FEB. 9, 2010 About letter carriers, it is sometimes said, that neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.The saying makes no mention of pit bulls. Maybe it should. Donna Wheat of Athens said she was walking her dogs — a little white Maltese named Mollie and a brown and tan Yorkipoo named Reece — on North Beaty Street on Saturday morning, when her small dogs began barking at a pit bull terrier on the loose. As Wheat’s dogs worked themselves into a frenzy, they wrapped themselves around a tree, leaving Wheat to try to untangle them while, at the same time, keeping her eyes on the pit bull. The pit bull suddenly charged her and knocked her to the ground. “As I got back up, all I could think about was my little dogs,” Wheat said. “I knew that if it got a hold of one of them, that was it.”This is where “neither snow, nor rain, nor heat …” comes in. Letter carrier Roy Neutze saw the pit bull topple Wheat, so he picked up a stick and came after it. A neighbor joined in the standoff against the dog, and the pit bull backed off. The police were called and the owner found. Apparently, the pit bull had gotten out of its fenced yard. Wheat wanted to thank her letter carrier for being there. “It was just wonderful,” she said. Still, she wonders if she did anything to provoke the pit bull, such as make eye contact with it. Although many people believe pit bull breeds are more likely than others to bite, the American Veterinary Medical Association says there is little scientific evidence to support the claim. The association offers this advice if you are threatened by a dog: • Don’t turn and run. • Avoid eye contact• Don’t scream or yell — speak calmly and firmly. WITH THE AVMA QUOTE, YOU THINK THIS REPORTER IS DRINKING THE PIT NUTTER KOOLAID??

April 12, 2010 It's happening more and more in our community. Stray dogs attacking people and their pets.What would you do if a vicious dog came after you on your property?Toto is recovering monday after a scary situation. Vet bills indicate Toto suffered a hard hit to her muzzle and leg from a neighbor's pit bull. Barbara Hill is terrified. She tells me us a neighborhood pit bull attacked her dog, costing her hundreds of dollars in vet bills. "She heard her dog in the back yard barking and she went out and a pit bull that got into her fence and got her little dog, so she got a shovel and she beat him and she beat him and he would not let her dog go," says Belinda White. Belinda White says she suffered a similar attack in her fairfield neighborhood sunday evening. "I looked up and I see a pit bull running across my neighbors yard towards me the only thing I had in my hand was my wallet and my keys."White ran into the house and called the police, but she isn't sure it's enough. "These are vicious dogs and people need to be accountable for their dogs." These kind of dog attacks are preventable, we went to the local animal control center to learn how. "When a dog is approaching you and you're not sure the temperament of the dog, it's better to be safe than sorry. Take cover and if you think there is some real risk involved, give us a call," says Phil Doster with the BJC Animal Control Shelter. Doster says it's not just pit bulls that can attack unsuspecting victims. "It really doesn't depend on the breed, it's more about the ownership of the animal and how they are raised and trained." Doster says ownership responsibility is crucial. "If you treat them and teach them to be aggressive then that is how they are going to be." Animal control was able to pick up the pit bull who attacked Toto. Toto's owner, isn't sure who the pit bull belongs to, but she hopes it will be a lesson to everyone in her neighborhood. ANOTHER NUTTER IN ANIMAL CONTROL.

April 13, 2010 TONEY, AL (WAFF) - A two-year-old is in the hospital after a dog attack Monday afternoon in Toney. The Madison County Animal Control director says the child will likely have a long recovery because the attack was so intense, but at last check, he's in fair condition in pediatric intensive care. As the weather gets warmer, animal control expects their call volume to go up."My husband, he stayed up all night worried about that little boy because he's only two," neighbor Catherine Womack told WAFF 48 News, recalling what she and her husband saw coming home from work that made them stop in the middle of the road.Animal Control Director Mike Fritz says the two-year-old was playing outside with the family's pet pit bull, which was tied to a chain in the yard when the dog attacked."Face, arms, and legs is what I understand," Fritz said."We saw the lady running down the road with her baby in her arm and he wasn't breathing and his little sister was right beside them," Womack said.The couple tried to help as paramedics rushed to the home. Womack was told it took five minutes for the mom to get her son loose from the animal."The little girl said that they were out there playing and all the sudden the dog pushed her brother down and started biting him in his face," said Womack.The neighbor tells WAFF 48 News the brown pit bull has attacked other dogs before and often runs loose."It's been a real issue since we moved here and we haven't even lived here that long," Amanda Wallace, who also lives nearby, said.Wallace claims the family's white pit bull also has too much freedom."It's chased my little girl, which is 17 months old and we take of three other girls that are three, five, and six, and we can't even go out there, because every time we go out there, the dog wants to run up in the yard and growl at them," Wallace said."Just supervise," Fritz stated. "Small children like to hug and that's all fine and dandy as long as that particular animal is going to allow that and some don't."Any breed has the potential to be aggressive, but Fritz says the best pets are socialized ones that interact with different people and animals."If you're not familiar with an animal stay away from them," Fritz said. "That's the biggest advice I can give."Information on this case will be forwarded to the health department, whose job is to contact the owner. The owner is required to either quarantine the animal for a 10 day observation period or have the animal euthanized and sent to the state lab for rabies testing.Fritz was under the impression the dog will be euthanized.The child's mother was contacted by phone about his condition and the statements made by her neighbors. She did not wish to comment.Experts say dogs can bite for the following reasons: fear, surprise, excitement, pain, sickness, or protecting property.Fritz says to avoid a dog that's eating or with its puppies. BUT MOMMY, I THOUGHT IT WAS A NANNY DOG.

May 18, 2010 Auburn officer attacked by pitbull during arrest Sunday: Deardre Marcel Rush, 28, of Auburn, verbally ordered or instructed a pit bull to become aggressive and bite an arresting officer on Sunday as police were trying to arrest a man on a probation violation charge, the Opelika-Auburn News reports. at approximately 3:28 p.m. Sunday to execute a felony arrest warrant for a probation violation. When police attempted to arrest Sylvester Deshone Turk, 28, of Tuskegee, Rush gave the animal an attack command, officers said. The officer bitten was not seriously injured. CAN YOU IMAGINE USING A POODLE AS A WEAPON?

May 17, 2010 An Auburn man was arrested Sunday after ordering a pit bull to attack an Auburn police officer making an arrest at a residence on Lee Road 12.According to Auburn police, officers responded to a residence in the 1600 block of Lee Road 12 at approximately 3:28 p.m. Sunday to execute a felony arrest warrant for a probation violation. When they attempted to arrest Sylvester Deshone Turk, 28, of Tuskegee, in accordance with the warrant, he physically resisted and a brief altercation ensued.Turk was eventually taken into custody and charged with the original probation violation, as well as resisting arrest, according to an APD release.While Turk was being arrested, another occupant of the residence, Deardre Marcel Rush, 28, of Auburn, verbally ordered or instructed a pit bull to become aggressive and bite the arresting officer on the leg, the release states.Auburn police say the officer was not seriously injured in the attack. Rush was subsequently charged with second-degree assault against a law enforcement officer.Both Turk and Rush were transported to the Lee County Detention Facility without incident. The dog was taken by a Lee County animal control officer to be evaluated. WHO NEEDS A GUN WHEN YOU HAVE A PIT AS A WEAPON.

May 20, 2010
An 11-year-old Maplesville boy is in Birmingham's Children's Hospital after being attacked Wednesday evening by a neighobor's dog, the Clanton Advertiser reports.
The dog, described as a boxer/bull mastiff mix, bit the youth on the throat and injured its owner who aided the boy, Police Chief Todd Ingam said. The dog attacked the boy whose name was not released after another youngster accidently let the dog escape, according to the newspaper. Officers shot the dog. THE BULLY BREEDS.


April 19, 2010 FATALITY April 17: Mat-Su Borough Animal Care and Regulation reported a pit bull belonging to a 37-year-old Palmer woman had bit and killed the woman’s fox terrier. The dog was surrendered to animal control. NUTTER PROBABLY THINKS THE FOX TERRIER KILLED THE PIT.

May 27, 2010 FAIRBANKS — An 11-year-old Fairbanks boy is recovering in Anchorage after being mauled by a pit bull earlier this week.The boy, who Alaska State Troopers haven’t named, was riding his bike after 6 p.m. Tuesday on Reliance Drive, near his home, when the dog attacked.The boy suffered multiple puncture wounds to his torso and upper and lower extremities. Trooper spokeswoman Megan Peters said the boy’s injuries did not appear to be life threatening.When troopers responded to Reliance Drive, located on the north side of Chena Ridge, the dog stayed close to the boy’s bike. It then became “extremely aggressive” and attacked a patrol car. A trooper shot and killed the pit bull. The trooper has not been identified.Troopers have not released any information about the dog’s owner, who could be subject to a criminal investigation. Greg Wilkinson, spokesman for the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, said the dog did not have current vaccinations. It did not test positive for rabies.The boy was stabilized at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital before being transferred to Anchorage for treatment.Pit bulls have gained a poor reputation nationally in recent years, even being banned in some municipalities.Peters recommended that neighbors take a case-by-case approach to canines. “Talk to owner and find out about the dog,” she said. “And if you don’t know the dog, don’t approach it.” STUPID NUTTERS IN ALASKA WITH A SHORT HAIRED DOG THAT HATES THE COLD??


Nov. 17, 2009 FATALITY

PHOENIX - Police say a pitbull that got loose from its yard has attacked a chihuahua and two women who tried to stop it.It happened Tuesday afternoon in a west Phoenix neighborhood near 51st Ave and Thomas.Two women who tried to stop the attack were bit.The chihuahua is not expected to survive the attack. YOU JUST KNOW THAT VICIOUS CHIHUAHUA STARTED THE WHOLE THING, THEY ARE THE WORSE BITERS!!!

Dec. 9, 2009 PHOENIX — Phoenix police say a woman in her 70’s has been hospitalized after being attacked Wednesday morning by two stray pit bulls.The woman was walking her dog in northeast Phoenix when the pit bulls first attacked her dog.The victim attempted to intervene and was bitten and knocked to the ground.A nearby apartment complex employee and other bystanders used various objects to chase the animals away from the victim.Officers learned the dogs escaped by breaking through a 6 foot wooden fence in a backyard and scaling a 3 foot wrought iron fence in the front. Animal Control detained the pit bulls. WE WANT TO BE SAFE WALKING DOWN THE STREET!!!

Dec. 28, 2009 Glendale police shot and killed two pit bulls Monday after the dogs tried to attack a boy and the officers.Police responded to a dog attack call in the neighborhood near 71st and Orangewood avenues at about 4 p.m. Residents said that the dogs had been chasing a juvenile on a bicycle.Once on the scene, officers found the dogs to be similarly aggressive and shot them out of self defense, said Detective Mark Lankford, a spokesman for Glendale police. One of the dogs was run over."The dog survived (being run down) and was still aggressive, so he (the officer) got out and shot it," Lankford said.Lankford said the owner of the dogs has previously been cited for letting the animals loose. OWNERS OF PITS NEED TO BE BANNED, THAT WILL SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

Feb. 1, 2010 A neighbor's surveillance camera caught the attack on tape."It was unreal, just unreal," said Champion.On the tape, Champion can be seen with crash and as the two approach a corner house, a large dog runs out of house and grabs Crash by the neck.Champion says she could only watch as the Pit Bull-mix shook and swung Crash by the neck."That dog was swinging him (Crash) like a rag doll, it was awful, I can't even watch the video," said Champion. "I was stomping and screaming at the top of my lungs and basically going in circles."With Crash clutched in the jaws of the neighbor's dog, she said a mystery man came to the rescue."I don't know who the man was, I know he was an angel, I believe in angels and I believe that guy had a purpose that day and it was to save my dog," said Champion as Crash went to sleep in her lap.In the video, the man can be seen putting himself between Crash and the other dog and consoling Crash while keeping the attacking dog at bay."And then he just disappeared, I don't know where this guy came from, I thought he lived in the neighborhood, but other people told me he didn't," said Champion.Champion then rushed Crash to an emergency vet, but she said she couldn't afford to pay a massive bill and the vet helped her anyway. LITTLE OLD LADY JUST TRYING TO WALK HER DOG.

