Dec. 3, 2009 Headquarters responded to a dog that was attacking several people in the area of Florence Street. A pit bull dog was at large in the neighborhood and attacked another dog while walking with its owner. The dog and two victims were bit by the aggressive animal and had to be treated for their injuries. The pit bull was secured and taken into quarantine by police. The owner was issued summons for dog at large and vicious dog. WE CAN'T WALK DOWN THE STREET ANYMORE BECAUSE OF THE NUTTERS AND THEIR DOGS.

Dec. 5, 2009 Bayonne, NJ (WABC) -- A 70-year-old woman is in the hospital after a brutal pit bull attack in Bayonne, New Jersey. Maria Zaldana was attacked Friday morning outside the two pit bull's home on West 34th Street.Zaldana was walking to her job at "Say it with Flowers" in Bayonne at the time of the attack.Officials say Zaldana suffered numerous puncture wounds, and has skin torn off her face, knee, calf, and scalp. ANOTHER ATTACK ON A PERSON JUST TRYING TO WALK DOWN THE STREET.
UPDATE: ATTACKS ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER One of two pit bulls that officials say savagely mauled a 70-year-old woman on a Bayonne street earlier this month struck again this morning, this time attacking a worker at the Newark animal shelter, Bayonne Health Official Richard Censullo told The Jersey Journal. The male dog attacked a worker who had gone into its cage this morning, biting the worker's legs, Censullo said.The dog is one of two pit bulls, one male and one female, being held at the Associated Humane Society in Newark pending a court hearing on "vicious dog" charges. "The dog was docile and next thing it was on top of the guy," Censullo said. "This confirms the fact that these dogs are too dangerous to have in the city or anywhere else." SO THIS MAULER HAS BEEN ALLOWED TO HAVE HIS FUN TWICE, THERE SHOULD BE A LAW!!!

Dec. 27, 2009 Two American bulldogs attacked five neighborhood children in Winslow, NJ on Monday. Police say the two dogs escaped their owner’s backyard. Four children, ages 9-12, played outside of their home in the 100 block of Villanova Court in the Sicklerville section of the township when the dogs approached. The frightened children ran inside the house, but the dogs pursued them and managed to get inside. Winslow Police Capt. Robert Boisvert said these same dogs broke out of their fence and bit a township man as he tried to protect his grandchildren on November 27. ALLOWED TO ATTACK TWICE, THERE SHOULD BE LAWS.

Feb. 1, 2010
SOMERVILLE -- A fight between two pit bulls in Somerville ended with two women being taken to the hospital for bite wounds — one with serious injuries — and police shooting and killing one of the dogs.It started at about 7:45 p.m. Sunday, when police arrived at a home on West Cliff Street to find a 21-year-old woman laying on top of a black pit bull that was being attacked by a brown pit bull, police said. The officers told the woman — who owned the black pit bull — to move away from the scuffle, but she refused, according to the police report. “This is my dog,” she yelled. “I’m not letting go.”As the officers started striking the brown pit bull on its back legs, another woman at the scene — who owned the brown pit bull — yelled, “Stop hitting my dog!”The officers sprayed Mace into the brown pit bull’s eyes. But while the dog let go of the black pit bull, it then grabbed the 21-year-old woman by the left ankle and pulled her across the ground, police said. One officer shot the brown pit bull in the rib cage. But the dog ran at the officer, who then shot the dog in the side and the jaw, police said. The brown pit bull, though, wouldn’t stop. It changed direction and ran at another officer, who shot the dog in the head, police said. The dog ran to the rear porch and died, police said. “We’ve had incidents like this before, but it’s very rare,” Somerville Police Let. Joseph Clymore said today, noting the last time he can remember an officer in town having to shoot a dog was in the 1980s.The owner of the brown pit bull — named Petey — said she was taking the dog for a walk when the black pit bull ran out of the house and began fighting with her dog. The owner of the black pit bull — named Tank — said she had just given the dog a bath when her back door blew open, allowing the dog to run outside.Police would not identify either woman.The 21-year-old owner was treated at Somerset Medical Center in Somerville for dog bites to the left ear, back of the head, left ankle and left and right arms from the hands up to the shoulders, police said. The 26-year-old owner of the brown put bull was treated there for a minor dog bite on the left hand and an asthma attack, police said. Police took the black pit bull to Animerge animal shelter in Somerville. CRAZED PIT LOVER!!

SOMERVILLE -- A fight between two pit bulls in Somerville ended with two women being taken to the hospital for bite wounds — one with serious injuries — and police shooting and killing one of the dogs.

