Feb. 19, 2010 Caldwell police officials say an officer had to shoot a pit bull that attacked a K-9 police dog during a standoff Friday morning.Caldwell police parole absconder Jason Bradford eventually turned himself in, following the short standoff with the CPD tactical response team at a home at 5251 Obsidian Way around 9:15 a.m. Friday.Caldwell Police Chief Chris Allgood said Bradford was accompanied by the pit bull when he tried to run away from the home Friday morning. The pit bull attacked a K-9 dog and the officer shot it.At that point, Bradford ran back inside the home. A short negotiation ensued. Two adults and a child, who live at the home, came out first. Bradford then surrendered without incident minutes later, Allgood said.Treasure Valley law enforcement agencies had been looking for the 36-year-old Bradford in earnest since Feb. 12, when he avoided capture by Boise police after they said Bradford tried to run over two officers before he crashed a stolen car and ran away following a short pursuit.Police say Bradford wrecked the stolen car in the Targee/Shoshone streets neighborhood in the early evening on Feb. 12 and got away, despite officers setting up a five block perimeter to catch him.Boise police found a gun at the accident scene. Caldwell police called in their tactical response team Friday after getting a tip on Bradford's location, because they suspected he may have been armed and was prone to violence, Allgood said.Bradford is being held in the Canyon County Jail on charges of aggravated assault on a police officer, filed in connection with the Feb. 12 incident, and a warrant for a felony parole violation.Bradford has a lengthy criminal history, including a felony second degree kidnapping conviction from 2003 and a variety of misdemeanor crimes, like domestic disturbance, battery, and DUI, according to Idaho court records.Later Friday, Caldwell police arrested two Caldwell residents for felony harboring a fugitive and drug possession.Nikki L. Faull and Merlin L. Himerch lived in the home where Bradford was found and arrested. Police said the two knew Bradford was a fugitive. Both were booked into the Canyon County Jail.Police said a child in the home is staying with relatives. ONLY BREED AMBASSADORS ARE ALLOWED TO ATTACK POLICE K-9S.

April 8, 2010 POST FALLS - A wandering pit bull that has had multiple aggressive incidents since Friday was shot to death by police on Wednesday after it was spotted near school playgrounds and became a traffic hazard along Interstate 90.The adult male dog, which weighed 80 to 90 pounds, was shot to death by an officer around noon on the north side of I-90 near the Slab Inn after it had been seen in the vicinity of Seltice Elementary and CornerStone Christian Academy."We became very concerned because it was aggressive," Post Falls Police Lt. Greg McLean said. "When officers tried to catch it, it would intentionally run toward them, then veer off. With all the kids in the area, a lot of things weighed into the decision."The dog's owner is unknown because it wasn't wearing tags.The pit bull attacked and injured a black lab along 14th Avenue on Friday, ripping both of its ears, McLean said. The pit bull was stunned with a Taser gun before it ran off.It later attempted to attack another dog and when the owner approached the pit bull to shoo it away, it chased him.Police spotted the pit bull again on Monday, but it remained on the loose after a 45-minute search.On Wednesday, an officer shot the pit bull in the back on the south side of the freeway. It then ventured to the north side, where it was Tazed. When the dog attempted to take off, it was shot twice and died.McLean said officers checked to see if there was a reported missing pit bull after it attacked the lab, but none was reported."This dog was constantly sprinting toward people and other dogs in an aggressive demeanor," McLean said. "It was determined not to be captured."He said it seemed to be hanging out in the 14th Avenue area before it ventured south toward I-90 on Wednesday.A Kootenai County deputy shot and killed a loose pug along I-90 at Post Falls last year after multiple agencies couldn't catch it and it nearly caused a crash during rush hour. The incident drew outcry, including from some who witnessed the incident.McLean said he believes officers had even more reasons to shoot the pit bull. In addition to it being a traffic hazard, it had attacked another dog, chased a man and was an aggressive threat to officers and children."We weren't just dealing with little Fluffy causing a traffic hazard on the freeway," McLean said.Police Chief Scot Haug said he supported his staff's decision."Based on the information our staff had, and the potential injury to citizens, including children as well as other animals, the officers made the difficult decision to euthanize the animal," Haug said. "Our staff handled this vicious dog professionally with the community's safety in mind." NO OWNER, NO PUNISH THE DEED.