Feb. 16, 2010 PRESCOTT VALLEY - A young Dewey girl was seriously wounded by a family member's Pit Bull last week.The Pit Bull mix named "Knuckles" attacked the eight-year-old when she was visiting a grandparent in the Orchard Ranch RV Park in Prescott Valley.The little girl was playing in the residence when the dog apparently ran to the child and bit her on the face.Family members were able to get the dog to release with a verbal command, but the child was already serious injured.According to Prescott Valley police the attack appeared to be unprovoked.The child was eventually airlifted to Phoenix Children's Hospital in Phoenix with severe facial wounds.The family indicated the dog had played with the children in the past and has not displayed aggressive behavior.The dog will likely be euthanized.

Feb. 26, 2010 MESA - Mesa police say the family dog attacked and sent a teenager to the hospital and officials are now trying to figure out if this was more than just a horrible accident.Police say the dog went into attack mode after a father and son got into a verbal argument inside their apartment.“Somehow during the argument, the family dog, which is a pit bull, bit the18-year-old in the face,” police said.Officials say the dog caused significant injuries to the victim's face and head and he was transported to Scottsdale Memorial Hospital.The pit bull did not go willingly.“It was obviously not happy to see us,” police said. “It was barking, growling, showing it's teeth at us.”Officers say there were several more dogs inside the family's apartment, including one which police eventually returned after they decided it did not attack the teen.Investigators are still trying to determine whether this case is more than an unfortunate accident.“We were unable to get a good statement from the young man who was bit and we haven't been able to speak to the father,” police said.Police say the victim will need a lot of plastic surgery to repair his face, but is expected to be okay. It is unclear what will happen to the dog. REMEMBER TO NOT RAISE YOUR VOICE AROUND A PIT!!

March 15, 2010 PHOENIX - A woman who was taking her dog on a walk Monday morning was attacked by a vicious pit bull. The woman's mother says the pit bull jumped over an 8-foot brick wall.As she turned the corner of an alley near 35th Ave and Bethany Home, the dog lunged straight for the woman.The victim's mother, Therese Blanton, says, "She was very very scared about the whole situation. Our neighbor saw the whole incident so she went to rescue her and help her out so thank God for that."The woman was taken to the hospital with a deep puncture wound. Her dog was not hurt.The pit bull was picked up by Animal Care and Control. NOTE THE HEIGHT OF THE FENCE!!!!

April 11, 2010 A Safford youth was flown to the University Medical Center in Tucson on Monday afternoon after suffering a severe bite from a pit bull terrier.At about 1:30 p.m., Safford Police officer Wade Sanders and Animal Control officer Randy Damron responded to a residence in the Sunrise Village & RV Mobile Home Resort at 900 W. Hollywood Rd. in response to an animal attack call. When they arrived, paramedics from Southwest Ambulance were treating 6-year-old Gunner Nichols for severe lacerations to his cheek and eyebrow/eyelid area. He was transported to the Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center, where he was loaded onto a helicopter and flown to UMC. Gunner's father, Rhett Nichols, told the Courier that Gunner spent about 12 hours at the hospital and had plastic surgery to his cheek. On Thursday, he said Gunner had returned to his old self and was playing normally. He is able to open his eye all the way and did not have any loss of sight. The canine's teeth just missed Gunner's eye, giving him a laceration between his eyelid and eyebrow."He's doing incredibly," Rhett said. "He's Gunner again. He's running around and playing, and he doesn't even complain about having any pain or anything like that."Rhett said he hoped the picture of his son's injury will alert other people with children who live around pitt bulls to the danger that may be there.Gunner's neighbor told officer Damron that he heard Gunner scream a few minutes after he had walked past his house and saw him in the alley with blood on his left cheek and his eye swollen shut. After calling 9-1-1, the neighbor said Gunner told him the pit bull that was chained in the backyard of space 217 in the resort jumped its chain link fence and attacked him while he was playing in the alley. The dog then jumped back into its yard. The neighbor said he has seen the dog running loose several times. Officer Sanders told Damron the dog's chain was long enough for it to traverse the low fence.The owner of the dog, Yvonne Marie Lopez, 43, was given citations for failure to obey the leash law, not having any city tags, no proof of vaccination and owning a vicious dog. Damron had Lopez and her daughter assist him, and they placed the dog in the back of his truck to take to impound.Damron wrote in his report that he believes the dog to be vicious toward children and "from the actions this dog did while I was impounding it, the dog needs to be euthanize(d)." He then forwarded his report to the Safford City prosecutor and victims witness representative.Lopez allegedly told Damron she wants to get the dog back, but it will not be allowed in the resort.Resort manager Starr Walden told the Courier pit bulls, rottweilers, German shepherds, chows and dobermans are not permitted in the resort. She said she did not know the dog was at the residence. Since then, she has learned of three more pit bulls and said she has gotten rid of two of them and is working on the third. A letter will be sent out to all home owners and renters in the resort reminding them of the dog breeds that are not permitted and instructing them that either the dogs go or they go."He (the Lopez's pit bull) will not come back into this park," Walden said. "I don't care what they do with it, (but) he will not come back in this park."For breaking the rules of the resort, Walden said the owners, Sonny and Renada Eli, are going to evict Lopez. So even if she gets the dog back, it won't be coming back to Sunrise. NANNY DOGS STRIKE AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN.

May 3, 2010 Animal control supervisor Linda Ericson takes a pit bull to be quarantined for 10 days after it bit a woman Thursday near First Street and Pueblo Drive. Ericson and a police officer used a baton to fend off an attack when capturing the dog. The woman who was bitten was sent to Casa Grande Regional Medical Center. TITLE OF STORY: ONE REALLY BAD DOG, NO SHIT, IT'S A PIT.

May 19, 2010
SCOTTSDALE – A woman watched as a Staffordshire terrier, a cousin to the pit bull terrier, attacked her border collie while out for a walk at Chaparral Park in Scottsdale.Police say Jared Dogget left his door open on Monday at about 5:30 p.m. in the 5000 block of north Hayden Road and his 7-year-old Staffordshire terrier, Dopey, escaped. Police received a call at about the same time of a dog at large near Chaparral Park in the area of Hayden and McDonald Road.When officers arrived they found three men sitting on a large white dog and a large amount of blood next to a smaller dog. Officers say Dopey did not have a proper identification tag at the time of the attack. Police later learned a group of bystanders had kicked and punched the dog in an attempt to protect the 3-year-old Border collie named Sydney.The bystanders were unsuccessful in prying the dog’s jaws open but a passing car stopped in the area and one of the occupants used a tire iron to pry the terrier's jaw open so that he would let go of Sydney.That is when the men sat on Dopey until officers arrived at the park. Police later learned Dopey has escaped his house twice and has attacked at least three other dogs before this incident.Dogget told officers his ID tag was on his leash and later provided it to police. He said Dopey does not usually have his leash on while inside the house.Sydney is currently listed in stable condition but her owner says the vet thinks she may have spinal cord injury or other internal injuries.Dogget faces charges including dog at large and no dog license on dog. He signed the citation but did not admit guilt. He will appear in court at a later date. MULTI-PURPOSE TIRE IRON, USE AS BREAKSTICK, OR TO HIT THE STUPID PIT NUTTER IN THE HEAD.

June 4, 2010 SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – The dog responsible for three bloody attacks in one year on other dogs has been put down and his owner is now saying he is sorry.The dog's owner appeared in court Friday to face criminal charges for his role in those attacks. Jared Doggett is facing two misdemeanor charges, dog at large and no dog license. He was cited in mid-May after his dog, Dopey, got loose, ran over to nearby Chaparral Park and attacked a border collie named Sydney.Pamela Wheeler says they needed to use a tire iron to pry Dopey off her dog. Sydney barely survived the attack, running up a vet bill of more than $10,000. Sydney was not the only puppy to fall victim to Dopey.In December a poodle was killed when it ran up to the pit bull and, a little less than a year ago, Barkley was attacked while he was being walked through Chaparral Park.Dopey owner says, “Unfortunately he had the misfortune of being born that type of dog. He is a good dog. He is just not good with other dogs."After court Doggett talked about how sorry he was for all the attacks. He says, “To everyone out there I am sorry about the trouble."Right after the latest attack, Doggett was ordered to put Dopey down. He says, “There's no more reason for people to be in fear for their dogs any more. He is gone and I am sorry I didn’t control him better."There is nothing under Arizona state law that covers dog-on-dog attacks but some of Dopey's victims are now trying to change that.Dopey was only put down because he bit a person during the first attack. WONDER HOW THE NUTTER WOULD FEEL IF HE HAD TO WALK IN THE VICTIM'S SHOES.


Dec. 28, 2009 TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) - A Trumann woman says she experienced one of the scariest moments of her life on the night before Christmas. That's when she describes a horrible dog attack that left her knee torn completely open.Ollie Lawless says she heard cries for help. When she opened the door, a woman and her small child stood asking for help. The child had been attacked by a dog, according to animal control. They asked Lawless to use her phone to dial 911, so she let them in as she describes.But the door wasn't pulled shut and moments later, Lawless says the same dog that attacked the girl charged into her home and went directly for her. She says she was sitting down when the dog latched its jaws into her knee, tearing it open."I was sitting in the chair over there and he just started attacking," said Ollie Lawless.She is angry not just due to the attack but because she says she reported the dog to the city multiple times and it was allowed to remain free. She describes the dog as being aggressive toward children on many occasions but says it remained at the home, outside on a chain. MULTIPLE ATTACKER ON SOMEONE JUST SITTING IN THEIR HOME.

FEB. 9, 2010 Mabelvale - Trying to play in the snow, a teen is attacked by two dogs.James Nowlin, 15, says he was attacked by a neighbor's pit-bull mix pets around 8:30 a.m. Monday while he was on his way to a friend's house in Mabelvale. Nowlin credits his own survival skills and thick coveralls for why he was able to keep his leg, and his life."I'd have to say if it happened to somebody littler and not knowing what to do, or even me, could have been killed." "The way this happened, in all honesty, I could have been without my son today."Nowlin was treated and released from Arkansas Children's Hospital where he got 15 stitches. He still has several rabies shots to get.The owner of the dog, Thomas Coleman, says he did not want to speak on camera, but still told Channel 7 News the incident was an accident. So far, the Saline County Sheriff's Department has not reached Coleman. Deputies say he will most likely face a citation for a vicious animal attack.There are no leash laws in Saline County.

March 30, 2010,0,1897534.story Police say a savage attack by a pit bull mix sent a 6-year-old girl to the hospital in Fort Smith where she had to undergo surgery.Little Malaysia Dotson had to have reconstructive surgery after the dog tore half of her bottom lip off. She was also left with a large cut on her left cheek and two smaller bite marks on her upper lip. Police say what happened seemed innocent at the time. Looks can be deceiving."Normally when we see a vicious dog here if you walk up to the kennel it will be charging the kennel and baring and showing its teeth and really trying to get you. That dog is just sitting there look at you," JoAnn Barton with the Sebastian County Humane Society said.But police say the dog is a pit bull mix and attacked little Malaysia Dotson as she tried to pet it. The owner and a companion were walking their two dogs by the little girl's house when she asked if she could pet them."She pet the Yorkie and there was no problem and then when we went to pet this pit bull it lunged at her and attacked her and bit her in the face," Sgt. Greg Copeland explained.The girl's grandmother, Regina Jones told police she had gone back inside when she heard Malaysia crying. The child was rushed by ambulance to Sparks Regional Medical Center where she underwent surgery Monday night. Police photos show the severity of her injuries. Jones told 5NEWS her granddaughter is recovering at home.Officers declared the dog vicious by city ordinance and took the animal from the owner."He was concerned after what happened and he was somewhat afraid of the dog himself after that, and he was willing to sign the dog over to us so we can make sure the dog is put down," Sgt. Copeland said.Sgt. Greg Copeland and JoAnn Barton with the Sebastian County Humane Society have words of warning for pet owners, parents, and grandparents."A lot of times we don't know what those dogs are thinking," Sgt. Copeland said."When you're out walking your animals that animal is actually protecting you it's territorial over you, so if somebody comes up to pet it and you allow that to happen you are putting your dog in danger and you are putting the person in danger," Barton explained.The dog was euthanized Tuesday afternoon. The animal was on a leash when the attack happened, so police say the owner is only guilty of poor judgment in letting the little girl pet the dog. SGT. COPELAND, IT IS EASY TO KNOW WHAT A PIT BULL IS THINKING.


