Nov. 17, 2009 FATALITY

PHOENIX - Police say a pitbull that got loose from its yard has attacked a chihuahua and two women who tried to stop it.It happened Tuesday afternoon in a west Phoenix neighborhood near 51st Ave and Thomas.Two women who tried to stop the attack were bit.The chihuahua is not expected to survive the attack. YOU JUST KNOW THAT VICIOUS CHIHUAHUA STARTED THE WHOLE THING, THEY ARE THE WORSE BITERS!!!

Dec. 9, 2009 PHOENIX — Phoenix police say a woman in her 70’s has been hospitalized after being attacked Wednesday morning by two stray pit bulls.The woman was walking her dog in northeast Phoenix when the pit bulls first attacked her dog.The victim attempted to intervene and was bitten and knocked to the ground.A nearby apartment complex employee and other bystanders used various objects to chase the animals away from the victim.Officers learned the dogs escaped by breaking through a 6 foot wooden fence in a backyard and scaling a 3 foot wrought iron fence in the front. Animal Control detained the pit bulls. WE WANT TO BE SAFE WALKING DOWN THE STREET!!!

Dec. 28, 2009 Glendale police shot and killed two pit bulls Monday after the dogs tried to attack a boy and the officers.Police responded to a dog attack call in the neighborhood near 71st and Orangewood avenues at about 4 p.m. Residents said that the dogs had been chasing a juvenile on a bicycle.Once on the scene, officers found the dogs to be similarly aggressive and shot them out of self defense, said Detective Mark Lankford, a spokesman for Glendale police. One of the dogs was run over."The dog survived (being run down) and was still aggressive, so he (the officer) got out and shot it," Lankford said.Lankford said the owner of the dogs has previously been cited for letting the animals loose. OWNERS OF PITS NEED TO BE BANNED, THAT WILL SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

Feb. 1, 2010 A neighbor's surveillance camera caught the attack on tape."It was unreal, just unreal," said Champion.On the tape, Champion can be seen with crash and as the two approach a corner house, a large dog runs out of house and grabs Crash by the neck.Champion says she could only watch as the Pit Bull-mix shook and swung Crash by the neck."That dog was swinging him (Crash) like a rag doll, it was awful, I can't even watch the video," said Champion. "I was stomping and screaming at the top of my lungs and basically going in circles."With Crash clutched in the jaws of the neighbor's dog, she said a mystery man came to the rescue."I don't know who the man was, I know he was an angel, I believe in angels and I believe that guy had a purpose that day and it was to save my dog," said Champion as Crash went to sleep in her lap.In the video, the man can be seen putting himself between Crash and the other dog and consoling Crash while keeping the attacking dog at bay."And then he just disappeared, I don't know where this guy came from, I thought he lived in the neighborhood, but other people told me he didn't," said Champion.Champion then rushed Crash to an emergency vet, but she said she couldn't afford to pay a massive bill and the vet helped her anyway. LITTLE OLD LADY JUST TRYING TO WALK HER DOG.

Feb. 16, 2010 PRESCOTT VALLEY - A young Dewey girl was seriously wounded by a family member's Pit Bull last week.The Pit Bull mix named "Knuckles" attacked the eight-year-old when she was visiting a grandparent in the Orchard Ranch RV Park in Prescott Valley.The little girl was playing in the residence when the dog apparently ran to the child and bit her on the face.Family members were able to get the dog to release with a verbal command, but the child was already serious injured.According to Prescott Valley police the attack appeared to be unprovoked.The child was eventually airlifted to Phoenix Children's Hospital in Phoenix with severe facial wounds.The family indicated the dog had played with the children in the past and has not displayed aggressive behavior.The dog will likely be euthanized.