Feb. 2, 2010 It started at about 7:45 p.m. Sunday, when police arrived at a home on West Cliff Street to find a 21-year-old woman laying on top of a black pit bull that was being attacked by a brown pit bull, police said. The officers told the woman — who owned the black pit bull — to move away from the scuffle, but she refused, according to the police report. “This is my dog,” she yelled. “I’m not letting go.”As the officers started striking the brown pit bull on its back legs, another woman at the scene — who owned the brown pit bull — yelled, “Stop hitting my dog!”The officers sprayed Mace into the brown pit bull’s eyes. But while the dog let go of the black pit bull, it then grabbed the 21-year-old woman by the left ankle and pulled her across the ground, police said. One officer shot the brown pit bull in the rib cage. But the dog ran at the officer, who then shot the dog in the side and the jaw, police said. The brown pit bull, though, wouldn’t stop. It changed direction and ran at another officer, who shot the dog in the head, police said. The dog ran to the rear porch and died, police said. EVER NOTICE THAT PITS DON'T STOP ONCE THEY START?

FEB. 5, 2010 HOBOKEN -- Police shot and killed a violent pit bull around midnight last night after it harmed three victims, including its owner, police said in a statement Friday.The incident happened at a luxury building in uptown Hoboken after the first victim, a 42-year-old male resident, called police and alleged that he was bitten by a roommate’s pit bull named “Giant."When police arrived, the victim was being treated outside the building by emergency medical technicians for severe bites to his right ankle. The victim told police he had been bitten by the same pit bull last week.Police saw a another pit bull unleashed in the lobby of the building, they said. Moments later, “Giant” also appeared in the lobby with blood on its face and body, police said.Police attempted to secure the lobby, which was made difficult due to two motion-sensor doors. At one point both dogs activated the doors, police said, but then fled back into the lobby and then back into the apartment.The dog's owner, a 26-year-old female Hoboken resident, appeared near the lobby, but despite repeated warnings by police not to enter the lobby or apartment, the female owner entered her apartment. She was then bitten and mauled repeatedly in her lower extremities by “Giant,” causing massive trauma and blood loss, police said.Hoboken Police, assisted by the Port Authority Police Emergency Service Unit, then entered the apartment by a window to rescue the female victim. She was carried out the window into an awaiting ambulance, where she was rushed to the Jersey City Medical Center (JCMC) for treatment.Police managed to barricade and beat off the violent pit bull and barricade it with furniture in the apartment. While the dog was partly secured by police, a third victim, a 41-year-old female Hoboken resident, attempted to enter the apartment after being repeatedly warned not to enter by police who were inside the apartment securing the pit bull.The female victim screamed, and the pit bull became loose and immediately mauled her, causing serious bodily injury to her legs.Police again beat the pit bull off of the victim. The third victim was also rushed to JCMC, requiring emergency surgery for her injuries.Based on the totality of the circumstances and the immediate danger to officers and the public, Sgt. Edmund Drishti drew his weapon and shot and killed the pit bull with a single bullet to the head, police said.The Humane Society of Newark, N.J., removed the dog. The second pit bull, which apparently did not injure or bite anyone, was snared and tranquilized by the Port Authority Police. This dog later expired and the owner is unknown at this point, according to the Humane Society.The Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office was notified, standard protocol when a law enforcement officer discharges his weapon, but no criminal charges are expected.The Hoboken Board of Health was also notified about the incident and will conduct a separate investigation to determine if any health ordinances were violated by the dog’s owner, including proper registration of the dog.Neither dogs wore Hoboken dog tags, only dog collars, police said.The female owner told police that “Giant” had bitten another dog in a Hoboken dog park several weeks ago.Police Chief Anthony Falco commended Drishti and all of the officers. “There was no other alternative available but to terminate this violent pit bull,” he said. TALK ABOUT NUTTERS WHO CAN'T LEARN, THESE LEARNED THE HARD WAY.

March 1, 2010 USED AS WEAPON A Mine Hill resident has been charged with threatening to sic his dogs on a state Division of Youth and Family Services worker who visited his home and then resisting efforts by a Wharton police sergeant to arrest him.John R. Kostick, 57, was being held Monday in the Morris County jail on $50,000 bail, charged with two counts of aggravated assault, terroristic threats, resisting arrest and hindering apprehension.Wharton police, who cover both the borough and Mine Hill Township, went to Kostick's home at 8:20 p.m. Saturday on a report that he menaced a female DYFS worker. He allegedly threatened to let his dogs out -- including a pit bull -- to ''bite her to shreds and kill her,'' a criminal complaint said.Kostick also is charged with attempting to injure and resisting arrest efforts by police Sgt. John Roon, but the complaint did not specify Kostick's alleged actions on these charges.Kostick is due to appear for a bail review Tuesday before a Superior Court judge in Morristown. DON'T NEED GUNS WHEN YOU HAVE A PIT.