Nov. 13, 2009 The Yolo County Animal Control Services is asking for the public's help in finding a dog that bit a man before the victim has to undergo painful rabies shots.The 48-year-old victim was bitten by a dog while walking near the restroom at the Broderick Boat Ramp in West Sacramento at about 10:30 a.m. Nov. 7, according to a news release.The dog that bit him is described as a large adult German shepherd/pit-bull mix, with a black body and tan snout. The dog is likely female, was wearing a collar with an attached (possibly green) leash, and is possibly named either Roxy or Jasmine.The dogs' owners, a man and a woman, left the scene shortly after the victim was bit without giving information about themselves, the release states. PIT AND SHEPHERD MIX, A DEADLY COMBINATION AND IN TYPICAL PIT NUTTER FASHION THE OWNERS TAKE OFF.

Nov. 18, 2009 Graunitz said he thought the dog was friendly, given the reportedly unconcerned attitude of its owner. But when Graunitz turned his back, the dog struck, drawing blood. Upset at being attacked, Graunitz said he confronted the apparent owner -- a teenager thought to be age 15 or so -- who told Graunitz that he shouldn't have made eye contact with the animal. ”It's just a matter of time before it happens to a kid on the playground,” Graunitz said. “All I could think of was my kid getting attacked by that dog.” WHAT IF IT HAD BEEN A KID??

Nov. 24, 2009 FATALITY Last week, Pepper, a resident of Zinnia Street, which intersects with Mantelli Drive near Santa Teresa Boulevard, took Sammy out for their afternoon walk. Pepper hadn't even left her front yard before her neighbors' dogs managed to push open their owners' fence and get loose, according to Maria Cabatingan, a Gilroy Police Department community service officer who deals with animal control calls. "The pit bull was so intent on killing my dog," Pepper said. "I was kicking and hitting and screaming at it but I couldn't get it to take its eyes off Sammy. They were tearing him to shreds." Pepper and several supportive neighbors who reported similar vicious behavior from the bulldog and pit bull and "cavalier" behavior on the part of their owners blanketed the community with notices detailing the incident and forwarded a letter to Mayor Al Pinheiro. However, the owners did apologize for their dogs' behavior, Pepper said. ANOTHER BELOVED PET IS KILLED BY THE "CAVALIER" BEHAVIOR OF A PIT NUTTER.

Nov. 28, 2009 A sheriff’s deputy allegedly shot a pit bull Saturday morning, seriously injuring the animal after it had run away from a 6-year-old girl toward the deputy, a sheriff’s official said. “The dog was shot today,” said Sgt. Brian Allen, who withheld the name of the deputy. “I understand a little girl was holding the dog and the dog saw the deputy and charged away at the deputy.” “They shot my dog and she’s hurt and I can’t afford the vet bills,” Macpherson said. “They haven’t removed (the bullet) because I can’t afford it.” NUTTERS ALLOWING A 6 YEAR OLD TO HANDLE A PIT AND CAN'T AFFORD ONE ANYWAY.

Dec. 3, 2009 An East Palo Alto police officer shot two pit bulls that had mauled a small dog being walked by its owner Wednesday evening and then approached officers in a "vicious manner," police Captain John Chalmers reported.Police have responded to the neighborhood on multiple occasions due to the pit bulls, which have attacked and killed other dogs, Chalmers said. The smaller of the two pit bulls charged at the two officers and one fired three rounds at the dog. The larger of the two dogs then charged at the officers and the same officer fired five rounds, killing the dog. Chalmers said the smaller pit bull was picked up by animal control officers and didn't know whether that dog survived. QUIZ TIME, HOW MANY OTHER BREEDS ARE BEING SHOT ALMOST DAILY FOR THEIR ATTACKS?? NONE!!

Dec. 10, 2009 A deputy picked up the dog the woman had reported to be aggressive and carried him to the patrol car, said Dawes. As he did that the woman's dog – also a pit bull — bit the deputy on the right side of his ribcage under his arm. LOST PRODUCTIVITY THAT IS PAID FOR BY TAXPAYERS.

Dec. 14, 2009 Encino ( - A man attacked by two pit bulls while out for a walk was hospitalized today, police said. The attack occurred outside 17938 Burbank Boulevard at 9:36 p.m. Sunday, said Lt. Jeff Perkins of the Los Angeles Police Department's West Valley Station. The man, who is in his 70s, was walking on the sidewalk when the two pit bulls escaped from a yard and attacked him, Perkins said. "There were citizens nearby who honked their car horns and came to his aid," Perkins said. "They helped scare the dogs off." The man was bitten several times on his arms and was taken to a hospital in Woodland Hills in stable condition, Perkins said, adding that the Los Angeles Department of Animal Regulations was investigating the attack. NUTTERS WANT US TO BE PRISONERS IN OUR HOMES!!

Dec. 21, 2009 USED AS A WEAPON SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A man accused of releasing his pit bull to attack someone was arrested over the weekend in midtown Sacramento, police said.Daniel M. Stefanic, 35, was taken to jail Saturday night on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, according to jail records.Police said they received a call at about 5:30 p.m. from a victim who works at Nationwide Freezer Meats, a hamburger restaurant at 1930 H St., claiming that Stefanic had unleashed the dog on him during an argument outside of the eatery.The victim ran into the restaurant and closed the door to get away, according to a police report.An investigation led officers to an address in the 1800 block of H Street, where Stefanic lives. He was arrested.Animal control officials also confiscated the dog involved in the incident, as well as two other dogs found at the address, according to Laura Peck, a police representative.Stefanic's bail was set at $35,000. He is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday. WHO NEEDS A GUN? GET A PIT INSTEAD.

Jan. 4, 2010 WATSONVILLE - A 64-year-old woman, attacked by a pit bull on New Year's Day, remained hospitalized Monday as investigators probed the incident for possible charges against the dog's owner.
Cucuy, the 2-year-old unaltered male, will be euthanized at the owner's request, authorities said.The dog, which broke free of a tether in an unfenced backyard on the 800 block of Virginia Street, bit the woman on her left calf as she walked in the neighborhood about 1 p.m., a Watsonville police report said.Cucuy's owner responded to the disturbance and pulled the dog off the woman. He surrendered the dog as well as a 3-year-old unspayed female named Dakota and an unnamed 6-month-old intact male pit bull puppy to authorities.Dakota, who was not involved in the attack, also will be euthanized at the owner's request, according to Santa Cruz County Animal Services general manager Henry Brzezinksi. The puppy will be evaluated. NUTTERS LOVE TO BREED MAULSPAWN, BIG LITTERS, ANOTHER REASON NUTTERS SHOULD SUPPORT BSL.

Jan 8, 2010 BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- Some residents of one northwest Bakersfield area say that a dog has been terrorizing their neighborhood. Those residents who live near the Fruitvale Norris park said a local dog has been making their lives miserable and also say the dog's owner couldn't care less. “I don't think these owners are being responsible for their dog, Their pit bull can get out of the yard anytime it wants and nothing is ever done,” said Sean Bradford. “It's just a matter of time before a kid comes cruising by on their bike or whatever, because the dog doesn't just go after other dogs; he goes after people, too,” said Pam Ward. Bradford said he was walking with his dog to a friend's house last weekend when the pit bull ran out of its yard and attacked them. “The dog jumped on us and I grabbed my leash and pulled my dog back. He bit me by the hand. I mean it's not that bad, but it did break the skin. As soon as he came down after that lunge, he went right after my dog," Bradford said. Bradford showed ABC 23 the wounds he said his dogs suffered during that attack. Those wounds were deep gashes and bites around the dog's neck, back and throat area. Bradford said he tried to keep the pit bull off his dog, but the attack didn't stop until another neighbor came running over with a flashlight and a stick to help stop the attack. Then he rushed his dog to the animal hospital, where the bill was over $600. Another neighbor told ABC 23 that she and her dog were attacked by the same pit bull just weeks earlier. Neighbors said the pit bull keeps getting out of the yard through a hole in the fence or an open gate. The residents want Animal Control to do more to make sure their neighborhood is safe. Animal Control officials said they are aware of one attack and that the situation will be monitored. TYPICAL NUTTER WITH THEIR ATTITUDE THAT WE NEED TO CHANGE, NOT THEM.

Jan. 10, 2010 FATALITY A three-year-old boy died Saturday after he was bitten by his family's dog at a home in Apple Valley, according to law enforcement and fire officials. Emergency personnel were dispatched shortly before 3 p.m. to a residence in the 23500 block of Goshute Avenue, in Apple Valley. The boy was taken to a local hospital. However, he was pronounced dead at 4:41 p.m., according to San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. When fire personnel arrived, the dog, a pit bull, was aggressive toward them, according to the Apple Valley Fire Protection District. A Sheriff's deputy shot the dog, and it died. The Sheriff's Department is conducting an investigation to determine, if possible, why the dog bit the boy and other factors, such as where the guardians were at the time, said Cindy Beavers, a Sheriff's Department spokeswoman. Beavers said authorities show no history of aggressive dogs at the residence. THESE NUTTERS WERE TRYING TO BECOME "BREEDERS" AND TRADED THEIR SON FOR ILLEGALLY EARNED BREEDING MONEY.

Jan. 13, 2010 Marina police impounded a male pit bull after the dog attacked a 71-year-old woman and the person who was walking the animal, a police spokesman said Tuesday. The dog was taken to the city's animal control facility after the attack about 10:20 a.m. Thursday in the 200 block of Cypress Avenue, police Lt. Rick Janicki said. The woman was bitten on the upper arm and was taken by ambulance to the hospital, he said. A male walking the dog also was bitten, but he declined medical treatment, Janicki said. He wasn't the dog's owner. SOMEONE'S GRANDMOTHER JUST MINDING HER OWN BUSINESS.

Jan. 19, 2010
A pit bull was shot and killed Monday in Merced after biting two people and attempting to attack animal control officers.The dog reportedly bit a 15-year-old boy and a 53-year-old man in the area of West 28th Street and Martin Luther King Way.Their injuries are not believed to be life threatening.The dog is now being tested for rabies.It's owner has not been located. NUTTERS LOVE THOSE TWO FER ONE ATTACKS, REAL GAME DOG THERE.

Jan. 22, 2010
We're told L.A County Animal Care and Control launched the investigation after the dog escaped, went to a nearby ranch and attacked Gerty the pet pig. The pig suffered minor injuries ... the rancher shot the dog dead.As for what kind of dog -- it depends who you ask. Linda says it was a lab/hound mix. The rancher says it was a pit bull.Linda offered to pay the rancher for the pig's medical bills -- and said the dog's death is "devastating". GUESS THE NUTTERS WILL TAKE HER NAME OFF THEIR IDIOT CELEBRITIES WHO OWN PIT BULLS LIST.

