May 21, 2010 Sam Mandan is a familiar face in downtown Fargo, a popular UPS driver. He is back at work now after two pit bulls attacked him as he was making a delivery to this house, an upper level apartment here. Sam used his clipboard then his fist to fight off the dogs as they bit him. He did this as he made his way down a stairway to get away from the pit bulls.Police came. Neighbors tell us they come here often, three times in the last two months for dog calls alone. Meantime, Sam went to the emergency room where his chewed up legs were treated. He believes the dogs were not immunized against rabies so Sam is awaiting his test results. The whole ordeal has been a nightmare. Sam says it is fortunate he got away with minor injuries. It had been someone older or unable to quickly get away, who knows what the outcome would have been.Then this question tonight, why no action against the owner or the dogs?Fargo Police are investigating the dog attack on Sam Mandan. The investigator's report will be sent to the city attorney's office for any possible charges.This comes as Fargo has a new dog ordinance. Similar to Moorhead, it lays out the process of classifying a dog as dangerous which requires the owner to buy insurance...and pay a yearly registration fee. It also means a hearing before a City of Fargo judge. “It is going to be sent to the court and the judge will determine whether the dog is vicious or not.”Those violating the new ordinance could face Class B misdemeanor charges. LOST PRODUCTIVITY HOW DOES THAT FIGURE WITH THE BULLSHIT BEST FIENDS BSL COSTS?