March 2, 2010
TRENTON — City police and animal control officers are investigating the mauling of a 77-year-old woman who was attacked by a friend’s pet pit bull inside a Mill Hill apartment.Police said the attack occurred Monday evening inside the home on the 100 block of Mercer Street.Trenton police Sgt. Jason Woodhead arrived to find the elderly victim screaming and bleeding from puncture wounds as the 80-90 pound pit bull type dog was on top of her, mauling her.The sergeant, police said, managed to distract the dog, and as the pit came at him, he shot the dog in the head, killing it on the spot with one shot.Police said the victim, 77-year-old Amanda Johnson, was visiting her friend Coretta Gilbert when the pet dog attacked.Gilbert, police said, called for police when the pit bull named Big Boy went after Johnson. Gilbert, police said, stated that Johnson did nothing to provoke the attack and said her pet had never showed signs of aggression in the past.The dog, police said, jumped onto Johnson’s lap, and as she tried to push it away, it bit and locked on to her arm.Johnson was admitted to Capital Health at Fuld hospital. Along with the puncture wounds, she suffered a dislocated elbow and a fractured arm.Police said the attack is under investigation by animal control officers, and charges had not been filed as of today. GOOD SHOT OFFICER BUT THE PIT WAS ONLY TRYING TO PLAY!!

March 19, 2010 FATALITY MILLVILLE -- Police identified Loreyn Smith of the 600 block of North 3rd Street as the owner of two pit bulls accused of killing a cat, attacking at least one dog and menacing pedestrians in an incident near her house Tuesday.Police shot one pit bull twice, killing it, after it reportedly went toward a child.The second dog was seized at a nearby house. It is at the Cumberland County SPCA pending a court hearing, police Capt. Wayne Smith said Thursday.Animal Control Officer Anthony Cills cited the owner for having potentially dangerous dogs and allowing dogs to run at large.Police had been sent to the 200 block of D Street, close to the 600 block of North 3rd Street, at 1:44 p.m."When they arrived, the cat was dead," Smith said. The dogs ran to North 3rd Street."The dogs had charged toward a resident in the neighborhood and the resident Maced the dogs," he said. "Officer (Steve) Jones found the dogs in that block attacking another dog."Smith said one of the dogs then turned toward a child that was yelling.Jones shot the dog at that point. Animal control officers do not carry firearms, so officers also are dispatched as needed."We've had several calls for potentially dangerous dogs in that neighborhood," Smith said. COULD IT BE YOU HAVE A BUNCH OF PIT NUTTERS LIVING THERE???

March 22, 2010 Jersey City police shot and killed a pit bull terrier yesterday morning in Lafayette Park to stop the dog's relentless attack on a nine-year-old girl. Two cops were stationed outside Monumental Baptist Church on Lafayette Street near Van Horne Street when at around 11:20 a.m., a terrified 13-year-old boy ran up to them pleading, "Help. The dog is biting my sister. Please help," reports said. The cops ran to the park where they found a frantic mother holding her daughter while the dog dug its teeth into the girl's right leg, reports said. The dog let go momentarily after one of the cops kicked it several times, but it turned back and again sank its teeth into the girl's leg, reports said. The officer then fired a single shot into the area of the dog's throat. The dog spun around, but then resumed its attack, reports said. After the second officer fired another bullet into the dog's throat and chest area, the animal wandered off a short distance, reports said. The girl was rushed to the Jersey City Medical Center where she was treated for a large bite just above the right ankle, reports said. No ambulance was available, so police drove the girl to the hospital in a police car. The dog was still breathing when Animal Control director Joe Frank took it from the park to the Lyndhurst Animal Hospital, where it later died. The pit bull's owner, a Manning Street resident, arrived at the scene after a neighbor told her the dog was shot, police said. The owner told police she had no idea the dog had escaped from her backyard, reports said. Officers told the owner that she could receive several summonses after the investigation is complete, reports said. "The vast majority of very aggressive attacks on human beings are from pit bulls and rottweilers and sometimes the police have to resort to the use of firearms," Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio said yesterday. "If people have any sort of breed of dog as a pet they have to make sure it is fully controlled at all times. The owner is responsible for the conduct of the animal." DeFazio said his department will review the shooting per state guidelines any time a cop discharges his weapon. In February, Hoboken police shot and killed a pit bull after it mauled three victims - including its owner - at a luxury building. Two dogs were destroyed after they escaped from a yard and scalped a 70-year-old Jersey City woman during a mauling in Bayonne in December. NUTTERS ARE ALWAYS "SURPRISED" AT WHAT THEIR MAULERS DO.