Feb. 2, 2010 FONTANA - A 5-year-old girl remained in stable but critical condition late Tuesday, a day after she was mauled by a pack of pit bulls in Fontana. Destiny Colon, 5, was on a ventilator at Loma Linda University Children's Hospital, where she doctors were hopeful she'll survive the injuries suffered in the Monday evening attack. "She has bite injuries to her face, back, head and legs," Fontana police Sgt. Jeff Decker said. "She also has a broken rib cage and a punctured lung. She is in extremely bad shape." The incident occurred just before 5 p.m. when Josie Arellano and her four children were walking along railroad tracks on Tokay Avenue south of Arrow Highway. Five dogs escaped a yard through holes in a fence and attacked the children. The dogs set upon Destiny's 7-year-old brother, chewing off part of one of his legs, Decker said. The third child, who is 8-years-old, also suffered leg injuries. Arellano grabbed her 2-year-old, as the dogs continued their attack on Destiny. "I was yelling for help," the mother said. "It looked like they were going to eat her alive. I saw a kid come out of nowhere and started throwing rocks (at the dogs,) but they wouldn't let (Destiny) go." The brutal attack shook up a Fontana animal control officer Jamie Simmons, a 12-year veteran. "We respond to dog bites frequently," she said. "What I saw yesterday - the size of the bites and tearing of flesh - is just nothing I've seen before." One of the dogs was shot and killed as he charged at a Fontana police officer. The dogs are all pit bulls, except for one that is a mix of pit bull and Bullmastiff.
"(The owners) voluntarily gave the dogs up to us," Decker said. "My understanding is they are very sorry about what happened." The dogs were being held by the San Bernardino City Animal Control Shelter and will be euthanized after a 10-day quarantine period. Decker said police might cite the dog owners for violating a city ordinance requiring animals be properly secured on a property. "We do know the dogs escaped from the backyard, which is different from someone who sicked a dog on a person," Decker said. Police are also working with the San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office to determine whether the owners should face criminal charges. Police could also cite the owners for keeping too many dogs. "There is a limit of three dogs, so they are in violation of that," Decker said. "But that might be small potatoes to what other issues might be looming." Simmons, the animal control officer, couldn't say definitively what triggered such a severe attack, but speculated that the fact one of the female dogs was in heat may have played a role. It was the county's second serious dog attack on a child in less than a month. A 3-year-old boy died in Apple Valley after he was bitten by his family's dog in the 23500 block of Goshute Avenue on Jan. 9. That dog, described as a pit bull, became aggressive with firefighters and was eventually shot by a sheriff's deputy.

FEB. 11, 2010 FATALITY HOLLISTER, Calif. -- A Hollister man walking his dog was attacked by a loose pit bull that resulted in mortal wounds to the dog, police said.The victim was walking his dog on a leash on Recht Street when the pit bull confronted him.The pit bull immediately attacked the victim's dog, inflicting a mortal wound. The pit bull also bit the man while he attempted to fend the dog off.The man was treated for his injuries at a local hospital and released. The injuries to his dog, however, were determined to be life-threatening and it had to be euthanized after a veterinarian attempted to save the dog's life.An animal control officer contacted the owner of the pit bull and seized to dog for quarantine and additional investigation.The Hollister Police Department is reminding dog owners that they can be both civilly and criminally liable for the actions of their pets. ANOTHER PET THAT WON'T BE COMING HOME, HOW MANY MORE, NUTTERS??

Feb. 16, 2010 ESCONDIDO ---- Escondido Animal Control is investigating a report by a 56-year-old man who said he was badly bitten Tuesday morning in a West Escondido gated community by a pair of aggressive dogs, one of which animal control officials said has a history of biting.Tom Atkinson said he was finishing a jog on Rock View Glen in the Emerald Heights development when he noticed what looked like two loose pit-bull mix dogs growling at a neighbor and his leashed dog.Atkinson said he joined the neighbor, and as the men walked on, the wandering dogs jumped at him. He said he fought off the dogs, and they ran away.However, as he continued up the street, Atkinson said the dogs turned around and charged. He said the pair bit him several times, leaving him with one bad bite to the forearm that a doctor said will need stitches and another deep bite to the thigh.An animal control officer responded and impounded one of the dogs, later releasing it back to the owner, who promised to keep it on a 10-day quarantine, said Traci Chavez, director of animal control for the Escondido Humane Society. The other dog also was allowed to stay with the owner and was not quarantined, she said.Chavez said animal control took a report that one of the dogs had bitten someone at the owners' previous Escondido address within the past 36 months.However, she would not identify the dogs' owners or their current or previous address.Chavez said there may be an administrative hearing to determine whether the dogs are potentially dangerous or dangerous under the law. THOSE WHO OWN PITS COULD CARE LESS AS DEMONSTRATED BY NOT ONE ATTACK BUT TWO ATTACKS, HAPPENS ALL THE TIME WITH THESE NUTTERS.

Feb. 19, 2010 MERCED, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Merced man remains in the hospital Friday morning after being attacked by a pit bull.Police say the dog attacked the man Thursday as he was walking down the street. When officers arrived, they say the dog became aggressive towards them, so they shot and killed it. The dog's owner questions whether police needed to use deadly force. "It's pretty crazy that this all happened. I'm still shocked and confused you know," said Ricky Ramirez. Andre Matthews with the Merced Police Department said, "We're encouraging dog owners to be responsible because when they're not, it can lead to incidents like this. We're talking about proper fencing, leash laws and keeping vicious dogs maybe tethered in their yard" The dog's owner claims the man who was attacked by his dog was actually the aggressor because he trespassed onto his property. It's the third time, police had to shoot a dog over a month's time. HEY, NUTTER, YOUR PIT WENT AFTER THE POLICE TOO!!!

Feb. 19, 2010 Hollister police animal control officers responded Thursday to three separate calls regarding pit bulls, according to police. The first incident occurred at about 8 a.m. in the area of Monterey and Seventh streets. A pit bull escaped from its yard and attacked a dog being walked on a leash, according to police. The owner of the pit bull ran after his dog after seeing it run off his property. When the pit bull attacked the other dog, the pit bull's owner tried to separate the two, according to police. The other dog bit the pit bull's owner. The pit bull was impounded pending an investigation, and the other dog was placed on a 10-day quarantine, according to police.At about 10 a.m., animal control officers responded to El Toro Drive after a man reported the was attacked in his front yard by an at-large pit bull, according to police. The man and his dog were in his front yard when the pit bull attacked his dog. The man was bitten by the pit bull when he tried to break up the fight, according to the police statement. He was taken to Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital for treatment of his injuries, and the pit bull was impounded and placed on a 10-day quarantine.At 3 p.m., officers received a call of a pit bull at large on Sally Street, according to police. The pit bull was located and found to be aggressive. Officers chased the dog to a residence in the 200 block of Sally Street, where they found two other pit bulls tethered to a tree and the residence, according to police. All three dogs were impounded due to poor living conditions, and for other health and safety code violations, including tethering a dog to fixed objects for extended periods, according to the statement. Hollister police animal control officers are still actively investigating all three incidents. Anyone with information regarding these incidents is requested to contact Animal Control Officer Lainy Watkins at (831) 636-4320. Persons wishing to remain anonymous may call WeTIP at (800) 78-CRIME. Information provided to WeTIP may qualify for a reward. BIG DAY FOR THE NUTTERS.

Feb. 19, 2010 FATALITIES On Friday, two dogs died because of confrontations either with a person or another dog. But it's not always the dogs who are the victims. Gun shots rang out in a north Bakersfield neighborhood Friday morning. At a home on Alta Vista Drive, a pit-bull from next door broke into a yard. The man who lives there says he shot the dog in self defense. "A homeowner who was in his own backyard was tending to his dogs when a neighboring pit bull jumped the fence and attempted to attack the homeowner," said Sgt. Bill Ware of the Bakersfield Police Department. In a separate incident, Velma Criswell's husband says he wishes he'd had a gun to protect his wife when they were both attacked two weeks ago. They were delivering food to a family in Taft when that family's dog ran up and bit Velma, then wouldn't let go. Criswell says she feared for her life. "I'm going to die, it's going to kill me, I was sure it would have killed me if it had gotten to my throat or my face," she said.It took her husband, who also sustained bites, and another man to get the dog off her. She was in the hospital for four days and may have to go back for additional surgeries, and the medical bills are adding up. "I'll be lucky if I get off with a hundred thousand dollars," said Criswell."In this case the dog has more rights than my parents do," said Criswell's daughter, Roberta Jimerson. Jimerson says that after reporting the dog to Kern County Animal Control, it was quarantined and then let go. She says officers told her it was a civil matter and they'd have to sue to get anything else done.In a south Bakersfield neighborhod Friday afternoon, it was another dog that was the victim. "I see one dog having another dog in its mouth, tearing it apart like it was some little doll. And I was just like wow! I might be concerned about kids that play around the neighborhood," said Erin Martinez, who witnessed the dog attack.Police say the man involved in the dog shooting was within his rights and was carrying his gun legally.And in Criswell's case, animal control says in any such attack, they go out, interview all parties and observe the dog to determine if it's dangerous or vicious. LOTS OF NUTTERS AND SAVIOR RESCUES IN KERN.

Feb. 20, 2010 A Napa police K9 officer’s dog suffered minor injuries Tuesday after a pit bull attacked it while the officer was responding to the report of a fight.Officers went to the 3200 block of Piedmont Avenue at 10:09 p.m. after the report of a fight involving weapons, police said.Upon arrival, officers spotted one of the people suspected to have been involved running away. Later during a search of the area, they saw one potential suspect in a residence on the 3200 block of Main Street, police said.As they attempted to surround the residence, the person came out of the rear of the house, police said. When he saw police, he ran.A pit bull dog from the residence attacked the officer’s dog, police said.The officer fired a round into the ground, and the pit bull ran away, police said. The pit bull was uninjured and its owner took control of it. The police dog suffered minor injuries.No suspects have been arrested for the fight and the case remains under investigation. ANOTHER BREED AMBASSADOR ATTACKING YET ANOTHER POLICE K-9

Feb. 22, 2010 Police are on the look out for two pit bull terriers that attacked a dog along the Uvas Creek levee Wednesday, leading the 70-year-old woman who owned the dog to sustain serious injuries after she fell. Two light tan pit bulls, which both had white faces, attacked a chow mix along the levee at Wren Avenue and Uvas Park Drive about 3:15 p.m. Wednesday, Sgt. Wes Stanford said.One bit the woman's dog from behind, while the other bit her dog on neck, causing puncture wounds to the neck, hind quarters and back, Stanford said.It looks as if the victim's dog will recover from its non-life threatening injuries, he said.At one point during the incident, the woman picked up a rock and threw it at one of the pit bulls, he said.She ended up getting tangled in her dog's leash and fell to the ground, breaking her left arm and wrist. The two pit bulls were also traveling with a brown Chihuahua, Stanford said. Neither of the pit bulls were wearing collars, he said. Anyone with information about the incident or pit bulls can contact Community Services Officer Maria Cabatingan at 846-0300. YOU JUST KNOW THE CHIHUAHUA DID IT!!!!

Feb. 25, 2010 FATALITIES Riverside neighbors Delfino Reyes and Christine Harbour woke up to a gruesome scene Tuesday morning after another neighbor's dogs got loose and killed 14 of the 24 goats Reyes kept for his son. Harbour's yard, on Gramercy Place in the La Sierra area, abuts Reyes' parcel on Bushnell Avenue, and she lets his goats eat her grass. On Thursday, several of the remaining 10 goats -- six kids and four adults -- huddled at the edges of Reyes' yard. Some had bites on their necks that had been treated with a spray-on medicine. Reyes, speaking in Spanish, said the attack happened late Monday night when he was sleeping. He's not sure how the dogs got in, he said, but he thinks they might have come under a fence. Harbour said she heard the goats making strange noises around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday. She went outside and saw a dog attacking some goats near her driveway, so she started yelling to try to scare the dog off. "It gave me nightmares," she said by phone. "When I came running out the first thing I saw was three dead baby goats." Riverside County Animal Control was called to the scene and had to euthanize two goats that were too badly injured to survive, spokesman John Welsh said. The owner of the dogs -- a pit bull/German Shepherd mix, another shepherd mix and a Siberian husky -- signed them over to be destroyed, and they have already been euthanized, Welsh said. Two of the three dogs were involved in an earlier incident in the neighborhood when a cat was killed, he said. Where large dogs and small animals live near each other, "We can't encourage people enough to check their fence lines," Welsh said. "If there's something next door the dog wants to play with or attack, it's going to get there." Reyes, who also keeps a pig, two horses and chickens, said the incident was upsetting. "I care about my goats," he said. "I wasn't able to do anything." THESE DOGS WEREN'T HUNGRY, THEY KILLED FOR FUN!!!

