! AND NUTTERS CLAIM THESE ARE "NANNY" DOGS.

Feb. 25, 2010
http://www.wrcbtv.com/Global/story.asp?S=12046547 CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Two stray dogs will be put down after attacking four people in East Lake.All four attacks happened this week, prompting animal control officers to launch a search for the dogs.Both dogs are a pit bull mix. One was captured earlier this week using a cage, the other was tranquilized and caught today.McKamey officials say this is the second time this year they have been called to remove a pack of dogs in East Lake."Usually it's not a case of someone releasing a dog that is their pet," said Karen Walsh with McKamey Animal Center, "but rather abandoning them or abandoning a litter and the little running loose in the area."The two dogs will be quarantined for 10 days to make sure they do not have rabies.Both will be euthanized.McKamey officials urge anyone who sees an aggressive stray dog to not approach the animal and call for help. HERE WE GO AGAIN WITH PUNISH THE DEED, HOW????

March 17, 2010
http://blogs.cars.com/kickingtires/2010/03/dog-subdued-after-attacking-four-cars.html Police in Chattanooga, Tenn., had to use pepper spray and a Taser to subdue a 3-year-old pit bull after it attacked four cars, including two police cars.
What’s even more amazing is the damage this dog, Winston, managed to do. After chewing into the tires, he managed to tear the bumper off one of the squad cars. Winston’s owner, Nancy Emerling, told reporters she was surprised the police did not shoot her dog. She went on to say that Winston had never shown that kind of aggression toward anything other than “lawn equipment” and that she thinks the police car’s strobing blue lights or possibly the radar gun might have set him off.
Emerling was cited for allowing Winston to escape his two-fence enclosure. Winston is being held at the McKamey Animal Center, where animals involved in bite cases or other legal cases are kept. He has yet to show any signs of aggression since arriving there.The case is scheduled to go before a city court judge on March 25. IF THEY CAN DO THIS TO A CAR, IMAGINE WHAT AN ATTACK FEELS LIKE.

April 11, 2010
http://www.wreg.com/news/wreg-pit-bull-mauling-story,0,7214889.story (North Shelby County, TN 04/11/2010) An 8-year-old girl is at Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center recovering after she is mauled by a pit bull.The child was getting ready for her birthday party when the dog attacked.Neighbors are concerned the dog may be able to return to the neighborhood.Kim Shreve may have saved a little girl's life with a garden tool. She used it to fend off a pit bull's vicious attack of 8-year-old Hailey King.Hailey is in Le Bonheur with deep bite marks all over her body.She's had surgery to repair her shoulder.There are also wounds to her arms, legs and face."The little girl she was balled up like in a fetal position. The dog had her by the shoulder and right arm and she was covered in blood," said Kim Shreve, neighbor."I love children and this is the worst thing in the world that could have happened to me. If I was here, I would have ended up killing my own dog," said Latoya Redwing, dog's owner.The dog's owner says the pit bull was chained to a tree. He broke the collar while she was away from home.She says her dog, Spike, is not a vicious animal but is often teased and taunted by neighborhood kids. She believes that's why he lashed out.Redwing said, "They've got this thing that they do where they try to prove they're not scared of him."She added, "What they do is they come and they throw stuff, rocks, bricks, whatever they can."Neighbors are concerned after a 10 day quarantine the dog may be able to return to his home, if animal control officers think his temperament is right.Shreve said, "My question would be, if Hailey hadn't made it, there would be no question about bringing him or putting the dog down."Redwing says it's not her call if the animal shelter decides to put him to sleep or let him live. We asked would she take him back."No, he won't be coming back here," said Redwing.Hailey's mother hopes the owner keeps her word and doesn't allow the dog to return.She fears if he does come back, what happened to her little girl could happen again.The dog's owner has not been cited with any violations but that doesn't mean she couldn't eventually face some type of fine or punishment for the actions of her dog. NUTTER BLAMING THE VICTIM AGAIN.

May 4, 2010
http://www.t-g.com/story/1631820.html Shelbyville Police Department's drug dog was injured Saturday when attacked by another dog while off duty, officers said.
Remy was being walked on a sidewalk beside Shelbyville Mills Road by Bruce Nelson, husband of his handler, officer Tracey Nelson, when a pit bull ran from a yard and attacked, Lt. Richard Blanton's report said. Three bite marks were left in Remy's right front leg at his shoulder and Bruce Nelson suffered a bite to a finger while trying to separate the dogs, police said. Remy was treated by a veterinarian and the pit bull was taken to the Shelbyville animal shelter by animal control officer Rusty Sartain for observation due to questions about its vaccination status, Blanton said. The pit bull's owner, Luis Gomez, was cited for having a dog running at large, police said. AGAIN, HOW DOES THIS FIGURE IN WITH BEST FIENDS BSL COSTS?