May 3, 2010 A pit bull attacked a woman as she was jogging on the 1700 block of West Main Street Friday afternoon, according to police.Police reported Monday that the woman, Ashleigh Udalovas, was bitten at least once on one leg before the owner caught up to the dog. A truck almost hit the dog as it ran across West Main Street to get to Udalovas.Police and the Millville Rescue Squad were dispatched a little after 6 p.m. to the scene. The woman’s parents took her the Regional Medical Center to be examined.The pit bull later was taken to the Cumberland County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals shelter. The animal’s owner is a juvenile male, so Animal Control Officer Anthony Cills issued the owner’s mother four tickets over the incident.Officer William Stadnick reported that a witness told him he had to brake his truck suddenly to avoid hitting the dog as it sprinted through traffic to the south side of the street.Udalovas was listening to music as she ran and never heard the dog until she felt something grab her left leg.The owner, who lives on West Main Street, told police he had been playing fetch with the dog when it saw the woman and took off. STAY IN YOUR HOME, BARRICADE YOUR DOGS, THE PITS ARE EVERYWHERE AND THEY ARE TRIGGERED BY EVERYTHING.

May 5, 2010 SECAUCUS AND BEYOND – A 9-year-old boy who was playing in Buchmuller Park Saturday afternoon in Secaucus was biten on the upper arm by a pit bull or pit bull mix.The incident took place at around 4:30 p.m.According to Ed McClure of the Secaucus Animal Shelter, the woman who was walking the dog apparently left the park after the child was injured. The woman, who McClure said could have been a dog walker, had another dog with her as well. The second dog was described as a boxer.Town officials are eager to locate the animal to determine whether it has rabies so the boy can be treated as soon as possible. McClure said Wednesday that animals involved in such bites are typically quarantined for about 10 days for tests and observation.Mayor Michael Gonnelli said the Secaucus Police Department is not interested in prosecuting the woman who left the park.Anyone with information regarding the dog’s whereabouts is urged to call McClure at (201) 376-1737 or (201) 348-3213. People can also call the Secaucus Police Department at (201) 867-8000. OWNERS OF PITS ARE YELLOW COWARDS, NEVER WANTING TO TAKE RESPONSIBITY FOR THEIR MAULERS.

June 1, 2010
ERMA - On May 31 the Lower Township Police Communication Center received a 9-1-1 call from the Wagging Tail Pet Shop located on Route 9 in the township's Erma Section.The caller was reporting that the owner of the pet shop had been attacked by a Pit Bull dog in the back yard of the shop.Lower Township Patrol Officers and the Lower Township Rescue Squad responded to the pet shop and advised that the owner of the store, a Patsy Nelson, had received very serious bite wounds to her arm and hip.Police identified the owner of the three year old male Pit Bull, which was involved in the attack, as Donald Titus, age 26, who resides in an upstairs apartment at the pet shop.Investigation on scene determined that Titus was helping to build a dog run in the back yard of the property when the attack occurred.Nelson was transported to Cape Regional Medical Center by the Lower Township Rescue Squad for treatment of her injuries.Lower Township Animal Control Officer, Donald Montgomery, issued local ordinance summonses to Titus for:1. Failure to License his dog with the Township.2. Owner's dog causing serious injury to another person. 3. Potentially Dangerous Dog summons.In the mean time the Pitt Bull was transported to the Cape May County Animal Shelter by Lower Township Animal Control Officers and must be quarantined for at least ten (10) days under the Potentially Dangerous Dog statute. STUPID PET STORE OWNER LETTING PIT LIVE THERE.
June 2, 2010 FATALITY
EWING — Patrolman James Calnon’s daring break-up of a pit bull attack on a small terrier has gone for nought as the injured dog had to be euthanized.The incident came out of the blue at 8:49 a.m. Monday as two women were out for a morning walk with a mixed breed terrier in the area of Delaware Avenue and Mountainview Road, reported Lt. Gerald Jacobs.Calnon, on routine patrol, “came upon two women screaming for help,” Jacobs reported, and saw that a pit bull mix dog of about 80 pounds was biting the hind quarters of the Terrier.Calnon “immediately grabbed the attacking dog by the neck,” Jacobs said. “After yelling at it and shaking it, he was able to make it release the terrier.“He held the dog down until other units arrived to assist him. Patrolman John Kucker was able to locate a dog crate and the attacking dog was placed in it and transported to the Ewing animal shelter.”The terrier’s owner rushed her dog to the C.A.R.E.S. Animal Hospital in Langhorne, Pa., where it had to be euthanized, police said.The woman wasn’t identified for publication by police. They said she too had been bitten by the pit bull on her right forearm and went to Aria Health Center, Bucks County, Pa., campus, for treatment.She told police the attacking dog “came from across the street and began to sniff and growl at her dog, then began biting it,” Jacobs reported.Finally, at about 1:30 p.m., a resident from Perry Drive reported their brown pit bull was missing from their fenced yard. The Ewing Animal Control Officer and the township health department are investigating, Jacobs reported. BRAVE COP FOR SURE. TOOK THE NUTTER LONG ENOUGH TO REALIZE THEIR MAULER WAS OUT.