Feb. 26, 2010 MESA - Mesa police say the family dog attacked and sent a teenager to the hospital and officials are now trying to figure out if this was more than just a horrible accident.Police say the dog went into attack mode after a father and son got into a verbal argument inside their apartment.“Somehow during the argument, the family dog, which is a pit bull, bit the18-year-old in the face,” police said.Officials say the dog caused significant injuries to the victim's face and head and he was transported to Scottsdale Memorial Hospital.The pit bull did not go willingly.“It was obviously not happy to see us,” police said. “It was barking, growling, showing it's teeth at us.”Officers say there were several more dogs inside the family's apartment, including one which police eventually returned after they decided it did not attack the teen.Investigators are still trying to determine whether this case is more than an unfortunate accident.“We were unable to get a good statement from the young man who was bit and we haven't been able to speak to the father,” police said.Police say the victim will need a lot of plastic surgery to repair his face, but is expected to be okay. It is unclear what will happen to the dog. REMEMBER TO NOT RAISE YOUR VOICE AROUND A PIT!!

March 15, 2010 PHOENIX - A woman who was taking her dog on a walk Monday morning was attacked by a vicious pit bull. The woman's mother says the pit bull jumped over an 8-foot brick wall.As she turned the corner of an alley near 35th Ave and Bethany Home, the dog lunged straight for the woman.The victim's mother, Therese Blanton, says, "She was very very scared about the whole situation. Our neighbor saw the whole incident so she went to rescue her and help her out so thank God for that."The woman was taken to the hospital with a deep puncture wound. Her dog was not hurt.The pit bull was picked up by Animal Care and Control. NOTE THE HEIGHT OF THE FENCE!!!!

April 11, 2010 A Safford youth was flown to the University Medical Center in Tucson on Monday afternoon after suffering a severe bite from a pit bull terrier.At about 1:30 p.m., Safford Police officer Wade Sanders and Animal Control officer Randy Damron responded to a residence in the Sunrise Village & RV Mobile Home Resort at 900 W. Hollywood Rd. in response to an animal attack call. When they arrived, paramedics from Southwest Ambulance were treating 6-year-old Gunner Nichols for severe lacerations to his cheek and eyebrow/eyelid area. He was transported to the Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center, where he was loaded onto a helicopter and flown to UMC. Gunner's father, Rhett Nichols, told the Courier that Gunner spent about 12 hours at the hospital and had plastic surgery to his cheek. On Thursday, he said Gunner had returned to his old self and was playing normally. He is able to open his eye all the way and did not have any loss of sight. The canine's teeth just missed Gunner's eye, giving him a laceration between his eyelid and eyebrow."He's doing incredibly," Rhett said. "He's Gunner again. He's running around and playing, and he doesn't even complain about having any pain or anything like that."Rhett said he hoped the picture of his son's injury will alert other people with children who live around pitt bulls to the danger that may be there.Gunner's neighbor told officer Damron that he heard Gunner scream a few minutes after he had walked past his house and saw him in the alley with blood on his left cheek and his eye swollen shut. After calling 9-1-1, the neighbor said Gunner told him the pit bull that was chained in the backyard of space 217 in the resort jumped its chain link fence and attacked him while he was playing in the alley. The dog then jumped back into its yard. The neighbor said he has seen the dog running loose several times. Officer Sanders told Damron the dog's chain was long enough for it to traverse the low fence.The owner of the dog, Yvonne Marie Lopez, 43, was given citations for failure to obey the leash law, not having any city tags, no proof of vaccination and owning a vicious dog. Damron had Lopez and her daughter assist him, and they placed the dog in the back of his truck to take to impound.Damron wrote in his report that he believes the dog to be vicious toward children and "from the actions this dog did while I was impounding it, the dog needs to be euthanize(d)." He then forwarded his report to the Safford City prosecutor and victims witness representative.Lopez allegedly told Damron she wants to get the dog back, but it will not be allowed in the resort.Resort manager Starr Walden told the Courier pit bulls, rottweilers, German shepherds, chows and dobermans are not permitted in the resort. She said she did not know the dog was at the residence. Since then, she has learned of three more pit bulls and said she has gotten rid of two of them and is working on the third. A letter will be sent out to all home owners and renters in the resort reminding them of the dog breeds that are not permitted and instructing them that either the dogs go or they go."He (the Lopez's pit bull) will not come back into this park," Walden said. "I don't care what they do with it, (but) he will not come back in this park."For breaking the rules of the resort, Walden said the owners, Sonny and Renada Eli, are going to evict Lopez. So even if she gets the dog back, it won't be coming back to Sunrise. NANNY DOGS STRIKE AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN.