Feb. 26, 2010 A 26-year-old man was bitten by a dog in front of Morrison's Restaurant, 428 First St., in Woodland this past Saturday and Yolo County Health officials are now searching for the dog.The bite reportedly occurred around 7:30 p.m. The dog is possibly a Pit Bull or American Bulldog, large in size, of between 70 to 100 pounds, white in color, with a black spot on one ear.Information regarding this incident is important for rabies prevention measures. Rabies is a deadly disease, so if the dog is not located soon, the victim may have to undergo rabies treatment.Anyone having any information regarding this incident or knows who owns this animal, please contact Yolo County Environmental Health at 666-8646 or Yolo County Animal Control Services 24 hours a day at 668-5287. Callers can remain anonymous. HOW DOES PUNISH THE DEED WORK IN THIS CASE???

Feb. 26, 2010 A Bakersfield man was under arrest Friday after authorities say he beat his paralyzed father while high on drugs.Sheriff's officials say the man's dog bit a deputy, and in turn, the deputy shot the dog.Lonnie Haynes Jr., 42, struggled a bit with deputies after they Tasered him.As he was led away in handcuffs, Channel 17's Emily Moore asked Haynes if he had tried to shoot police officers."How in the hell I'm gonna threaten to shoot anything?" he answered. "Police shot my dog for nothing. I got witnesses. This is private property down here. They ain't got no reason to come down and shoot."But deputies say they had plenty of reasons. It all started about 6:30 p.m. Thursday when a deputy responded to a home in the 1300 block of Cottonwood Road for a report that someone was high on drugs and trashing the house."When the deputy arrived, the subject's pit bull ran off the porch and came after the deputy and grabbed the deputy's foot," said Sheriff's Lt. Steve Hansen. "The deputy was able to kick the dog loose." But the dog reportedly came after the deputy again, and that's when he shot the dog twice.According to deputies, Haynes said he was going to get a gun, and went back in the house. The deputy called for back-up and waited outside."Apparently between the time of the shooting of the dog and when deputies actually got into the house he'd gone back into the house and assaulted his father who happens to be a paraplegic," said Lt. Hansen.Deputies say the elderly man suffered minor injuries.Haynes' daughter showed up at the scene, stunned."I'm really, really shocked," said Akeiliah Haynes. "I don't know what happened. I just know he was really angry earlier today."The dog was euthanized because of its injuries.The deputy who was bitten was not hurt.Court records show Lonnie Haynes Jr. has a lengthy criminal record, including battery on a police officer and domestic violence. NUTTERS ARE SUCH NICE PEOPLE AREN'T THEY?

March 1, 2010 A pit bull attack involving three dogs and one injured Napa man has sparked an outcry among neighbors who say that the owner of two of the dogs should have had better control of them.The incident occurred Thursday morning as 26-year-old Andrew Askins took his tan-colored pit bull, Buster, for a walk to A1 Food Store on Coombs Street.Askins and Buster were on the 1300 block of Ash Street when Askins saw two other pit bulls, who were off-leash in front of a house, walk toward Buster.“I was walking to the store to get some doughnuts,” Askins said. “They are out in front and they start attacking my dog. One of the dogs locked onto my dog’s face.”Askins said he began kicking the dogs in an attempt to get them off his pet.The dogs’ owner, William Aldridge, ran outside of the home and told Askins to stop kicking his dogs, Askins said.“I was totally concentrating on saving my dog,” Askins said. “The bigger one was locked on my dog.”As Askins’ attention shifted from the dogs to Aldridge, one of the pit bulls bit him in the arm, Askins said.Aldridge then gained control of his dogs, Askins said. Frightened neighbors who saw what happened called police.“I got the slightest glimpse of the attack, I heard it outside,” said Julie DeSoto, who helps facilitate the Neighborhood Watch Program in the area. “I ran outside and I saw the pit bulls with the young man on the ground. I saw the owner of the pit bulls screaming at the young man to stop kicking at his dogs. It was really loud. I ran back as fast as I could to call 911.“Within minutes Napa County Sheriff's Animal Control, Napa Police Department and Napa City Fire Department staff arrived.“When we got there, the fire department was there and the police department was there,” Napa County Sheriff's Lt. Leroy Anderson said. “The victim had a dog bite to the arm. His dog had also been bitten by two pit bull dogs that came off the property. The parties were interviewed and the dogs were impounded. They are at the shelter.”Askins was bitten on his left forearm and Buster had bites on his neck, legs and chest. Buster received stitches and staples after a visit to a local veterinarian. Askins sought medical attention at Queen of the Valley Medical Center, Anderson said.Almost as soon as everyone who was involved or responded to the incident went their separate ways, neighbors on Ash and Franklin streets were buzzing with news and began sending e-mails to each other and the Register.“I am very uncomfortable, I’m very nervous,” Franklin Street resident Monica Oqvist said. “A couple of years ago, this came up again with their dogs and I have two grand-kids. I don’t let them play in the front yard because, what if, You know?”Another neighbor, Cindy Clark, wrote: “Those dogs are a consistent threat to our neighborhood. They repeatedly jump on the back of all of our fences attempting to get to the pets on the other side. Boards have been knocked out, fences replaced and it’s simply a matter of time before another pet or person is harmed. We are all frightened for our safety.”Aldridge could not be reached for comment.Anderson said the two pit bulls will be held at the shelter for 10 days.Animal Control Staff will further investigate, he said, and make a determination if the dogs violated the city and county’s Dangerous Dog Ordinance.The Animal Control unit determines if the dogs will be considered potentially dangerous or vicious under the law. A potentially dangerous dog is one that is determined to be too aggressive. A vicious dog is one that has caused unprovoked injury or death to a human or pet.If the department determines that the pit bulls are dangerous, Aldridge will have to agree to have them outfitted with an identifying microchip and must reimburse Askins for medical expenses. He must also agree to get professional training for the animals and install warning signs at his home.Should police deem the dogs vicious, the dangerous dog requirements apply along with extra responsibilities, including having the pit bulls tested by a behavioral expert, constructing an approved safety enclosure, spaying or neutering the dogs, carrying liability insurance, keeping the dogs away from the homes of children and always using a leash, collar and muzzle.The Animal Control Division could also recommend that the dogs be put down.Aldridge will have a chance to appeal the fate of his dogs, according to the ordinance. WHOLE NEIGHBORHOODS HELD HOSTAGE BY A NUTTER AND HIS PITS.

March 1, 2010 A pit bull was taken into custody Monday after it bit a 4-year-old girl in the face. The girl has visiting her uncle at his apartment in the 1600 block of E. Kingsley Ave. in Pomona, according to a police news release. She may have startled the brown and white dog as he was sleeping, according to a police news release. The dog suddenly woke up and bit the girl, police said. The girl was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries. Police said the dog was not licensed and did not have current rabies vaccinations. DON'T WAKE UP A PIT, DON'T YELL AROUND A PIT, DON'T DO THIS, DON'T DO THAT AROUND A PIT.

March 2, 2010 CONCORD — A pit bull jumped out of a car Monday afternoon and attacked a smaller dog being walked by its owner, who was also bitten while fending off the animal, Contra Costa Animal Services said.
The smaller dog was severely injured and its owner was taken to the hospital for hand injuries. The pit bull was impounded by animal services and quarantined to assess any rabies risks, said Lt. Joe DeCosta. The pit bull could be placed under strict travel and living restrictions if it is deemed a dangerous animal, because it has spurred prior animal services calls, he said.The attack occurred about 1:25 p.m. Monday in front of the Brenden Theaters in downtown Concord. A man was walking his dog when the pit bull in a passing car leapt out at them, DeCosta said. The owner was bitten while trying to pull the bigger dog away from the smaller canine.A Concord police officer helped separate the animals until animal services officers got to the scene at Galindo and Salvio streets. The smaller dog, whose breed was not immediately known, was taken to an emergency veterinarian for serious injuries, DeCosta said.The pit bull and its female owner remained at the scene. Animal services took the dog and will quarantine it for 10 days, which is routine after a serious attack. More details will be available after an agency report is completed later this week, DeCosta said.DeCosta said his agency will follow the county's dangerous animal ordinance. If animal services officers believe the pit bull poses a public danger, its owner can choose between surrendering the animal — at which point it likely would be euthanized — or requesting a public hearing where the county's animal services director hears arguments and decides the conditions under which the dog can be kept.Those conditions are decided on a case-by-case basis. If the dog is declared "potentially dangerous," DeCosta said, the owner would have to maintain a permit and abide by conditions such as muzzling the animal when it is in public. If deemed "dangerous," the animal would be subject to heavier restrictions including limiting travel to and from a veterinarian and requiring the owner to carry liability insurance. YEAH, I WOULD SAY A PIT THAT JUMPS FROM A CAR TO KILL YOUR PET IS "DANGEROUS".

March 2, 2010 USED AS WEAPON ELK GROVE, CA - A parolee used his pit bull to attack a driver in an attempted carjacking and then turned the dog on a K-9officer, say Elk Grove police.Officers became involved when they responded to a disturbance at 6:17 Monday evening at an AM/PM service station at 10421 Grant Line Road, said spokesman Officer Chris Trim.Responding officers learned a man, identified as Ronald Tomlinson, 46, had shut off the gas nozzle to a car pumping gas and opened the driver's door. The car owner confronted Tomlinson who ordered his dog to go after the man, Trim said. The pit bull bit and scratched the man on the leg, according to the police report.Tomlinson then went to another car and got in with his dog, said witnesses. As the car owner approached him, the owner told police Tomlinson pointed to his dog and started to open the door to release him. The owner backed off.The car Tomlinson was in wouldn't start and at that point, officers pulled up. Tomlinson fled with his dog on southbound Grant Line, police said.A K-9 used to search for Tomlinson found him within some bushes by a fence line. Trim said officers ordered Tomlinson to come out but instead, Tomlinson let his dog go after the police K-9. As the two dogs fought, the pit bull broke off and went behind Tomlinson.Trim said Tomlinson still did not surrender so the K-9 was let off leash to take him into custody. Trim said Tomlinson's pit bull again went after the K-9 but the K-9 officer was able to grab the dog by the scruff of his neck.Officers were then able to arrest Tomlinson for carjacking and parole violation, Trim said. Tomlinson was also wanted on an active arrest warrant, according to police.Tomlinson was treated for injuries from being in K-9 custody and then booked in Sacramento County Main Jail. The K-9 was not hurt in the scuffle. Tomlinson's pit bull was turned over to Sacramento County Animal Services on a 10-day hold. WE DON'T MAKE THESE THINGS UP, NUTTERS.

March 11, 2010 Amador County Animal Control and Public Health Department are seeking information about a dog that bit a child in Pioneer at about 2 p.m. on March 7. The child was riding a bicycle on Buckhorn Ridge Road near Pioneer Park and was chased and bitten by a dog described by the child as a brown pit bull or similar type dog with black and white markings. The dog was with its owners, a woman with red hair, and a man. The owners immediately put the dog in a blue Ford SUV and left the area. The owners are believed to live in the Pioneer area. Animal Control would like to speak to the owner of the dog to confirm the dog is alive and well so the child who was bitten does not have to receive a series of rabies injections. Animal Control is asking anyone with information to contact them at 223-6378. ONLY A PIT OWNER/NUTTER WOULD LEAVE AN INJURED CHILD IN THE STREET.

