March 10, 2010 NASHUA –-- A tenant’s unlicensed pit bull bit her landlord and then a city police officer Tuesday afternoon at 6 Quincy St., police report.Officer Clark Gaphardt was sent to a report of dog bite at 6 Quincy St. at around 3 p.m., Lt. Michael Carignan said.Taz, a pit bull owned by Angela Jimenez had bitten the landlord, Elizabeth Munyo, and it turned out the dog was unlicensed, and Jimenez had no records to show it was immunized for rabies, Carignan said.Jimenez was helping Gaphardt put the dog into his cruiser, to bring it to the Humane Society for quarantine and testing, when the dog broke free and bit the officer on his hand and thigh, Carignan said.Both Gaphardt and Munyo were treated for minor injuries, Carignan said. Taz remains at the Humane Society, and Jimenez will likely be cited for failing to license and immunize the dog, Carignan said. TWO FER ONE AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!

April 25, 2010 MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) - Police say a pit bull bought on Craigslist attacked two children in New Hampshire within 24 hours of its purchase.Police say the 80-pound dog attacked a 12-year-old girl and a 7-year-old boy on Saturday in Manchester. The girl suffered bites to her arms while the boy was bitten on the face and needed 10 stitches.The New Hampshire Union Leader says the victims are relatives of the owners, Shawn and Nancy Innie. They say the dog attacked without provocation. The dog was taken to a local animal shelter. REALLY STUPID NUTTER TO GET A PIT OFF CRAIG'S LIST.

May 25, 2010 HOOKSETT – A local woman has been arraigned for allegedly threatening to kill her neighbor after her dogs attacked the victim's dogs as she walked them.Danielle Graveline, 29, of 36 Autumn Run, is charged with two counts of criminal threatening.Graveline's next-door neighbor, Charolette Crockett, 49, called police after her two dogs were allegedly attacked by Graveline's unleashed dogs about 1:30 p.m. April 5.As the dogs fought, Graveline allegedly yelled to Crockett, "I'll slit your throat and kill your dogs too," among other statements, according to court documents.When reached by phone yesterday, Crockett said she was walking her two dogs on a leash in front of Graveline's home when Graveline's pit bull and cocker spaniel darted out from the driveway. Then, the pit bill allegedly pounced on her golden retriever."The pit bull had him by the head," Crockett said. "He had two puncture wounds to his ear and an abrasion outside of his ear, which did get infected, but he's fine now."Crockett said her golden retriever is a 10-year-old named Riley. Her other dog, an 8-year-old Coon-Hound mix named Sam, was involved but not injured, she said.Graveline's dogs allegedly exited a car that had just pulled into Graveline's driveway. Police said the car was driven by Graveline's sister, but it was Graveline who made the threat after exiting her house.When police responded, Graveline was not found at the scene. Her sister told police she was out of state, according to court documents.Graveline's sister said Crockett's dogs had come onto their lawn before the attack.Police asked Crockett if the sister made the threat, but she identified the person in question as Graveline. Police officially charged Graveline a few days later.Crockett, who said she's lived at the same home over 20 years, said she had spoken to Graveline several times previously about her dogs roaming the neighborhood unleashed after several incidents occurred, including one in which a St. Barnard allegedly cornered Crockett in a yard. Crockett said she'd never called the police until this incident."I felt that day warranted a call to police," Crockett said. "She'd never threatened me the way she did." Crockett said she would not walk her dogs around the neighborhood for a week after the attack. Now, she only walks them if she's with another person."It scared the hell out of me," she said.Graveline could not be reached for comment.A Hooksett District Court judge allowed Graveline to remain free on $4,000 personal recognizance bail at her arraignment Wednesday. Her trial date is scheduled for Aug. 2. NUTTERS YOU GOTTA LOVE 'EM.