May 3, 2010 Animal control supervisor Linda Ericson takes a pit bull to be quarantined for 10 days after it bit a woman Thursday near First Street and Pueblo Drive. Ericson and a police officer used a baton to fend off an attack when capturing the dog. The woman who was bitten was sent to Casa Grande Regional Medical Center. TITLE OF STORY: ONE REALLY BAD DOG, NO SHIT, IT'S A PIT.

May 19, 2010
SCOTTSDALE – A woman watched as a Staffordshire terrier, a cousin to the pit bull terrier, attacked her border collie while out for a walk at Chaparral Park in Scottsdale.Police say Jared Dogget left his door open on Monday at about 5:30 p.m. in the 5000 block of north Hayden Road and his 7-year-old Staffordshire terrier, Dopey, escaped. Police received a call at about the same time of a dog at large near Chaparral Park in the area of Hayden and McDonald Road.When officers arrived they found three men sitting on a large white dog and a large amount of blood next to a smaller dog. Officers say Dopey did not have a proper identification tag at the time of the attack. Police later learned a group of bystanders had kicked and punched the dog in an attempt to protect the 3-year-old Border collie named Sydney.The bystanders were unsuccessful in prying the dog’s jaws open but a passing car stopped in the area and one of the occupants used a tire iron to pry the terrier's jaw open so that he would let go of Sydney.That is when the men sat on Dopey until officers arrived at the park. Police later learned Dopey has escaped his house twice and has attacked at least three other dogs before this incident.Dogget told officers his ID tag was on his leash and later provided it to police. He said Dopey does not usually have his leash on while inside the house.Sydney is currently listed in stable condition but her owner says the vet thinks she may have spinal cord injury or other internal injuries.Dogget faces charges including dog at large and no dog license on dog. He signed the citation but did not admit guilt. He will appear in court at a later date. MULTI-PURPOSE TIRE IRON, USE AS BREAKSTICK, OR TO HIT THE STUPID PIT NUTTER IN THE HEAD.

June 4, 2010 SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – The dog responsible for three bloody attacks in one year on other dogs has been put down and his owner is now saying he is sorry.The dog's owner appeared in court Friday to face criminal charges for his role in those attacks. Jared Doggett is facing two misdemeanor charges, dog at large and no dog license. He was cited in mid-May after his dog, Dopey, got loose, ran over to nearby Chaparral Park and attacked a border collie named Sydney.Pamela Wheeler says they needed to use a tire iron to pry Dopey off her dog. Sydney barely survived the attack, running up a vet bill of more than $10,000. Sydney was not the only puppy to fall victim to Dopey.In December a poodle was killed when it ran up to the pit bull and, a little less than a year ago, Barkley was attacked while he was being walked through Chaparral Park.Dopey owner says, “Unfortunately he had the misfortune of being born that type of dog. He is a good dog. He is just not good with other dogs."After court Doggett talked about how sorry he was for all the attacks. He says, “To everyone out there I am sorry about the trouble."Right after the latest attack, Doggett was ordered to put Dopey down. He says, “There's no more reason for people to be in fear for their dogs any more. He is gone and I am sorry I didn’t control him better."There is nothing under Arizona state law that covers dog-on-dog attacks but some of Dopey's victims are now trying to change that.Dopey was only put down because he bit a person during the first attack. WONDER HOW THE NUTTER WOULD FEEL IF HE HAD TO WALK IN THE VICTIM'S SHOES.