March 12, 2010 FATALITY SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A dog that is at least part pit bull was impounded by Sacramento animal control officials on Friday after it killed another dog, authorities said.The attack occurred near the intersection of Elder Creek Road and Logan Street.Authorities contacted the owner of the pit bull, but it was not clear who owned the dog that died. AND THE BEAT GOES ON AND ON AND ON.

March 15, 2010 A North State man remains in the hospital after a brutal dog mauling. It happened Friday around 2:30pm in Trinity Pines south of Hayfork. Investigators say the victim, 53-year-old Joseph Byram was attacked by two pit bulls and a rottweiler. Byram said he went to his neighbor's house to visit, when he was knocked to the ground and attacked by the three dogs for 30 minutes.The dog's owner, Tim Smith found the victim when he returned home. Investigators say the dogs were inside the property's fence line. The dogs' future will be determined at a hearing, dealing with vicious dogs. THIS MAN DOESN'T KNOW HE IS THE LUCKIEST MAN ALIVE, KEY WORD ALIVE.

March 22, 2010 Police officers put their lives on the line to protect our neighborhoods. So, too, do K-9 units. Now, a local K-9 is recovering after it was recently attacked by a Pit bull. Officers were dispatched Sunday to the 4500 Block of San Sebastian Way in Sacramento after receiving a call that there had been a burglary to a residence. According to witnesses, two suspects were observed fleeing over the backyard fence. With assistance from Air1 and K-9, a perimeter was set up around the adjacent residences. According to reports, while the K-9 Unit was in the backyard of the residence where the potential suspects were believed to have fled, a pit bull that was present in the yard attacked the officer and K-9, Blitz. Attempts to spray the pit bull with pepper spray were unsuccessful, which resulted in the pit bull being shot that had the K-9 by the throat. The pit bull was transported to a local Animal Control Center for medical care. Authorities say that the suspects related to the burglary were not found. WORTHLESS PIT TRYING TO KILL A VALUABLE POLICE K-9.

March 31, 2010 FATALITY Mark Hotchkiss took his two dogs walking on the Iron Horse Trail numerous times. It was a favorite walk for the Walnut Creek resident because it's so close to his home.But on March 18, as he walked his two small dogs, Hotchkiss passed a man, also with a dog. The other man's 80-pound dog, a pit bull mix, broke its leash and muzzle and attacked Hotchkiss's 8-year-old Chihuahua/Shih Tzu-mix named Abu. As Hotchkiss tried to pry the pit bull off Abu, the pit bull bit Hotchkiss' hand. When the other owner finally got the dog under control, it was too late; Abu, only eight pounds, was badly injured and a few days later was put down. Hotchkiss received medical treatment for his hand injury. "I don't think people realize that in a place like Walnut Creek that something like this can happen to anybody," said Hotchkiss. "I am totally devastated over it."Contra Costa County Animal Services and the police were called to the scene the day of the attack, and the owner of the pit bull surrendered the dog. The larger dog was quarantined and was "humanely euthanized" 10 days after the attack, on March 27, said Dan Barrett, deputy director of animal services.Hotchkiss's other dog, Maximo, was not harmed. Hotchkiss wants to warn others about how quickly something like this can happen. "My message is about people who own these dogs," he said. "The guy who owned the dog had it for nine weeks. Now my dog is gone and I want people to know that even though the dog may never have done anything before, it's in (a pit bull's) genetic code."Barrett called the attack an "unfortunate situation" that is not uncommon. The department deals with hundreds of dog attacks a year by all kinds of breeds, he said. "People need to be aware that any dog can become a problem or become a victim," he said. BARRETT CALLS THE SHREDDING OF A BELOVED PET AN UNFORTUNATE SITUATION?? WANNA BET HE IS A PIT NUTTER.

April 3, 2010
VICTORVILLE • A woman was in stable condition after she was seriously mauled by three pit bulls, officials said.The unidentified 53-year-old woman was getting her mail from a community mailbox on Barrington Street and Fuschia Lane around 5 p.m. when the dogs attacked her. Several neighbors came to her aid and chased the dogs away, but the pit bulls returned three or four times, charging the victim and the good Samaritans, according to a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s news release.When sheriff’s deputies arrived, the dogs charged again as paramedics were treating the injured woman, officials said.Deputies John Vega and Charles Wallace shot and killed two of the pit bulls. During their investigation, the deputies learned the dogs had attacked several children at a nearby house less than five minutes before the victim was mauled. One girl received a superficial bite to her foot as she ran into her home to escape.This was at least the third serious pit bull attack in recent months.On Feb. 1, five pit bulls in Fontana attacked a 5-year-old girl who suffered a punctured lung and broken ribs. Her 6-year-old brother needed more than 200 stitches and her 7-year-old sister needed 18 stitches. The owners of the dogs were charged with seven counts of owning mischievous animals that caused great bodily injury.On Jan. 9, a family’s pit bull attacked and killed a toddler in Apple Valley, then tried to attack rescuers. No one was charged in the case. HOW MANY MORE SAN BERNARDINO BEFORE YOU GET THE MESSAGE AND REGULATE PITS?

April 7, 2010 Police are investigating a dog attack Saturday at a Murrieta apartment in which a 6-month-old boy was bitten in the groin, authorities said. Animal control officials said the child lost his testicles in the attack. Sgt. Bob Landwehr said today that police were called to a report of a dog bite shortly before 10 a.m. Saturday at an apartment complex at 26301 Arboretum Way. The mother and her friend had left the baby strapped into a portable carrier and unattended in a room with a pit bull and a pit bull mix, he said. It was not clear how long the baby had been left alone. One or both of the dogs attacked the baby, tearing off his diaper and biting his scrotum, Landwehr said. The mother and friend came to the baby's rescue when they heard him scream. Landwehr said the baby was taken to Rancho Springs Medical Center in Murrieta and transferred to another hospital, but he did not have an update on the child's condition. The dogs were seized by animal control, Landwehr said. The owner of the dogs signed a release to allow them to be euthanized, said Willa Bagwell, director of Animal Friends of the Valleys, which provides animal control services for Murrieta. Bagwell, who spoke with the mother, confirmed that the baby's testicles were bitten off in the attack. Landwehr said no one has been arrested in connection with the incident, but the investigation is continuing. MOM THOUGHT SHE COULD TRUST A NANNY DOG.

April 7, 2010 LONG BEACH - A pit bull that attacked a man and a small dog in Belmont Shore, was killed by pursuing officers after the animal lunged at them Tuesday night, authorities said Wednesday. The incident occurred about 11 p.m. near Livingston Drive and St. Joseph Avenue. The injured man was taken to a hospital, and no officers were hurt, said Nancy Pratt, spokeswoman with the Long Beach Police Department. At about 11 p.m. Tuesday, police responded to the 100 block of Ximeno Avenue regarding a possible dog fight. When officers arrived, they discovered a man with multiple dog bites on the ground holding his small dog, which had sustained numerous dog bites. Officers contacted the owner of the pit bull at his residence and instructed him to leash his dog and to bring him outside so that he could be taken into custody by Animal Control. The owner brought the pit bull outside on a leash, but the pit bull wiggled out of his collar and ran to a nearby vehicle where a woman and her small dog were getting out. The pit bull charged the vehicle, crashing into the passenger window and bouncing off, as the woman scrambled to get herself and her dog back inside. The officers caught up to the dog and attempted to subdue it by striking it several times with a baton. The dog was unaffected by the strikes and turned on the officers. One officer fired his weapon at the dog; however, the dog was not struck and continued to flee towards Second Street.With the assistance of the Department's Air Support Unit, officers followed the dog to a park in the area of St. Joseph Avenue and Livingston Drive. When the dog took an aggressive stance and lunged at the officers, they both fired their weapons, striking the dog multiple times. The deceased dog was then taken into custody by Animal Control. The male victim was treated at a hospital for the dog bites. The victim's dog was taken to an animal hospital and is expected to recover. The dog tested negative for rabies, said John Keisler, manager with the city's Animal Care Services. THAT IS ONE GAMEDOG, JUST WANTED TO MAUL MORE.

April 8, 2010 Last Friday ended on a terrifying note for a 28-year-old Time Warner cable technician whose job it was to pull the plug on an East Hollywood customer named Jesus Velasco. After confronting the technician, the angry cable customer fetched his pit bull and sent the dog charging at the cable installer, who fled to the roof of his van parked in the 500 block of North Heliotrope Avenue, reports Lt. Wes Buhrmester with the Rampart Division. Velasco then put the dog on the van's roof, but the animal fell off. After climbing down off the van, the Time Warner worker was once again confronted by Velasco, who this time was carrying a fire extinguisher. Velasco sprayed the cable man and then hit the victim in the face with the edge of the extinguisher. Police arrived on the scene shortly after the assault, arresting Velasco. The cable installer suffered a large cut under his left eye. Velasco, who kicked out one of the police car's window after being detained, was booked on assault with a deadly weapon (the dog and the fire extinguisher) and bail was set at $30,000. Click on the link below for Buhrmester's full version of the incident.A 28-year-old cable technician for Time Warner was disconnecting a cable from a residential user for payment issues, when he was confronted by Jesus Velasco, 28, who lived at that residence. While the cable technician (eventual victim) was away from his locked van, Velasco went to the vehicle and attempted to get in. The victim told Velasco to get away from his van, at which time Velasco charged him with fists clenched. The victim, who carries pepper spray to protect himself from dogs, displayed the canister and threatened to spray Velasco if he came closer.Velasco went to his yard, got his pit bull dog and ordered the dog to attack the victim, who by now was near his van. The victim climbed onto the roof of his van as the dog charged him, at which time Velasco picked up the dog and attempted to put the dog on the roof also. The dog was not able to keep its footing and fell, uninjured. Velasco then returned the dog to the fenced yard.Thinking it was safe, the victim got down off the roof of his van. Velasco reappeared, now carrying a dry chemical fire extinguisher. Before the victim could react, Velasco sprayed him in the face with the extinguisher, then hit him with the bottom edge, inflicting a large laceration of his left eye.Fortunately for the victim, a parking enforcement officer had seen the pit bull attack and the victim climbing atop his van, and she had called the police. Also, after he had climbed onto the roof, the victim phoned his office at work, and they also called the police. Officers arrived just after Velasco hit him with the extinguisher, and detained him for investigation of assault. While Velasco was seated in a police car, he kicked out one of the windows. Velasco was booked at Metropolitan Jail Section for assault with a deadly weapon (the fire extinguisher and the dog), with bail set at $30,000.00.The victim advised he would seek his own aid regarding his injury, which was not life-threatening. WOULD HAVE BEEN A DIFFERENT STORY IF THAT WERE LARRY, THE CABLE GUY.

April 9, 2010 Two pit bull mix dogs wait in quarantine after attacking a Yuba City mailman on Monday. The victim who would like to see the dogs put to sleep, but that decision is out of his hands. A rough day on the job for Yuba City mailman Robert Brown.On Monday, two pit bull-lab mixes attacked him.Brown says, “Two pit bulls knocked down the screen and started, just attacking. I went through two cans of pepper spray, got in a couple good kicks to the mouth.”As Brown recalls it, the attack lasted about five minutes. “I can remember being bit at least 15 times.”Even as he ran down the driveway, Brown says the dogs continued to attack him in the street. It wasn't until a neighbor threw him a chair to fight off the dogs that he was able to get away and call for help.Neighbors flocked to the scene.Some watched in fear, others stepped in to help. Neighbor Shelly Hayes says, “I ran over there and threw this chair to him, then the dog grabbed me. I ran home and called 911.” Brown was pretty beat up.Cuts, scars and bite marks cover his legs, making it difficult to walk without a cane. Even his uniform was destroyed. We tried to speak with the owner about the incident, but no one was home. Sutter County Animal Control has been to the home before, when the dogs were being kept on a chain in the yard. But no violent incidents have happened before this. Supervisor of Sutter County Animal Control Cheryl Bohannan says, “The dogs were impounded for public safety. They’re bred to be aggressive towards dogs but not people.” Animal control will have the final say in the fate of the dogs, but Brown thinks they should be put down for the safety of the neighborhood. Brown says, “If it was someone else, a small kid, someone who doesn’t have a lot of fight in them, it gets me.”The dogs' behaviors are being monitored and Sutter County Animal Control will make their decision at the end of the 10 day quarantine. ACCORDING TO THE NUTTERS, JUST GRAB THEM BY THE BACK LEGS.