June 4, 2010 BORDENTOWN CITY — Her sick ol’ girl locked in the jaws of death, Lori Boberg fought back and punched the pit bull in the head over and over.“He was much bigger than my dog,” said the president of the Burlington City PTA. “It’s like when you hear how people are attacked by sharks, it’s all I could think of to do.”Scores of Bordentown City schoolchildren were screaming, and so was Boberg, who went into temporary-insanity mode to save Allie, her 15-year-old beagle mix, diagnosed in January with terminal cancer.“Allie went limp, and (the pit bull) started pulling away. I thought, ‘Oh my God, if she’s not dead, he will kill her,’ so I put my hands in to pry his mouth open,” Boberg told The Trentonian last night after returning from the vet. “I wasn’t thinking. I was just doing.”Cops were late arriving to the scene, and the situation became more chaotic when Boberg and several brave adults tried to separate Allie from the mad pit bull.One woman said it was “a sad situation,” while a father who shielded his two young kids called the pit bull attack and Boberg’s response “surreal.”Boberg’s morning was like any other: With Allie on a leash, she walked her three kids to school on Crosswicks Street, which cuts down the heart of the Clara Barton and MacFarland schools. The three kids went into their buildings. Ho hum. Life as usual.And then a white pit bull with black specs, roaming the streets with a stray labrador, attacked Allie. He dug his teeth into the frail dog’s neck and didn’t let go — even after taking several Boberg punches in the head. Boberg wrangled Allie free with the help of EMT Michelle Roberson, who said she hit the pit bull on the head with her high heels. Louisa Kenny, principal at MacFarland, also helped. Boberg cradled her wounded baby and ran away, but the pit bull chased them and yanked the sick dog out of its owner’s arms.“It wasn’t just tramatic for me, but for the kids,” Boberg said. “I was screaming, and the dogs were making that terrible noise when they’re fighting. It was just real bad.”Boberg said Ed Dallas came to the rescue and took his belt off and wrapped it around the beast’s neck to choke it back.She said another man, Brian Benton, helped Dallas restrain the beast and free Allie.That’s also about the time EMTs and cops showed up. There are conflicting reports on why the response took so long. A secretary at one of the schools was said to have called Bordentown City’s non-emergency police number three times to report the stray dogs about 10 minutes before the attack — but couldn’t get through because the line was apparently busy each time.“The number transfers to a county-wide communication center with unlimited lines. It’s possible it could have come up busy, but I doubt it,” Kevin Briggs, a public safety telecommunicator supervisor told The Trentonian. “You’ll rarely, if ever, get a busy signal.“Plus, if it was an emergency, they should’ve called 911 to begin with.”Briggs said the few notes he was given made it seem like much ado about nothing, which made Boberg mad. “It was a pretty big attack,” she said. “They weren’t there and didn’t see it.”Briggs said animal control has the pit bull.Allie went to the vet with several puncture wounds. Boberg said her kids didn’t see the attack. “But they were definitely shaken by what they heard at school, especially my son.“When we picked her up at the vet tonight, they were all in tears when they saw her. She looked very sad and they had never seen open wounds like that before.”The pit bull reportedly belongs to Debra Smith of Bordentown City.Boberg said Smith was out of town but contacted her yesterday to apologize and to say that her dog had never attacked before and somehow got out of the yard.Boberg said her husband was “very upset” and wants the pit bull euthanized.No one knows where the labrador strayed during the attack.As for Allie, it’s just one more obstacle in what has been a trying last six months for the sick girl.“We call her the Energizer Bunny,” Lori Boberg said. “But she’s still terminal.” RIPPED THE DOG FROM IT'S OWNER'S ARMS.