Dec. 28, 2009 TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) - A Trumann woman says she experienced one of the scariest moments of her life on the night before Christmas. That's when she describes a horrible dog attack that left her knee torn completely open.Ollie Lawless says she heard cries for help. When she opened the door, a woman and her small child stood asking for help. The child had been attacked by a dog, according to animal control. They asked Lawless to use her phone to dial 911, so she let them in as she describes.But the door wasn't pulled shut and moments later, Lawless says the same dog that attacked the girl charged into her home and went directly for her. She says she was sitting down when the dog latched its jaws into her knee, tearing it open."I was sitting in the chair over there and he just started attacking," said Ollie Lawless.She is angry not just due to the attack but because she says she reported the dog to the city multiple times and it was allowed to remain free. She describes the dog as being aggressive toward children on many occasions but says it remained at the home, outside on a chain. MULTIPLE ATTACKER ON SOMEONE JUST SITTING IN THEIR HOME.

FEB. 9, 2010 Mabelvale - Trying to play in the snow, a teen is attacked by two dogs.James Nowlin, 15, says he was attacked by a neighbor's pit-bull mix pets around 8:30 a.m. Monday while he was on his way to a friend's house in Mabelvale. Nowlin credits his own survival skills and thick coveralls for why he was able to keep his leg, and his life."I'd have to say if it happened to somebody littler and not knowing what to do, or even me, could have been killed." "The way this happened, in all honesty, I could have been without my son today."Nowlin was treated and released from Arkansas Children's Hospital where he got 15 stitches. He still has several rabies shots to get.The owner of the dog, Thomas Coleman, says he did not want to speak on camera, but still told Channel 7 News the incident was an accident. So far, the Saline County Sheriff's Department has not reached Coleman. Deputies say he will most likely face a citation for a vicious animal attack.There are no leash laws in Saline County.

March 30, 2010,0,1897534.story Police say a savage attack by a pit bull mix sent a 6-year-old girl to the hospital in Fort Smith where she had to undergo surgery.Little Malaysia Dotson had to have reconstructive surgery after the dog tore half of her bottom lip off. She was also left with a large cut on her left cheek and two smaller bite marks on her upper lip. Police say what happened seemed innocent at the time. Looks can be deceiving."Normally when we see a vicious dog here if you walk up to the kennel it will be charging the kennel and baring and showing its teeth and really trying to get you. That dog is just sitting there look at you," JoAnn Barton with the Sebastian County Humane Society said.But police say the dog is a pit bull mix and attacked little Malaysia Dotson as she tried to pet it. The owner and a companion were walking their two dogs by the little girl's house when she asked if she could pet them."She pet the Yorkie and there was no problem and then when we went to pet this pit bull it lunged at her and attacked her and bit her in the face," Sgt. Greg Copeland explained.The girl's grandmother, Regina Jones told police she had gone back inside when she heard Malaysia crying. The child was rushed by ambulance to Sparks Regional Medical Center where she underwent surgery Monday night. Police photos show the severity of her injuries. Jones told 5NEWS her granddaughter is recovering at home.Officers declared the dog vicious by city ordinance and took the animal from the owner."He was concerned after what happened and he was somewhat afraid of the dog himself after that, and he was willing to sign the dog over to us so we can make sure the dog is put down," Sgt. Copeland said.Sgt. Greg Copeland and JoAnn Barton with the Sebastian County Humane Society have words of warning for pet owners, parents, and grandparents."A lot of times we don't know what those dogs are thinking," Sgt. Copeland said."When you're out walking your animals that animal is actually protecting you it's territorial over you, so if somebody comes up to pet it and you allow that to happen you are putting your dog in danger and you are putting the person in danger," Barton explained.The dog was euthanized Tuesday afternoon. The animal was on a leash when the attack happened, so police say the owner is only guilty of poor judgment in letting the little girl pet the dog. SGT. COPELAND, IT IS EASY TO KNOW WHAT A PIT BULL IS THINKING.