April 12, 2010 A Mendocino County Animal Control deputy shot and killed a dog after it attacked his fellow officer in Redwood Valley Friday.
The Animal Control officers were responding to a call of two loose pit bulls chasing people near Laughlin Way and North State Street in Redwood Valley when the dogs attacked, said Mendocino County Sheriff’s Capt. Kurt Smallcomb.Deputy George Hodgson was forced to shoot one of the dogs after it bit Torsten Werner, a volunteer Animal Control officer, he said.Werner was treated for the bites and released. He returned to work as a reserve deputy on Monday, Smallcomb said.The second dog was captured and taken to the Mendocino County Animal Shelter, he said.People living in the area told law enforcement they were frightened of the pit bulls. Several said they would have shot the dogs had the officers not responded, Smallcomb said.Nevertheless, Hodgson feels badly, he said. It was the first time in nine years of service the officer needed to use lethal force on a dog, Smallcomb said. AT THE RATE THE PITS ARE GOING, IT WON'T BE THE LAST TIME YOU'LL USE LETHAL FORCE ON A PIT.

April 17, 2010 USED AS A WEAPON A criminal complaint has been filed against nine people who are alleged to have attacked to juveniles in a West Sacramento park.Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig reported that his office filed the complaint on Thursday, claiming that the nine individuals attacked two youngsters in Memorial Park on March 19.The complaint also alleges that the defendants engaged in criminal street gang activity.The defendants are scheduled to be arraigned before Judge Janene Beronio on Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. in Yolo County Superior Court.At that time, Beronio will formally advise them of the charges, the defendants may enter pleas, and the case will be set for preliminary hearing. A number of suspects involved in the assault have not yet been identified, and the DA's Office did not identify any of the individual against who it filed the complaints.According to the complaint, the juvenile victims were kicked and punched as they lay on the ground, and were attacked with weapons including a knife and a hammer.Additionally, according to the DA's Office, the victims were attacked by a pit bull dog. The complaint also alleges the defendants taunted the victims by announcing that the victims were being beaten by "BRK," and not to mess with Broderick.
A tenth defendant is also charged with engaging in threatening behavior toward the victims in the days following the assault. A number of suspects involved in the assault have not yet been identified. Individuals with information regarding this incident should contact the West Sacramento Police Department at (916) 617-4747. YOU CAN WALK THE STREET WITH A PIT BUT NOT A GUN.

April 29, 2010 Two dogs from West Sacramento might be euthanized following an attack on a West Sacramento man this past week.Vicky Fletcher, chief animal services officer, reported the incident occurred around 11 a.m. Sunday at 1621 Hobson St., in West Sacramento.According to Fletcher, Jose Zamudio told officials he was just leaving his fenced front yard at his home when he observed two pit bull dogs, one adult and one juvenile, running at him and barking.Zamudio told Animal Services officials when he reached for a pocket knife he had on him the adult female pit bull lunged and began biting him on both forearms, inflicting multiple cuts and puncture wounds.Zamudio told officials his girlfriend Rita Gomez was in the house at the time of the attack and heard him screaming through the screen door and called 911.Zamudio managed to get back into his fenced front yard and then into his residence. Fire and ambulance officials responded and Zamudio was to a hospital for emergency medical care.Animal Services officials contacted the dogs owner, Octavio Romero, who lives at 1609 Hobson, and after hearing of the attack Romero turned both dogs over to authorities.The dogs will remain in the custody of Animal Services for quarantine and then humanely euthanized. IT WAS JUST A CASE OF THE ADULT PIT TEACHING THE YOUNGER PIT.

May 3, 2010 A 91-year-old man recovering with 30-plus stitches after being attacked by a neighbor's Pit Bull in the backyard of his own Placer County home.The attack happened Sunday afternoon in the 800 block of Dairy Rd. in Auburn. The elderly man was working on his sprinkler system when a neighbor's dog dug under the fence and attacked him.When a police officer arrived, they found the dog had cornered the 91-year-old man against a tree. The officer was able to rescue the man who suffered severe injuries to his left wrist, hand and fingers.When two more officers arrived, they attempted to Taser the dog, but it was able to escape. It was later found down the road at the Woodside Village Mobile Home Park. Officers again tried to catch the dog using a Taser, but failed.Because of the aggressive nature of the dog, it was shot and later died. Possible criminal charges are pending against the dog's owner. ONLY PITS MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO ATTACK, DIGGING UNDER FENCES, BREAKING CHAINS, YOU NAME IT.

May 4, 2010 Sophie is a white Maltese who is approximately the size of a fuzzy football. She's 4 years old, weighs 9 1/2 pounds, and her day job is visiting Alzheimer's patients and hospitals as a therapy dog. To be perfectly honest, her primary therapy technique is to lick your face. But that seems to be effective.Last week, Sophie was walking with her owner, University of San Francisco student Nicole Bromma, outside their apartment on Fulton Street. Bromma remembers seeing a woman walking a pit bull, hearing her scream "No!" and then seeing the dog, named Coco, grab Sophie by the throat and run across the street, shaking the Maltese viciously in her jaws."She looked like a rag in her mouth," Bromma said. "From the moment it grabbed her, I thought she was dead."Bromma was screaming at the top of her lungs. We often hear about terrible things happening on the street and bystanders doing nothing. So it wouldn't have been a huge surprise if nothing had happened. Sophie looked like a goner, the street was full of people heading to work, and Bromma felt helpless.That's when we get to the good part.As it happens, two doors down from where Sophie was grabbed stands the San Francisco Pet Hospital, the oldest pet medical center in San Francisco, established in 1908. Standing behind the counter was veterinary technician Gabriel Johnson."I heard screaming, and I jumped over the counter," Johnson said. "I came out the door and saw a dog fight."Johnson tried prying Coco's jaws apart, but he couldn't do it alone.But suddenly he wasn't alone. A guy in a Prius pulled over, jumped out of the car and jumped on the dogs. Another client of the pet hospital, waiting for treatment, rushed out to get a leash on Coco. Another man showed up, but in the confusion no one seems to remember what he looked like.The four strangers managed to get the dogs apart. Sophie had huge gashes on her neck. "Had it not happened in front of a pet hospital," Johnson said, "she would have died."Dr. Jessica Hunter had Sophie in her examining room in seconds, getting an IV line started and injecting her with steroids."We definitely wondered if she was going to make it," Hunter said. "I'd say we put in between 50 and 70 stitches and four drainage tubes."While Hunter was stitching Sophie up, everyone had forgotten about Coco's owner. Standing in Lafrano & Son auto-body shop on Fulton, Josh Lafrano spotted her running down the street to her car. She was backing away from the curb, leaving her dog, when Lafrano arrived and pulled open the door."Why don't you get out of your car and handle your responsibilities?" Lafrano says he asked her. The woman shut the door and drove away - which is when Lafrano took a picture of her license plate and another one of her behind the wheel. When the police arrived, he turned them over.An enforcement officer quickly found the owner, and she agreed to sign over her dog to animal control. Coco probably will be put down as a vicious and dangerous dog, animal care and control officials said.As for Sophie, she's still sporting stitches and a shaved neck, but she happily accompanied Bromma as she went up and down the street, delivering pecan brownies to the Pet Hospital, the body shop, and anyone else who helped. At first they all said the same thing - "You don't have to bring us brownies."Then they tasted the brownies. They are seriously awesome."Then, they said, 'Well, if you want to keep bringing brownies, I guess that would be OK,' " Bromma said.It's the kind of thing you do for friends - even if you only met them until a few days ago. PIT NUTTERS ARE THE BIGGEST COWARDS THERE ARE.

May 8, 2010 A pit bull that trapped a man in his vehicle was shot Thursday afternoon after it tried to attack a police officer in north Salinas, authorities said.
Salinas police said an officer responded about 3:25 p.m. to a call reporting a vicious dog running loose on the 1000 block of Larkin Circle.
Police said the officer saw the 100-pound pit bull loping about the neighborhood by itself without a leash. They said the officer began talking to a man who reported being trapped in a vehicle, and the pit bull's attention became focused on the officer.
Sgt. Terry Gerhardstein said the dog took on an aggressive stance, advancing menacingly toward the officer. Gerhardstein said the officer was forced to fire at the pit bull twice — wounding the dog in the upper torso.
Police said Brenda Perez, 43, the pit bull's owner, was given a criminal citation, accused of allowing her dog to run loose without supervision.
They said the dog was taken to a local veterinary hospital. Gerhardstein said the condition of the dog is unknown. Salinas Animal Services also responded to the call, police said.
According to department policy, Gerhardstein said, officers are allowed to use deadly force against an animal if it poses a serious threat to their safety and those around them. He said the action is a last resort.
"If we can do anything else other than shoot the animal — it's the last act," Gerhardstein said. "[In this case], the officer did absolutely nothing wrong."
He said Salinas Animal Services has had three other contacts with the pit bull since 2008 and complaints from neighbors.Law enforcement officers are usually called to assist animal control officers when dealing with aggressive animals, said Nancy Ratto, the Monterey County supervising animal control officer.Both Salinas and the county's animal services teams said they do not carry weapons when dealing with animals.In December, an abandoned pit bull was fatally shot by a county sheriff's deputy after it bit an animal control officer near Gonzales. Authorities said officers did not know at the time that the dog was protecting its puppies. Ratto said that is the only other incident in the past year in which responding officers were forced to shoot an animal. HOW MANY CHANCES SHOULD A PIT NUTTER GET TO GET IT RIGHT? NONE!