May 12, 2010
http://www.myeyewitnessnews.com/news/local/story/Pint-Sized-Protector-5-Year-Old-Boy-Helps-Sister/s7F6Lp23V0elnPNMMVbcHQ.cspx MEMPHIS, TN – Three year-old Danyelle was attacked by a pit bull two doors down from her home. It’s an attack that’s left her scared and bruised, with marks across her neck, arm and face. If it weren’t for grandpa Ike and big brother Devin, things could’ve been much worse. “They bit my sister and me. And I was trying to get away from the dog,” Devin tells myEyewitnessNews.comIke Isom was doing lawn work. His grandchildren were a few doors down when he saw three dogs across the street, including a pit bull. He says that’s when the pit made a beeline for Danyelle. “There was blood, all on the ground. It happened so fast.” That’s when five year-old Devin jumped on his sister to shield her as their grandfather fought the dog off.According to a police report, the dog was not on a leash – a clear violation of the city’s leash law. The dog’s owner was issued a citation.As for Devin, he learned a lot about family and responsibility. At just five years-old, he says he was just doing what any big brother should. “So she won’t get hurt or get hit. Let your sisters be happy and they’ll be proud of you.” THEY ARE ALL SO LUCKY.

June 4, 2010
http://www.volunteertv.com/home/headlines/95637889.html KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A dog attack this afternoon left a pitt bull dead, and two men injured in a north Knox County neighborhood.Billy Lee and his dog were strolling down Barberry Drive when a neighbor's pit bull attacked."I was taking him for a walk down the street, and I didn't know there was another dog come up behind me," said Lee. "I heard mine started yelping, and I turned around, and he had a hold of mine's ear."Investigators said the dog bit one man, and then came for Lee. "Bit me on the arm, and the finger. I wasn't worrying about me. I was just worrying about my dog," he said.A sheriff's deputy witnessed that attack and shot the dog. "Yeah it was sad," said Lee. "I didn't want the dog to die, but I wasn't worrying about that one, I was just worrying about my dog.""You always hate to hear about anybody getting hurt, or an animal getting hurt," said Tim Adams of the Young Williams Animal Center. "Unfortunately, in most cases it can be avoided."For pet owners, Young Williams recommends you keep your animal on a leash at all times. If another animal approaches you, use your head. "Common sense is a great guide. If it's an animal you don't know, and you aren't sure about you need to move slowly. You need to talk softly. Probably not make direct eye contact."Along the Cherokee Boulevard greenway, dog walkers and runners alike have their own suggestions."If you don't want your dog hurt, or your dog to hurt somebody else, it's just best, safe for everybody to keep it on a leash," said Lacy Sams, who does not have a pet. "I hope that people will be responsible with their dog, and know their dog well enough to know how it is going to behave and then, act accordingly," said Carrie Branch, a dog owner. IF ONLY NUTTERS KNEW ABOUT THEIR DOGS, THEY WOULDN'T HAVE THEM.

June 4, 2010
http://www.wreg.com/news/wreg-pit-bull-attacks-13-year-old,0,7828864.story (Memphis 06/04/2010) At first glance, the female pit bull in front of 1930 North Graham seemed friendly, but moments later it went charging at an animal control officer.
Neighbors believe that's the way the dog attacked a 13-year-old boy.
"I saw a little boy yelling, laying in the middle of the street with a dog on top of him and I said do something the little boy is being attacked," said Sarah Leamon."It was a terrible dog roaring, biting the boy, the boy was screaming and the dog was eating him up," said Gary Davis.When Davis saw what was happening he reacted immediately, whistling loud enough to distract the dog so the boy could get away.Davis says the teen's clothes were ripped and he had scratches on his arms and legs."A bite under his arm and one on his right arm, torn clothes and he was just scared."The dog was finally captured by animal control and put in the back of a van. Neighbors say the pit bull owners abandoned the dog around a month ago."They just left out of nowhere. I don't know what happened. I came over here one night they were here. The next day they were gone and the dog was just sitting there by herself," said Taylor Watkins.The 13-year-old was taken to Le Bohneur Children's Medical Center.Gary Davis is happy he was in the neighborhood at the right time because he believes the attack could have been worse."A little child was being hurt, it's just something you have to do. You just go do it," said Davis.The 13-year old is expected to be released from Le Bohneur this evening. PITS ARE BRED TO BE STEATH.