April 9, 2010 BLACKFOOT - A man in Blackfoot is facing several charges after officers say his pit bull attacked a dozen people at the Blackfoot Sixth Grade School Thursday. 11 of the 12 were students, one was a teacher. Three of the students were sent to the hospital.Abel DeLuna, 28, is facing misdemeanor charges of harboring a vicious dog, dog rushing a person, failure to get a dog license and failure to get a rabies shot.Thursday was an unusual day for sixth grader Jaylinn Eddy. Her recess at the Blackfoot Sixth Grade School ended with her classmates in the hospital."He grabbed onto his pants and started biting him and wouldn't let go of him," said Jaylinn."It's just not an everyday occurrence anymore I don't think. Well not in Blackfoot anyway. It was just kind of shocking to see something like that hit so close to home," said Jayson Eddy, Jaylinn's father.Students say a gate was open allowing a pit bull to get inside. The dog was allegedly antagonized by students and started to attack."The dog started coming towards me and so I just went and Mr. Peterson, which is my P.E. teacher, told me to just come to him. He was just trying to get the dog to go away," said Jaylinn."The kids have to take a little bit of responsibility on that part too. I mean you don't go up and kick a dog and expect them just to look at you," said Jayson.The gentleman that owns the pit bull that is in question has signed a release form turning over ownership to the city. His dog will now remain in quarantine in the animal shelter for the next 10 days."The dog has not had its rabies shot so we're going to hold it for 10 days to see if it develops any signs or symptoms of rabies. Then after that we're going to determine what we're going to do with it," said Captain Kurt Asmus, Blackfoot Police Department.The dog had been reported as missing before the attack happened. Students are left wondering why the attack happened in the first place. "Why would you throw something at a dog that you don't know if it's dangerous or anything. Whoever did that should be punished," said Jaylinn.DeLuna will be arraigned on his charges during a preliminary hearing April 22nd. Those injured in the attack had mostly scratches and bruises and have been released from the hospital. NANNY DOGS, NANNY DOGS, NANNY DOGS!!!!

April 27, 2010 FORT HALL - What started as a weekly horseback ride, turned into an unforgettable nightmare. Trudy Hernandez's two daughters and 11-year-old granddaughter, went riding in Trudy's backyard fields last Saturday afternoon. That's when they saw a strange dog come toward them from their neighbor's yard. It didn't bite the family, but it did go after their horses. "This dog she was getting more aggressive more aggressive starting to jump at their faces, all over, just attacking everywhere," says the grandmother and owner of the horses, Trudy Hernandez. The family has been riding their horses in these same fields for the past 35 years, and they've never encountered anything like this. The dog chased them for a quarter-mile before, the mother, Wendy Hernandez, guided her horse, Zip, to stand between the attacking dog and her daughter, Bailee, who was riding another horse. That's when the potentially deadly bite happened."The dog reached up on the front end and grabbed her horse by the neck," says Hernandez. . Immediately Zip reared back throwing Wendy to the ground. The dog didn't attack Wendy. Luckily, it lost it's drive and went home. Wendy called Trudy right before she fell and told her mom they needed help."The terror on that phone call is something I'll have in the back of my head forever, of the pure terror that dog growling, barking, screaming they couldn't get her off," describes Hernandez. Trudy spoke with the dog's owner. He says he couldn't believe his family dog was capable of attacking. "When he saw the horses he truly apologized," says Hernandez. The Bingham County Animal Shelter picked up the dog soon after. Animal shelter employees say the dog will be euthanized. DUMBASS NUTTER, PITS ARE NOT PETS, THEY WERE BRED TO KILL.

May 9, 2010 A seven year old Idaho Falls girl was attacked by a pit bull on Second Street Thursday afternoon. We are told the dog ripped at the girls face and she has received over 60 stitches. An Animal Control Officer said, the dog is being quarantined and will most likely be euthanized. One neighborhood girl says the dogs have never been a threat before... They normally just bark and jump on the fence of the house. A man who witnessed the attack claims it was not the dogs fault and that the dog owner is devastated. Others saY the girl is very small and kind... AND there's no way she Would have provoked the dog. The parents chose not to talk at this time, but they say they are grateful for the support they've received. BLAME THE 7 YEAR OLD, FUCKING NUTTERS.