May 14, 2010 FATALITY
A pit bull named Romeo has been fingered as the alleged perpetrator in at least one of the brutal attacks against other pets that have been spooking residents of the Greenhorn Road area.John Goetz, who lives in the 13000 block of Toby Trail, allegedly caught Romeo and another dog in the act of attacking Jazzy, a 4-year-old black Lab.“He heard (the dog fight) and came out yelling and screaming,” said John Goetz's wife, Pam. John saw two dogs, one of which was a pit bull, attacking Jazzy, but they ran off, Pam said.“She was ripped in the leg and the chest and the neck,” she said.But it was 12-year-old Sparky, a border collie-Queensland heeler mix, that got the brunt of the attack on Tuesday.“He was in the driveway and was just chewed up terribly,” Pam Goetz said. “It was like something you'd see in a horror movie, he was ripped up so bad. His ear just hanging on his head.”The Goetzes took Sparky to the veterinary clinic, where they discovered his trachea was torn as well.“We didn't think he would pull through,” Pam Goetz said, explaining they decided to have him put to sleep. “He was a wonderful dog,” she said.Pam Goetz went “bushwhacking” later that day, determined to find the dog responsible.She had a suspect in mind, she said. When she got to the pit bull's residence, there was a new chain connected to a post, but the dog was gone.When the pit bull showed up, it had blood and a wound on its nose, Pam Goetz said.“That dog's not OK in the head,” she said. “I hate for anybody to have to lose their pet, but I wouldn't think twice (about euthanizing it) if I was the owner.”The Goetzes called Animal Control officers, who impounded the dog. Later, John Goetz was asked to pick it out of a “doggie lineup” of about 15 dogs.“He chose Romeo,” Pam Goetz said.The pit bull remains in custody at Animal Control, said Sgt. Shirley Falls.The owner has not yet decided whether to surrender the animal, which was adopted about a year ago, but officers believe the dog might need to be destroyed, Falls said.Romeo's owner “won't get the dog back without building a major kennel,” she said. “I don't know how anyone could contain this dog.”Falls said it was not clear if Romeo was involved in the other attacks in the area and the investigation was ongoing.On May 3, Greenhorn Road resident Justin Nicholson came home to find something had attacked his three dogs, which were inside a “very heavy-duty” chainlink pen.Initially, he believed several dogs he found outside the pen were the aggressors, said his wife, Cynthia. But the dogs were very friendly and had no blood on them, she said.There was plenty of blood spattered on the fencing and wood of the kennel, which had some of the chainlink pulled up to the point where it was unraveling, Cynthia Nicholson said.“Whatever is out there, I can't imagine it's a dog,” she said the day after the attack. “It's very scary.”The Nicholsons have three dogs — a black Lab, a chocolate Lab and an English pointer, which had been bitten on the head.The chocolate Lab had been the victim of an attack about two months ago while it was loose, Cynthia Nicholson said.“She was bitten on her hind legs, she had a gaping 3-inch hole in her leg,” she said.The Nicholsons live about 250 yards from the property owned by Marty Lopez on Toby Trail. Lopez's two dogs were killed in a brutal attack April 23.Lopez, who lives in the 13000 block of Toby Trail off Greenhorn Road, found his two canine companions, Tiger and Varmint, “torn to shreds” — one on his porch and one just outside his pen.Nevada County Animal Control Officer Christina Daley investigated the incident and said it might have been a group of three or four dogs that worked together on the kills, almost in the fashion that coyotes work together. Anyone with information on the dog attacks is urged to call the Nevada County Sheriff's Office/Animal Control Division at (530) 273-2179. NUTTERS LOVE THOSE TWO FER ONE ATTACKS.
UPDATE: down one of the animals thought to be responsible, and animal control officers are now looking for other dangerous dogs.John Goetz said one of his dogs was injured and other mangled in an attack outside his Grass Valley home -- the more seriously injured pet had to be put down."With his throat partially torn and his ear hanging off, I took him to the vet but he couldn't be saved," Goetz said.Other pack attacks have been reported in the same Grass Valley neighborhood. CBS13 reported about the horrific attack on resident Marty Lopez's dogs last month that left them "torn to bits."Some residents have suspected coyote activity in the foothills, but Goetz said he saw two strange dogs running away from his home after the attack.Goetz followed one of the dogs, a pit bull named Romeo, back to a nearby home and called authorities.Animal control officers picked up the dog and even had Goetz pick it out of a line-up. Officers are now looking for any other dogs involved in the recent attacks.There is no word whether the pit bull's owners will fight to get the animal returned.

May 18, 2010 A pit bull mix is in the custody of Animal Control and will be euthanized in ten days, after biting a woman on the knee in southwest Bakersfield. Mandee Finney said she called Bakersfield Animal Control minutes after it happened, but she says they told her they could not arrive on scene that night to take the dog."We have kids running in this neighborhood and for Animal Control to be passive about coming out and trying to take care of this situation, was very frustrating," says Finney. The dog belonged to Finney's next door neighbors.The pit bull got loose from it's front yard on Eisenhower Ave and bit Finney. She says it ran around the neighborhood until the owners confined the dog in their garage. The city says because the dog was confined, it was safe to wait until the next morning to respond to the call."Had the dog still been on the loose, patrol would've been dispatched and Animal Control would've come out. And they would've contained the dog the night it happened," said Sgt. Mary DeGeare of the Bakersfield Police Department.The dog bit one of its owners while being corralled. They surrendered the dog to Animal Control the following morning, but would have liked them to have arrived the previous night, because of how violent the dog was."They should have come that night," says Mary Gonzalez. "I thought they were."The dog will be quarantined for ten days to test for rabies, to determine if any of the bite victims need to be treated. The pit bull will then be euthanized. THE EVER "LOYAL" PIT BULL.

May 20, 2010,0,938089.story A Lake Forest woman shot a dog after it attacked her 6-year-old daughter outside their home Wednesday morning, authorities said.The girl and the woman's 3-year-old daughter were walking to a neighbor's house on a quiet cul-de-sac when a dog, thought to be a boxer or a pit bull mix, attacked the older girl, said Orange County Sheriff's Department spokesman Jim Amormino.The unidentified woman, holding her 1-year-old daughter and accompanied by her 14-year-old son, was drawn from the house by the children's screams. Outside, they found the dog on top of the 6-year-old, biting her.A neighbor tried to get the dog off the girl by spraying it with Windex, Amormino said. When that didn't work, the 14-year-old punched the dog until it released the child.The woman scooped up her daughters and ran to her house, Amormino said, but the dog chased them, at one point snapping at the 1-year-old's pant legs.The woman tried to scare the dog away by yelling and stomping, but when that failed to work, she got a 9-millimeter Glock semiautomatic pistol from the house and shot it once in the neck, Amormino said.The dog was taken to a local veterinarian's office and survived, Amormino said. Sheriff's deputies were looking for the owner.The 6-year-old was treated by paramedics for bite marks to her face, leg, arm and shoulder, Amormino said. HAS A GLOCK AND IS A LOUSY SHOT.

May 20, 2010 A U.S. census worker in Coalinga was bitten by a pit bull dog and will have to undergo surgery, it was reported Thursday.The dog attacked Wendy Soto, 38, after she rang a doorbell.The dog bolted from the house and bit Soto on her right leg, stomach, left hand and a finger.The dog's owner stopped the attack, and the aninal was impounded. CAN YOU SAY LAWSUIT?

May 28, 2010 FATALITY A 2-year-old boy who was mauled by his family's pit bull died of his injuries this morning at a hospital.
Nathan Aguirre was pronounced dead at Loma Linda University Medical Center from head and neck wounds. San Bernardino police received a call at 7:19 p.m. Thursday about a child being attacked by his family's pit bull in the 1500 block of West Kendall Drive. The child was taken to the hospital, where he was initially listed in serious, but stable condition, police said. He died at 1:18 a.m., coroner's officials said.Police said the attack appears to be an accident. NO FUCKING ACCIDENT, DAD IS NOTORIOUS DOGMAN.

June 7, 2010 FATALITY A scrap between dogs left one of them dead after a call to county animal control was canceled due to availability issues.According to information from Kern County Animal Control, the Tehachapi Police Department and an eyewitness, a pit bull belonging to Rachel Medovitch made its way into Jessica Gallaway’s Clearview Court backyard Friday night, May 28.The pit bull attacked Gallaway’s cocker spaniel, Buffy, and her Australian Shepherd-mix, Misty.Medovitch, who wasn’t home during the incident, said one of Gallaway’s dogs probably attempted to get through the fence first, sparking the pit bull, named Mia, to defend her territory.Medovitch said the dogs did end up in Gallaway’s yard, but said there wasn’t any way Mia could get through from Medovitch’s side of the fence.According a police log, two dogs reportedly entered Gallaway’s yard. Medovitch said she also has a beagle.Gallaway was out of town in Lancaster at the time, but a neighbor called 911, according to police.When police arrived, an officer contacted an animal control officer, who stated they were in the Lake Isabella area.The call to animal control was eventually canceled, Tehachapi Police Chief Jeff Kermode said.The city contracts out to the county for animal control services.Kern County Animal Control Director Guy Shaw said weekend response time in East Kern was sometimes prolonged.Animal control presence in East Kern County dwindles as the week ends, Shaw said.On Friday nights, animal control is “on call” in that region, he said.Shaw added, “We don’t have anybody in East Kern on Saturday,” except in emergency situations.Gallaway said she received a phone call from a Tehachapi police officer saying her dogs had been attacked.Misty, the Australian Shepherd-mix, was put back inside the house by the police officer because she did not appear as injured as Buffy, the cocker spaniel.Gallaway said she directed her mother to call a mobile veterinarian, but was told its owners were on vacation.Gallaway took Buffy to a veterinarian in Bakersfield, but Misty stayed home because her wounds appeared less severe.Misty was eventually euthanized because of 18 puncture wounds and damage done to her hips and pelvis, Gallaway said.Shaw said Medovitch was cited June 2 for not having current rabies vaccinations nor a current license for her dog.Shaw said she was not cited for the assault because animal control officers did not arrive to the scene of the attack until the day after.“We didn’t see it,” Shaw said. “Somebody is saying it happened.”Shaw said there was a “slim possibility we could have seized the dog.”Medovitch said her first reaction was to get rid of her pit bull when she heard about the incident.But after examining the fence and speaking with animal control officials, she determined her dog was provoked.“She’s not a vicious dog,” Medovitch said. “(The dogs) ended up in (Gallaway’s) yard because my dog was defending her territory.”Medovitch said her dog also has scars and bite marks from the incident.Medovitch said she offered to help pay for some of Gallaway’s veterinary bills, but said the two sides might now meet in court. TYPICAL NUTTER BLAMES THE VICTIM. GUY SHAW IS AN IDIOT ANYWAY.

June 9, 2010 GARDEN GROVE – A long-time school secretary at Woodbury Elementary had to undergo emergency surgery Tuesday afternoon for a punctured artery after a pit bull wandered into the school office and attacked her, school officials said.
The incident occurred about 3 p.m. when school was out and there were still about 200 children in the Boys and Girls Club's after-school program, said Alan Trudell, spokesman for the Garden Grove Unified School District.
"The dog followed a parent into the office," he said.
The dog owner lives close to the school and told officials that his dog appears to have gotten out of the house because one of the children may have left a door open, Trudell said. The dog owner's child used to attend Woodbury Elementary, he said.
The employee was identified as 65-year-old Marilyn Reyes by her daughter, Denise Orcher. Orcher said her mother tried to get the dog out of the office when it turned around and bit her in the arm and leg.
The bite punctured an artery in Reyes' arm, sending blood squirting up to the ceiling and all over her work desk, Orcher said.
Trudell said three employees, including the school's principal, Olivia Silva, got the dog off Reyes, restrained it and called 911. Some other employees tried to help Reyes until emergency personnel arrived, he said.
The dog, which was still aggressive, was shot by animal control officers with a tranquilizer and taken into custody, Trudell said. No dogs are allowed into a school, according to a county ordinance, he said.
Ryan Drabek, Director of Orange County Animal Care, said the dog has been placed in quarantine at the county facility and will remain there for 10 days as required by the law. No charges have been filed yet against the owner, pending an investigation. The dog will be euthanized if the owner "surrenders" it to officials. Otherwise, the dog's fate will be decided after the 10-day period, Drabek said.
Orcher said the dog wandered in through the open office door.
Reyes was transported to Fountain Valley Hospital Tuesday where she underwent a two-hour surgery to repair the ruptured artery, Orcher said.
Orcher said her family is devastated by the attack and is looking into how and why this incident occurred. Her mother was expected back from the hospital Wednesday, Orcher said."She's doing OK emotionally I guess," she said. "She just feels grateful that the dog got her and not one of the kids. If the dog had gotten hold of a child, it could've been fatal." ANOTHER TRIGGER FOR PITS - TEACHERS DIRTY LOOKS.

JUNE 14, 2010 A 4-year-old boy is being treated in hospital today after he was viciously attacked by a pitbull in Newhall on the weekend, according to a sergeant with the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station.
The boy, whose identity has not been disclosed, was mauled Saturday about 7.30 p.m. in the Village Apartments complex, Sgt. Derrick Ballentine said in his report.
Deputies received a "frantic 911" call from someone who claims to have witnessed the attack who told them the boy was "ferociously attacked by a pitbull dog and there were severe bites to the rear scalp area of the boy's head."Deputies and firefighters with the Los Angeles County Fire Department raced to the 29000 block of Costa Brava in "the Village apartments" area.Paramedics with the fire department treated the injured boy, while deputies tracked down the dog.The dog's owner, according to deputies, turned over the dog to them without question."The 4-year-old boy suffered severe trauma to the back base of his skull" in a 3-inch square area, said Sgt. Ballentine in his report, titled "Vicious Dog Attack."The boy was rushed to Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital but was then airlifted, at about 9 p.m., to Children's Hospital of Los Angeles."The trauma was too great for Henry Mayo to handle," Sgt. Ballentine noted in his report. DARN THAT NANNY DOG!!